For this I am thankful. Day 7

And how could I spend 7 days being thankful and say nothing about the person who owns the stubbiest, ugliest extremities I’ve ever had the misfortune of laying my eyes on? Other than that I seek them in my sleep and pull them over myself. That I reach for them in crowds and lace my fingers through them, gaining confidence. That through many a surgery they’ve been my comfort and my solace, rubbing my cold feet until I calm down. Yeah okay, OA. Of all the things in my life and for everything that might have crossed my path and changed my life, I am today, most thankful for that little Paiste badge. Come to my boozalum, darling!!

And the OA I am sure, wouldn’t mind sharing the spotlight with Mohit Chauhan. Mohit my love, if it weren’t for my brats, I’d leave the world behind and be the groupie at your door. Whaddya mean you don’t care? I’ll have you know I wasn’t too bad before I had them.



33 thoughts on “For this I am thankful. Day 7

    • poor man?
      what about me? I’m the one that is married to them and if that wasn’t bad enough, I have to see them replicated on spawn that came out of my own stomach. oh the horror. i gave birth to TWO sets of those stubby fingers too.

      • Isnt this the post where we are being ‘thankful’ šŸ˜› Look at you, there! Stubby extremities or not, you wouldn’t have wanted a different sperm-donor, you smitten woman šŸ˜€ So stop complaining and go admire the smiles of both the babies. They’ve definitely got your smile(although the rest of Brat’s face is so OA!!)

        *runs away before MM throws something*

  1. Give me a ring when you go to stalk Mohit Chauhan: I’ll come along too (it won’t be competition, right? We’ll share and share alike).

    Ahem, nice letter to the OA.

  2. You smitten kitten you! Is it any surprise the man’s ignoring you?

    And Mohit Chauhan’s super awesome.. I don’t think I’d ever get over the song Dooriyan. But Pee Loon? Well, it has “pee” and “loo” in the first 2 words.. I can’t stop translating it to “Can I take a leak?” in my head. šŸ˜€

  3. i like your be thankful for column. i am also (usually) thankful for the husband person. although he does trouble me incessantly (when not travelling). and girl stop it with the stubby toes thing. bet you secretly like it… šŸ™‚

  4. Dear OA, your wife started the post with a thank you note to you, used “ugly” and “OA’s fingers and toes” in the same sentence(multiple times), and then moved on to profess her love to Mohit Chauhan.

    Please do set this injustice right.


  5. I guess the lines below suit you and OA pretty well.
    “Taazi taazi lagey humko ruzana
    Teri meri baatein yun to purani hai”

    I can sympathize with him as I am the one with the stubby digits in the family.
    I remeber reminding you to count your blessings in a comment a few days back.Is this along the same lines?

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