It’s been a while

.. since we had some hard core mommy-talk around here. I see too many nice happy young people getting drawn to the blog. So I figured its time to do some mommy talk and scare them away.

Here’s the first piece of gyan, via Mona. A piece on how artificial preservatives and additives cause a variety of behavioural and health problems in children. Now I am no cook, but the one thing I am damn particular about, is not giving the kid packaged food. I ‘ve got by on bad days with mashed boiled potato with butter, ghee and rice, chapatis and chicken and other such options. I have noticed the kids get more upset when I feed them anything with preservatives, but I’ve always attributed it to the fact that I only resort to such food when we’re travelling or visiting someone and the meal gets late. Which means they are anyway cranky, tired, sleepy and hungry when I give them a burger and fries. Anyhow, after reading this I’ve strengthened my resolve and am hoping to do a better job of managing their meals, an area where I feel like a complete failure.

The second one is via Jedi on how children are not playing outdoors as much as they should. Again, I wanted to show it to the OA who doesn’t really debate it with me since I am primary caregiver, but does wonder why I am not keen on the kids playing on youtube all day and learning to put their own CDs on. I’m sick of preening parents who at 2 were proudly showing me how their child can switch on TV. Yeah, well, mine was telling me about the sabre toothed tiger and the elk. And I’m sure they’ll eventually see past my wiles and figure the TV out. As of now we keep it away by the simple method of it being set on a chest of drawers too high up for them to see the player at all. And frankly they are too busy to put up a fight. Β It’s about children putting in almost 40 hours a week (a full work week!) on various screens – be they televisions, computers or phones. Β I know children pick up fast Β – the kids are constantly messing with my iPhone and have picked up the couple of games I have on it without my help. But we’d just moved to this new house when the OA and I shared a look as a bunch of young boys wandered out of our apartment complex. I wondered if the OA was thinking what I was, so I quizzed him – What? What’s that look about?

And he replied, horrified (because he’s pretty fit for someone pushing forty) – ‘Those boys cant be more than 16 and all of them are overweight. Some in need of chest support.’

He was right. Kids just don’t get any exercise. I also realise that there is nothing I can do about it if they want to be on the computer or TV while I am at work. A scary thought. What are yours?

And finally – a bunch of funny girls have put together a Spamazine. Go over and take a look.

EDITED TO ADD: I am horrified. I didn’t put up the second link and no one even pointed it out. Anyway. Amended!


99 thoughts on “It’s been a while

  1. so agree with both the points,specially the second one
    My 2 year old has recently learnt to switch on the laptop and even navigate around using the mouse and I was a proud mom, till I noticed the zombie like look as he sat glued watching his Bob the builder CD.Now laptop times are restricted to about twice a week and we spend the evenings playing indoor football, painting etc.The exercise gets him hungry and tired- nice little bonuses for me too:)

  2. As a student living away from home, there are days when I tend to grab a heat n’eat pack. And it shows!! I become so sluggish and all that I can think about is going to snooze-land. So yeah, I get what you mean.

    And thanks for linking Spamazine, MM πŸ™‚ You are the best!

    PS: Good luck with it. I mean, trying to keep the young people away from your blog and all that πŸ˜›

  3. Artificial preservatives and additives are a complete no-no for me. My friends think I’m a healthy food nazi but … don’t laugh, please … I’ve found that I’ve ended up fighting with the partner after such meals (gross statistics!)!
    That and no aerated drinks!

  4. and here I thought we were the only parents who frown on our kids touching any gadgets. I hang around like a hawk and put on a timer when Div uses the Internet for school work and for the occasional game…but her only misdemeanour (taken very seriously by me) has been playing on the Barbie site πŸ™‚

    I’m with you…there are a hundred more productive things kids could be doing…like talking with their parents…duuuuh!

    I have kids in my building who have needed chest support at the age of 6. 😦

    As for parental control on TV/Internet in our absence, I am rather clueless since I work from home. Need to figure that out to prepare for the time when we will have to leave the kids alone at home (shudder!). Am terribly shocked by the total unconcern many ppl have for monitoring their kids media habits.

  5. I hear ya MM.
    What I havent been able to figure a way around is the quality of fruits and veggies coming into the market.
    The bright orange carrots, papayas, or the sabji, which is either sickly, or coated with chemicals..
    I find myself wondering often, what is better for my son – packaged soup or a “fresh” soup – which has less chemicals?

  6. I’m young and nice and happy, and I’m still around. You’l have to try harder to scare me away πŸ˜€
    The husband is too scared of kids whom he can’t hand over to others once they start crying. πŸ™„

  7. I am paranoid about the exact same two things. Meals and tv. Had it not been for H’s cricket, I wouldn’t have had a TV at home. Need to figure out a way to stop kids from watching soap’s when MIL is visiting

    • There are websites that upload soap everyday. I make MIL watch these soaps on laptop with earphones. And best of all, the uploads do not have ads. So she is happy too. I hate the content and the language used in most of these soaps and don’t want kids to either see or listen.

  8. So true about the TV…I have moms asking me why I just dont put on some cartoon or some ‘educational cd’ for R in the evening..when she troubles me when I have to cook!!!! Thankfully I would rather have her troubling me and being attached to me by hip, than watch TV!!!

    and Lol on the first line…

  9. I have a scary thought that I mentioned on my blog yesterday. I am shit scared at the thought of my kids becoming half gothic half crazy 12 year olds who think it is ok to have a different person of the opposite gender in uncomfortably close quarters in every profile pic on FB. Or worse, have weed written all over their profiles. Wonder when children started learning about drugs and sex before they learnt how to tie their shoelaces. Kya hoga mere bachchon ka!!

    And about packaged food. I don’t like them. So it will never be bought anyway because I do the grocery shopping, so I am the boss there πŸ˜›

    • See MM, when you try and scare the young people away, this is what happens. They come and surprise you with their 2 cents on their to-be-children πŸ˜€

      And I have more. Like Tamanna, I have these concerns.. but more, err, warped. I have been a fan of packaged foods myself (my love affair is being killed by the gym trainer now, though) and I’m a total screen-addict. The first worry is how will I de-addict *myself* before I lead my kids (whenever and ifever they’re going to happen) into sainthood? I’m going to be a major hypocrite, I feel. The mom who takes a swig from her hip-flask now and then, while wagging a fat finger at the kid and telling her how alcohol makes the liver rot.

      Adding to the list are my colorful language, disrespect for rules and other things parenting guides would swear against.

      So yes, I think I need a personality and lifestyle revamp before I ruin more lives. How come I never hear of anyone else having these doubts?

        • amen MM…
          everyone has doubts. i was a completely loser before i got on the mommy bandwagon. as mm, put its, it sorted me out. the revamping happens naturally….no worries

          • zackly. i dont mean to be a hypocrite. but there’s something about a baby that makes you want to be a better person for them. and make the world a better place – not in a cliched way… but i suppose you get what i mean.

            • I totally agree – and I don’t know when parents and grand parents especially will stop making it such a big deal that the toddlers are “so smart” wanting to “video chat” and not talk on the regular phone! My not-yet-3 month old is being subjected to the video paparazzi and while I understand the sentiment behind wanting to see the newest arrival, I just hate the fact that this little blip is STARING into the screen because the colors are bright and there’s all this activity. Same with the TV – heck I want to lock the LCD and never bring her close to it – yes it’s unlikely but I fear for her eyesight and her ability to think out of the box to entertain herself. My BIL calls us saying the nephew wants to talk to someone on “video”. Lord have mercy!

            • You say this and then you expect us young people to be put off babies reading you? Really? πŸ˜›
              I read this and I can’t wait for mine to come along and make me want to be a better person πŸ˜€

        • Oh we are discussing children to be too…ok- complete no no’s are lack of manners – excuse, thank u and please are a must..

          and they must read Enid Blytons

          in addition to all that ADCCL said.i would like them to not have a baby before they are married, sex before 35 and if they want to smoke weed, let them when i am 100 and too senile to care.

          Ok MM do something (book or guide or something)for all future babies

          • bwahhaahhaaa…. *dies laughing*
            *wipes tears*
            ooh… too funny. i’m going to go with two things i want for my own kids – one – pay your own way. two – don’t murder anyone.
            thats it…

            • Oh I see the party is on here! Good to know that some sort of self-transformation will happen to me and I don’t need to toss my JD into the bin just yet.

              In the meanwhile, I also wanted to discuss the merits of mommy-is-OLD-so-she-can-do-whatever-the-fish-she-wants strategy. Does that work anymore? Worked like a charm for my mom, I can tell you.

            • i still do it. there are good parents who lead by example but i swear like a truck driver and they get it if they repeat anything after me! plus things like driving, using knives, lipstick (!) – its all very clear. mama is a big girl and she can do it. when you grow up,you can do it too.

  10. True…. In our house as well. The TV is off limits. We dont see it when my daughter V is up and awake. Minus the football season πŸ˜‰
    She is 2.5 and she gets TV is for big people. With no TV and loads of time both of us get very creative with what to do next!

  11. In my previous work place, when we had meetings that went well into the night, they used to serve us a bottle of coke and a pizza. I mean, it’s 1:00 in the night and that’s what you eat and drink? I used to yearn for an idli πŸ˜€

    and yeah, people used to proudly claim that they five year olds were “able to drink an entire bottle of Pepsi in three to four gulps”.

    My entire family is anti-packaged food. I have a friend who keeps Coke along with Phenol in the bathroom. Her kids think Pepsi and Coke are for cleaning bathrooms. It’s a bit extreme, but whattay tactic!

    And thanks so much for publicizing SPAM, MM! πŸ™‚

    Don’t worry abt. the Brat and Bean. Kids who are *that* creative and with *your* love for life will find TV pretty lame. Brat would probably see something and decide that his first story was way better than any of it and get back to his sword.

  12. I have the same nagging doubts too that keep me stressed for the better part of my life now. I know how hard it is to fight to keep away processed food…now though I’ve made my peace (sort of like israel and gaza like) about striking a balance. Hell I myself havent gotten my eating habits right so its doubly hard! I dont panic now when the ocassional processed food goes is, I try to make up for it by roti, moong, fruits, dosas, nuts etc etc etc. I dont mind a tbsp of sugar in their 5 grain cereal if it means the cereal itself will go down. But i’ll try n keep it brown. Y’know? It was all good till they started going to school and friends houses and suddenly it was like once chicken nuggets was on their palate, nothing else comes close. How does it happen? Nosh was eating saambaar at 9 months and suddenly at age 3 it was a fight to get her to have some.
    Here MM, I think its doubly triply hard to not have them get near the tv, ipad, iphone, mac whatever. and its like they’re programmed to seek out the right buttons. I had a major scare with youtube….I put on Garfield bcos I love that cartoon myself. One minute away and the window had gone into some someone bumping and grinding. I didnt know whether to cry or laugh. Reh favourited youtube before I knew what was going on and things happened so fast, (I guess I wasnt prepared for how fast he’d pick it up and be persistent enough to find out how to work it) and so now there’s no computer unless one of is there with him and never without asking.

    • oh absolutely. its not like its a package free house. they have sugar in their cereal and boost in their milk. they take a tetrapack of yogurt to school because its the least messy way to carry it
      and yes – i used to put some rhymes on youtube and before i knew it they were one click away from bump and grind. but they do have the radio on while they play in their nursery so they know plenty of the latest english as well as hindi pop, along with their nursery rhymes. cant control everything else they will someday just revolt

  13. The packaged food is a no-brainer. My theory is simple – if I don’t put that in my body, why my baby’s…of course my eating habits evolved to now being pretty healthy so that helps.

    Adding to your list, and maybe because I still have an infant but I am very particular about sleep. And the more I read about sleep I realize it’s important all our lives (you should know!:)). I am quite structured about her sleep and nap times. Just like you notice differences in their behavior when they eat junk or miss meals, the difference in them is even more noticeable from little or delayed sleep. I don’t schedule things during her nap times unless it’s unavoidable (like a flight) and she doesn’t stay up late. People probably think it’s strange that I will ask to meet before or after she sleeps but they should know I am sparing them a cranky child. Same people are surprised that she is alert, happy and amenable for the most part but to me it’s very clear why that is. I hear digs about parents who have too much structure or no spontaneity and I don’t care – my experience is that when I let her have the sleep she needs I have lots of room for spontaneity during her waking hours and she is great fun. I see kids all the time giving the most obvious signs- rubbing eyes, tugging their hair and nannies or parents shaking rattles in their face to cheer them up and I want to just pick that baby up and hold her close and help her sleep. Sorry this is turning into a sermon, but you get the picture. Breastfeeding and Sleep – those are things I lobby for. The first gets enough attention so i thought I’d comment on the latter. Thank you for your consideration πŸ™‚

    • Totally agree girlonthebridge, if you take care of the sleep, the rest of the time is much happier, healthier aaaand spontaneous. I just don’t get how people can let their kids stay up till 11 and 12pm.

  14. I totally, f…g agree. Sorry for the expletives but I live in the U.S. where the youngest amongst us are living their entire lives virtually, either watching hours of TV, battling imaginary and scary goons in online games, playing virtual sports on Wii or interacting with the world at large using social media. I’m sick of it!!!

    ***Deep breath here*** So this is how I work it. I am a single mom most days of the month(Hubby and I live and work on opposite coasts and meet once a week if lucky but every alternate weekend is more like it)so I would do anything to have a “TV babysitter” if I knew it was not detrimental in so many ways physically and mentally never mind the toll it takes on your soul.

    Some Dos and Don’ts-

    V gets to watch a full length kiddie movie from the local Library on FunDay-Friday. We make a huge shosha of it by researching endlessly in the poorly stocked kiddie section there and the excitement on his face is worth the effort I take to keep him occupied the rest of the week without the telly. Also Digital Deprivation= Expanding Delight.

    If I’m absolutely stressed by work after I come home and need some peace from him I switch on National Geo or Discovery for a 1/2 hour. Bus, thassit! But this doesn’t happen more than once in a blue moon anyways.

    On weekends since he’s sports crazy he gets to watch an hour of sports in the afternoons when I take a much needed nap!

    We’ve stuck to this religiously and with some trial and error and a few rebellions from V it is working. We’ll revise the rules on a year to year basis as V matures but I’m hoping he will learn how to spend his time more creatively then to plonk in front of a game console or Telly.

    • i think you’re doing an awesome job for a practically single mom with no house help. hell, if i were in your place i’d make a home theatre room and lock them in πŸ˜‰ but i think this is great for the others who are asking me for tips. frankly i’d rather let them watch an hour of animal planet or sports than cartoon network with jap cartoons

  15. i thought since the spawn was such a geek i wouldn’t have to worry about such things (TV and computer I mean). But last week she shocked us by managing to navigate on the apple TV and getting on youtube, and finding (of all things) Pettai Rap (she was LOOKING for this, apparently). i am a bit relaxed about both of these aspects these days. though i dont watch TV at all; and family meals are typically sambar etc. and we are growing at least one meal a week worth of veggies these days at home, so i think (i hope) i am ok. i feel its a bit unfair to be totally crazy in barring her from stuff. already she is a bit of a loner, and it becomes hard to get along with kids if you have nothing in common with them. i still dont believe in ‘thats her half hour of TV time for the day’ – i dont like to schedule TV time at all for her. but i dont go crazy if she watches the occasional tom&jerry (or similar) when i am not around. there is an overindulgence on kurkure that i have to figure out a way to stop …

    • you are?! that is awesome. i’d love to grow veggies but i dont have space and i cant give up my ornamentals. and no, its crazy to be barring kids from anything. but i certainly dont encourage it and i rarely look on it as a matter of pride. mostly slightly embarrassed

      • i was a bit crazy. have calmed down now cause i feel bad for her sometimes.
        i dont have your green thumb babe, nice looking things just wont grow under my care. i have a guy and he grows me some veggies. you would do awesome with the amount of space i have, i keep thinking that!

  16. Came across this:

    I try to avoid packaged food as much as I can.My hubby & I cannot take anything ‘ready to eat’. Once it is heated up the smell of chemicals put you off. But I do use some noodles, ketchup, pickles & Jam. But the use is restricted to times I am not able to cook anything. My 4 year old does not get to eat any junk like chips, candies, gummies, burgers….. and she is fine.
    I am so like you regarding TV & computers. She is not allowed to touch the laptop or operate the TV. She does know how to switch it off though πŸ™‚ All my friends kids play a lot of games in the computer. Her TV time is restricted to an hour on holidays & no TV on school days. I do get weird looks when I tell other parents that she doesn’t know to operate the computer or the mouse. What the heck, she’ll learn it herself when the time comes. Sometimes I feel that she will be a misfit if she goes to regular school. Someday, I hope she’ll feel that I did do something right.

  17. Need help! Can you do a post on entertainment ideas for a 2.5yr old boy who cannot sit still! We are going through a whiny/tantrumy phase here. Haven’t yet started the tv/laptop routine since am afraid it will be a downward spiral from there. But I am THIS close to plonking him in front of the TV just so I can have a breather!

    • oh er. difficult. i didnt do anything different for my kids other than the regular reading and playing games. but i did continue my life and encourage them to join in. be it going for a walk, gardening, visiting friends. they learnt to get along and be part of my life. i can imagine how hard it is abroad where you have your own housework to do and so much of it. i know friends who give kids peas to shell and beans to play with or a couple of cups and spoons. i’ve tried it. the trick really is not to give it happily. that way they think its a great gift and really enjoy it. the day i happily give them measuring cups, they toss them aside disdainfully

      • “the trick really is not to give it happily”
        Aha! So that’s the key. I keep wondering why he is upset even when he gets his way.

        I do involve him in everything – and until 2 months ago, we both had fun with that. Now he wants the impossible!
        I am ready to put him up for sale – buy baby, get daddy free! πŸ™‚

        • absolutely. even if i give a broken plastic spoon i act as though its against my better judgment and they better keep it well, so help them God. they both think I am kind and benevolent for letting them stir the cake batter. i’m evil.
          wants the impossible? sigh. theres no cure for that. the brat wants bat wings to fly
          and why daddy for sale? whats the man done?

  18. My primary for if and when I have kids is how I’ll get them to go outdoors and play for themselves and not become addicted to PS3s. Whatever happened to just going out and playing and using your own imagination?

    Sheesh, my little cousins can’t even entertain themselves without the TV or the internet and it’s just so annoying to watch!

  19. Your post got me thinking and I need to ask you something.
    I’ve seen 2 kinds of mothers. Category 1 is the kind that once they become mothers, they sort of become ‘world mothers’ – they look at every child as if their own and their ‘mamta’ is directed towards all kids. Category 2 is the kind that knows how to play mom only to their child – its not like they dislike other kids. Just that the other child will always be the other child. Anyway, so this is my half baked theory based on my own observations.
    I know someone who is a working mom and does a brilliant job of raising her kid. The problem though, is that she is a category 2 mom. Which means she is constantly measuring her baby and herself against the other SAHMs and their babies and trying to prove how she/ her baby is better. She does a brilliant job with her baby, but I wish her measure of ‘mommyhood success’ didn’t have to come from other women. She is a good friend – how do I tell her this without offending her?
    And insufferably perfect? Insufferable, yes (a lot of times). Perfect? Haha! πŸ™‚

      • Haha. Good, I will shut up. She keeps asking me what I think and I usually never know what to say. Sometimes, I distract her with Brat and Bean stories πŸ™‚
        Where is that post on being in a cross-religious marriage/ managing the kids that you promised? Looking fwd to it πŸ™‚

  20. I think the whole deny TV scheme works only for so long. Infact, I have taken a slightly opposite approach. I sometimes have the TV on and when Risha looks at it, I distract her with some toys. This way, I feel the whole “forbidden fruit” enthusiasm is not developed for TV watching. It is just something that is there…turns on sometimes, and does not for the other times.

    I have seen kids who are not allowed to watch TV at all and when they visit, they are GLUED to the TV like their lives depended on it. I don’t want to make TV and its presence or absence a huge deal at all.

    Hopefully, it will work.

    • i think that depends on what you mean by denial. its okay to distract a baby as little as yours. its not easy to distract a 5 year old with a toy – even i used to have the TV on till the brat was about one. slowly we’ve just changed our lifestyle. i think the point we’re making is DONT encourage TV. not, lock it up and throw away the key. so yes, dont make it a big deal and as far as i am concerned, its not on in my house as white noise either.

  21. i totally support not giving kids packaged food, or letting them watch tv. that way there’s more preservative-filled goodness for me, and no one to share the remote with πŸ™‚

  22. MM,
    Im now getting worried about feeding my 8 month old cerelac… And I’ve been told no milk – only lactogen for 1 year… I thought these were OK? Though I’ve started him on steamed apple/banana/rice and dal. Planning to introduce potato/beet/papaya/chikkoo soon…

    Though you can never be sure about the quality of the veggies/fruits you buy too! 😦

    Sometimes I wonder if Im paranoid when some family members mention that Im being too fussy with his food and sleep 😦

    And yeah – no TV.I’ve been told to put on TV so he’s distracted by the noise and I can get on with my work! He’s just 7.5 months old!! On the contrary – If I have to introduce him to rhymes and stuff – I’ve read some of those educational CDs are good – shouldnt I be buying some of those CDs for him?!

    Its all so confusing! Im never sure what is the right thing to do! 😦

    • well if you have to choose between soaps in the background and nursery rhymes, i’d go with the rhymes.
      but in general i am against constantly bombarding kids with so called learning packages.

  23. I am nice and young and happy and this didn’t scare me at all. Teehee!

    And yes. I can’t quite hide my amusement when I see kids watching TV these days. They don’t even blink!! And their reaction after the TV is switched off makes me rethink the concept of war and peace.

  24. πŸ™‚

    one would think that these two points would be no brainers, innit? sigh!

    I used to wonder about friends kids knowing how to log in to youtube at age 3. or maybe 4. Cub is three and he cannot! phew! if people think ots because he is average / dumb that is OK with me! πŸ˜‰

    he knows his pepsi and sprite alright, but also knows that we have soft drinks and chips kinda stuff only when we have folks over or we are visiting. and he gets just a coupla sips. till now he is ok with it. tho he pretend drinks pretty much whole of it saying “maine khatam kar diya!” πŸ˜›

    we are not exactly no preservatives family. i depend on maggi or pazzta kinda stuff on days when we just wouldnt bother to cook or i cant come up with fresh naashta / lunch idea. but its a long way from whenw e got married and we used to have ready to eat subzis and ready to seko parathas at home. that doesnt happen anymore! we cant bring ourselves to eat it! πŸ™‚

    as for TV the amount of shocked looks i get when i see we dont have cable TV is not amusing! :p but that doesnt mean we are saints. we watch fair amount of it every now and then! but then there are times when we dont watch it for days on end. we have DVDs of our fav movies and we play what pleases on that particular day.

    Cub oscillates between TV dekhke to story sunke soenge and things seem OK as of now! πŸ™‚

    unsupervised viewing, i will cross that bridge when we reach there. right now i have no bright ideas!


  25. and yeah, recently we went to one of our relatives place. they have this pretty bell (the temple kinda thing) in the hall and Cub rang it. relative asked is this like Pizza Hut and Cub had a blank look! :p

    relative very surprised that 3yo doesnt know about Pizza Hut and McD! :p


  26. Hi MM,

    Happy to see a mommy post indeed after a long time. I so agree with no TV. I am a rabid anti-tv mamma. We have a tv but no connection…which works fine although hubster is a movie buff and watches one every evening even if it is for 30 mins…so far Yohaan hasnt shown any interest but now I am visiting India (yayy) for a couple of days and my parents are tv addicts, i am anxious about the brat getting his first taste of it and getting hooked to it…i dont want him to have withdrawal tantrums once i am back in dubai. 😦 Been busy busy packing, hence the utter lack of comments from my side lately…
    hope ur knee is better and the kids are well.


  27. I so agree with both points, preservaties are so not right for kids. As a child things like Maggi and chips were such a rare thing that the moment I grew up I treated them like gourmet food. I have this neighbour whose kids eat Maggi for breakfast every single day, the mom’s explanation is that they won’t eat anything else! I am horrified! Maybe I should direct her to your blog…I just don’t know how!!!???

    Kids watching mainstream TV just can’t be a good idea, the crap on TV I sometimes feel I shouldn’t be exposed to let alone kids.

  28. Hi mm,

    am commenting after a long time. I really loved all the discussions above. Can you give me a piece if advice too?

    How did you start the kids sleep in their own room? I know you said they still try to come to you in the middle of the night. You had also mentioned that you did not let them cry it out.

    I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

  29. Haha. You can try n shoo us away, but we’re just gonna stick our tongue right back at you, and keep reading.

    Loathsome young person

  30. Hey MM,

    I’m so with you on both points here! no junk for my kid. and I can say with pride that he turns six this year and doesn’t have a single video game!!

    • You’re making me cry.. I’m so guilty. While Dinner is always fresh, I do use packaged foods like Mac and Cheese, Chicken nuggets, pasta /sauce for lunch at 3 days a week. I can’t help it. I just don’t have time to cook fresh lunch for them everyday. It keeps me sane and I get more time to spend with them.

      • darling, the idea was not to make you guilty but to spread awareness. now dont cry. we all do what we have to do. another article said that csec kids have no immunity because they dont pass the rectum and the bacteria there.
        so now apparently i should feel guilty for not passing my crap on to my kids.
        there. i knew i could make you smile πŸ™‚

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