Drive carefully. Day 6

Today, I am thankful for life. F**ked up knees, PCOS, bad back aside… I still have life …


21 thoughts on “Drive carefully. Day 6

  1. I have to be honest – this post does not leave a good taste in my heart – I hate it 😦 and I couldn’t watch it. I hear you, but it’s too harsh for me 😦

  2. The clipping horrified me too. Having learned driving couple of years back, I can relate to people driving fast to appear cool, to reach on time, to annoy fellow drivers or just to get an adrenaline rush. How futile it can be and how devastating. The boy standing right by his mum looks so much like my son…and he doesnt know what to do, what to make out of it, he looks so helpless, doesnt he?

  3. Lost my favourite cousin K, his wife N and their 3 month old son(who I named) in a road accident. Why? Because the guy driving the car that hit theirs fell asleep driving to work after a night-out. And his alcohol levels were still 3 times higher than the accepted level.

    It angers me so much when some guys I know think it’s ok to ride their bike/drive because ‘Hey, I just had 4 pints of beer. That’s nothing’. They sound like it’s so cool to be driving after 4 pints. It’s so not cool! And speeding, sigh! I’ll just shut up now. I can go on and on about this.

  4. Gosh! What a clipping! Some months back there was this goon of a boy with two girls in his car driving so rashly, in a zigzag manner, that it would have surely caused an accident had we not been on the extreme side of the road. And you know what cheek that boy had. when we confronted him and lambasted him, he said, “You don’t know who I am.”

  5. I got this as a fwd (or may be in facebook, don’t remember) a while back and was too stunned to react. I am glad you posted this; everyone of us should pause and watch this clip.

  6. I had seen this long ago and again a few days back. Some how it terrifies me. Esp the one where the car hits the jeep from behind and the mother dies. it terrifies me and it some thing I am not able to get out of my mind at all 😦

    I hope ur leg is much better and things are getting better in the new place

  7. Fast and rash driving during monsoons is just so much more dangerous, both for the driver/passengers and the pedestrians. In cities like Indore with horrible roads, mortal accidents are commonplace.

  8. I agree with the rest of the others, this clip is terrifying. But it’s hard-hitting, and sometimes that’s what you need to send the message across.

    Revs’ comment made me sad.. so sorry for you, Revs.

  9. Very powerful video. I have even had people honk at me when I am taking sharp bends slowly on a mountaineous road. I don’t understand whats the rush. I have also seen people doing weird stuff while driving-reading paper, books, putting on makeup, eating etc etc. What they don;t realize is a moment of distraction causes a fatal accident. I remember an accident in my town, where the lady was waiting in the middle lane to take a left and a huge pickup truck comes and hit her on the back and she hit the big trucks coming from the other side.She was thrown on her own backyard and died the day before she was planning to visit family in India.That was truly saddening.

  10. How does this video tie in with positive thoughts? This post definitely left me more shaken up than anything. You might want to put a warning of some sort about the nature of the video.

  11. Couldn’t watch the whole video. too graphic for me. 😦

    I wish people would drive carefully and value life more………

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