Balika Badhu

…is one of my favourite movies. I loved it as a kid and when I happened to catch it on TV again a few days ago, I watched it with just as much pleasure.

I don’t believe in child marriage. But there does seem to some sense to getting your kids married when their hormones are running wild and also in letting them grow up together and have all their firsts together. I know I TOTALLY resent the OA’s first kiss although I refuse to allow him the same luxury/right!

I particularly loved the song “Bade achche lagte hain….”

The words are simple, sweet and so apt. I think back to when I was around that age and it’s true and just so simple – you just LIKE the person so much. And here I’d like to believe that like is better than love because ‘like’ is so easy and comfortable. So much more than the intensity of ‘love’… and yet, as true.

Anyway – the Bean had to dress up in a salwar suit as a teacher for some school thingummie. I can’t stand salwar suits on little kids (but YES! I love sarees on everyone) so I sent her in a saree. Used to seeing me in one, she was thrilled and patiently stood there in a lehenga as I wrapped her into it and pinned her up in just two places – hopefully by the time she’s 15 she will be safety-pin free and do me proud! A little red bindi, some bangles and the only thing betraying what a baby she is – two orange butterfly clips holding her curls off her face.

She’s a mischievous little brat and ran around even after she was dressed up, unencumbered and unhampered by the yards of fabric, actually climbing up on chairs and peeking into windows, reminding me of my favourite little heroine, the Balika Badhu – look at her up on her toes!Β  Thank you Susie Q Maashi for a lovely gift – it’s being worn with much excitement and is much appreciated.



70 thoughts on “Balika Badhu

  1. Wow, she is old enough for school events?! Time does really fly. This reminds me of the time I read about you buying pink stuff hoping, yet knowing she would be a girl :).
    Lovely saree. I am sure she rocked the look.

  2. was looking for something and came to ur blog.. ur daughter looks very cute in the saree! i love the song from Balika Badhu too! blogrolling you… πŸ™‚

  3. though I dont know you folks personally bean looks good in that saree and yet her antics seem funny…thats the idea i get from these two pics!

  4. The lurker in me had to come out since I just couldn’t help myself seeing such a wonderful sight…. The Saree is perfectly worn and she looks like a little lady in there. πŸ™‚

  5. She is just about the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen in my life!

    And as for these thoughts, “there’s some sense to getting your kids married when their hormones are running wild and letting them grow up together and have all their first together. I know I TOTALLY resent the OA’s first kiss although I refuse to allow him the same luxury/right!”…yup, yup and YESSSS! As always babe, spot on!

  6. AWWWW….She is GORGEOUS! And the sari – just how did you manage to tie a full size sari on her? It doesn’t look folded in half or anything?

    (And interesting how we’re different – I normally dislike saris on little girls, preferring salwar suits!)


  7. very cute that little birdie of yours is. full of life just like you, i couldn’t help appreciating how confident she is turning out with every passing day… I wish her a longer list of friends than her mom.

  8. She looks lovely!!! And you’ve done up her sari very well.

    [How does one ever be safety-pin-free wearing a saree? As much as I love wearing them, I know I couldn’t do it without, um, about half a dozen pins….yep, half a dozen :(.]

  9. Bean looks lovely … she’s already made you proud being so comfortable in that saree … no?
    I was thrilled to bits when my then 3.5yr old girl in saree was more graceful than most adults pretending to be in much discomfort because of saree.

  10. You are going to judge me for this but she is carrying her saree much better than I can ever hope to.
    What a beautiful baby she is!

  11. cant imagine how she switches so easily between sari clad devi and climbing the blinds terror???

    Me: πŸ™‚ I have a lovely one of her and your little Sher, bumping noses!

  12. Ow my God!!!! Beanie looks so cuddly cute. I wanna come there right now and plant a wetty kissie on her cheek. Nazar utaari?

  13. What? No pins when you wear your saree? really? I need two and sometimes three 😦

    And, yes the Bean looks very pretty. Hope she loves her sarees when she grows up as well.

  14. She looks lovely. Was that a dupatta?

    And you call THAT a little red bindi. Tsk tsk.

    Me: nope. Sue sent her a little saree from Cal. and well, that bindi was little on me until she filched it. on her its huge!

  15. Cute..really cute…feel sad i dont have a girl 😦
    Totoally off topic. I can recognize the white cushion..ur ex Kurta πŸ˜‰ the green one with pink motifs looks that also a saree/Kurta turned into a cusion cover??

    Me: nope. that one I picked up at Shoppers Stop

  16. She looks sooo sweet in that little saree MM. Where did you find the shorter version of the saree?
    I hate kids in salwar suits too but the peapod just loves wearing them and acting all grown up.

    Me: you get it in Calcutta Sunita, Sue sent it for her a while ago but it was WAAAY to big even then. i only dont like kids in salwar suits because you get such ugly salwars for them. cut straight like pajamas!

  17. Thats the first time I have seen such a small child in a saree. And I am so so impressed with the way she is comfortable in it!

    Lovely πŸ™‚
    God bless Bean!

  18. oh Gosh!!! I had no idea there were sarees for tiny-tots too!!
    And forget about 15 years hence, I guess beanie does you proud right now in her bright orange saree!! She’s adorable (God Bless).

  19. Yells (avoiding the CAPS): She looks so freaking cute in that saree!!

    I want to become small again and wear a saree. I used to love them as a kid, but hate to wear one and attempt to move around gracefully now. 😦

  20. Gosh isnt she adorable! Sue, I demand one such set for my kids also ok? :p

    I’m also not a fan of salwar suits on yourng girls – Poppin has one hand me down, and she does wear it (but I don’t usually buy those). Not that she doesn’t look cute in them but still..

  21. MM,

    My S-i-l sent a beautiful churidhaar for my daughter from Mumbai. When I first saw that, I thought its not something a 2.5yr old should be wearing. But when Aditi did wear it, it looked really pretty – and not OTT at all.

  22. Oh my word,Beanie looks abs.gorgeous in the mini-me sari!and the best part is ,she looks sooo at ease in it!huuuge hug to be dispensed,please?!

  23. Likewise, love the movie & the song…..the innocence/simplicity so well captured.
    Your Beanie is a darling, the cutie pie looks lovely in a sari :).

  24. i’m going to use the stock disclaimers of “touch wood” and “nazar na lage” and say that the bean looks utterly adorable! here’s to her being safety-pin free by her teens…i’m 26 and my sari falls apart after an hour!

  25. Popsicle, you’re on. Around Jan-Feb the shops stock the miniature tangail sarees for Saraswati Pujo, I’ll get them for your girls then.

    And MM and Beanie Baby, the pleasure remains mine. You look lovely, darling.

    Me: *preens* thank you darling. And what about my daughter? Doesnt she look lovely too? :p
    btw – We can do it together – posts on saree wearing tips…

  26. A D O R A B L E! πŸ™‚

    reminds me of two l’il sarees i owned. a pink one and yellow one! πŸ˜€ wonder if they still exist? think gave it away to someone smaller!

    please tell us what happened at the school?! πŸ™‚


  27. That’s one of my favourite song as well! Loved Amit Kumar’s voice in that song……..sounds divine!- A genuine talent wasted to whims and fancies!

    And, song is such a great expression of love…

    in fact apart from this song, the other favorite song has been:

    The former one for its simplicity and the latter for expression of liberation…..

  28. I would love to know how you guys manage the pallu without a pin ???? i hate pins on sarees but the only pin i absolutely need is for the pallu..esp if it is chiffon..or soft silks..
    any tips tricks will help πŸ™‚

  29. Did you ever write the post on tips for draping a sari MM?

    n oh, the Bean looks very adorable and comfy too ! πŸ™‚

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