Every year brings something new

… and this year brings a new association. With SaffronTree –  a blog for book reviews and literary resources for kids.

I’ve read it for ages and secretly longed to be a contributor. Finally this year I figured it was time I mustered up the courage and asked Praba if I could hop on board. She sweetly agreed and here I am, part of the coolest kiddy books review blog! My first review for them is a Maharashtrian folk tale called Ekki Dokki.


I am not crossposting it here, merely informing you that it is there. And feeling extremely pleased with myself for doing something for kiddy literature – a much neglected field. Go on over and read them if you aren’t already aware of them.


20 thoughts on “Every year brings something new

  1. thanks MM. was planning to stock my son’s lib just wasn’t sure which ones to pick.. you made the decision so easy. just one thing? where to find most of them?

  2. Tulika Books are available at all the regular stores – Landmark/Crosswords and you can order from their site as well. The rest of the books on that site are harder to come by – flipkart and other online stores stock them however.

  3. thanks MM for introducing this website. i am always looking for indian stories and folk tales for my kids…its rather hard to find anything here in the US…more native american books available than the ones i am interested. thanks again….

  4. Nice to see people carving out a niche for themselves. In a world where they have to compete with huge sites like goodread, it’s quite heartening.

    Maybe if they’re successful, they can be bought over…I wonder if that’ll be a good thing or a bad thing.

    Me: depends on which way you look at it I guess 🙂
    being bought out, for small people – is always good. It means their work was appreciated, seen as good business too… and some money in it for them.

    for the customers – well they may never again get the same quality of work done by an enthu bunch of people.

  5. Brilliant site. Didn’t know about it. Will pick this up when am in India. Thanks for sharing and congratulations :). The excerpt was rilly funny and I can’t wait to read it to my lil mishmash. Als love the fact that Indian words like Shikakai, mehendi bush etc are used. Nice. Very.

  6. It’s our pleasure to have you on ST, MM! Thanks for the neat introduction.
    And a great review of one of Tulika’s most popular titles!Nice to see all the wonderful comments from your readers.
    PS: Your readers that are kidlit buffs are welcome to join anytime to contribute! Feel free to write to me, folks! 🙂

  7. MM, read your review. I can guess what happens next but the book seems really inspiring for kids.

    That is a useful blog for everyone with small children. My daughter is a good reader and loves books so I am forever looking for children’s books. Thanks.

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