Milk and beer

I picked up this lovely white jug to serve milk at the breakfast table but it started leaking within five uses and I was most disappointed. I didn’t want to chuck it because it was so beautiful and simple so I used it as a planter. It’s a nice clean looking pot so I can put it on the dining table once in a while without ruining the way the table looks.


I seem to be turning into a hoarder because the OA was picking up Carlsberg beer and I didn’t know what to do with the lovely green bottles. I didn’t want to chuck them either. So this is where I used them.


This is a skylight in our kitchen. At various times its displayed a variety of crockery but with my penchant for greenery I badly wanted to put some plants up there. Nothing seemed feasible because you need a ladder to get up there and it would be crazy to have to get up there and water plants everyday. So I saved up the bottles and put moneyplants in them. The best part is that the light filters through the green bottles and casts a lovely green calming colour around the kitchen. Nice, na?!

And while we’re on the topic of decor, allow me to spread some link love.

I’d like to start with Roshnee Desai who has a range of awesome cushions called Batootas.Β  Aren’t they just the coolest things to own?!

coo shun

And from there, moving on to Daksha’s Sanchali. They make the most beautiful earrings and stuff out of old banarasi pieces.

DVS EH9 blog


45 thoughts on “Milk and beer

  1. My Nana had a jug exactly like that one! Oh, the memories it brings back.
    Loved your 10 green bottles standing on the wall. Do you sing that to B & B? πŸ™‚

    Me: oh yes πŸ™‚ They love the song. Bean sings it all the time! I wanted to use that line as the title of the post but then I added the damn jug and wanted to use another song! Trust you to remember it.

  2. Love the money plants in the green bottles.
    Its fall weather here and my garden looks a bit sad..

    I love re-using old stuff for planters.Very cool. I know you dont have thrift stores in India but I found the most awesome things for like 25 cents. πŸ™‚

  3. I love your ideas of decorating home with green (meaning plants). And the apt usage of crockery and bottles makes me proud I know you. I’m planning to steal some ideas from this space. Hope you don’t mind πŸ™‚
    Would you mind if I ask you to do a post on your own home decor A-Z. Besides the obvious furniture and stuff I’d like to know about the innovative little things that you’ve done.
    And you own those cushions and earrings???

  4. my grandmother had a jug just like yours MM…albeit that one doesnt leak..three generations and counting have had their morning milk from it. Something to say about old bones and bone china eh?

  5. MM,
    I should introduce you and my mom. She was at her creative best in her young days and used to come up with stuff like this. Nothing should be wasted is her motto:-)
    I loved the bottles idea.

  6. I love the idea of using the old beer bottles. I wanna come see you home and get some tips MM. I’m the most uninterested person in home decor. I keep thinking its a rented place, why should I other. I have this little book where I put in my ideas for all that i’m going to do when we finally buy our own home

  7. another cool idea that i picked up from somewhere is to use shorter sauce bottles, wrapped in used silver foil and filled with sand to be used as candlestands. it looks really nice.

  8. *Follows Poppy in prostrating before the Queen of Decor*

    All pieces of the post are lovely, esp the Sanchali’s story, it is very inspiring. Remember the post where you talked about living your dreams through others’ lives, it so perfectly fits my mindframe now.

  9. Cool ! Love the way you use plants in your home. How do you water the indoor plants? Doesn’t the water drain out of the holes in the pot?

    Me: All the plants have flat dishes under them. And I keep wiping up after they’ve been watered if it does overflow

  10. This must be a record. 14 blog posts and not a single angry rant?

    Ok, so half of them are announcements, but still. Truly, truly remarkable.

    Now blow up please – all this saccharine is hurting my teeth.

    Me: You’re counting? tsk tsk, you awful, blood thirsty child.
    Its old age, sweetheart. I’m losing the will to rant – or maybe I am all ranted out! That and the fact that my job saps all my energy

  11. Loving the beer bottles. Now I know what to do with the 300 I have.
    and the jug has totally inspired me to use a sweet little antique teapot I picked up years ago from a flea market in Paris as a planter for tea roses! hah! teapot for tearoses!! all thanks to MM and her helpful hints!
    BTW, i may just get lucky and get to come to india end of this month. you and I are totally going to P.A.R.T.Y!

  12. girl ur camera does them no justice. lovely green bottles. got a thing for them too meself.

    Me: you are so right 😦 I was very disappointed with the way the pic came out.

  13. Okay, pliss to tell the name of the plant in the lovely white jug.

    You need to do another oasis@home series, hunny. I began, but it ended abruptly after the home started resembling a sty. Yes, the stuff of pigs.

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  15. the third one to prostrate before the Goddess-who-makes-Decor-out-of-Junk. You’re simply awesome!. Makes a note to hunt out her bottles over the weekend and copy cat.

  16. If I may,
    the bottles look fetching and more so,
    if you can saw them off at the neck…
    have a cactus collection may be..
    A friend of mine recycled them as pickle jars with wooden lids.
    Popped in from offspring’s blog.

  17. Ooh, nice. I love plants in the house. I did the exact same thing with all the money plants.

    I have a quick question though regarding your white jug, how do you prevent your plants from rotting? Do you have another plastic container with the plant inside the jug?


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