Six down – many more to go

Oye, OA!

Well, well – six years of marriage and we’re still not filing divorce papers. For two people who I am convinced got married in a surge of hormones, we’re doing quite okay!

Remember that line about women and money being the cause of all problems? I’m guessing you’re nodding sagely now. This woman came with her set of problems and if any man could handle them, it was you. Although hang on, I see a silver lining; atleast we don’t have money and the set of problems that would bring!!!! har har har. Alright – I see you don’t find that funny so I’ll just shut up.

And leave you with this – the pink ladies!! Well of course it’s the remix. The original isn’t cheesy enough.

Cheers (lifts her glass of orange juice) and here’s to another 60 years together!



And if the rest of you are wondering what the plan is, well, you’ll get to know in a couple of days – all I can tell you is that it involves those who mean the world to us. For now – enjoy the song and send good wishes our way.

87 thoughts on “Six down – many more to go

  1. Congrats!! Happy Wedding Anniversary.

    God Bless you both. May you always hold hands and have each other to face all the ups and downs in life.

  2. Awwwwww.. Happy 6th Anniversary and here’s to many many many more!! Let the mad house always be filled with happiness, joy and harmony.. err madness! 🙂

    I always knew 25th Apr was a very very special day in the year … you see its my birthday :)))
    Now its more special because its your wedding anniversary !
    Wishing you and OA many more years of togetherness !!!
    Cheers (lifts glass of orange juice) !

  4. wadha-i-yaan wadha-i-yaan!!

    haardik shubhkaamnay

    About the plan, you said “all I can tell you is that it involves those who mean the world to us” …

    like us, who read and post comments here ??

    Me: of course! who else :p

  5. What? Thats it? No ultra lavish declarations? Lady, here I am, tear glands ready to spring and you pull a har har? Whatever, dude-ini.

    Now you and the OA go and have yourself a rocking anniversary:-) Go!

    Me: yeah – you know me. And I know you. So I figured the smart thing to do was pull the rug out from under you and leave you with a wasted box of tissues! 😉

  6. Am I the first to comment here?? Anyhoo, many congratulations MM and OA, you guys seem rock solid to me…..even though im just a reader here…well done and keep going strong for many more decades…


  7. Awww…Happy Anniversary to you and the OA. Here’s wishing you many many more (60?) years filled with love and happiness. Sigh. I am getting sentimental as I grow older.

  8. Congratulations for the anniversary and best wishes for uncountable more ahead.

    From as much of what is visible of the two of you, I feel OA is the better looking.

    Me: ummm..thank you?! 🙂

  9. Congrats on the super six years!! Wishing you a longer and greater journey together.

    BTW, the song was the cheesiest..cheesier than Mac and Cheese. Really!!! After seeing this I can only imagine you and OA singing that song in the same manner.

    Now before you ban me..let me just shut up 🙂

  10. Yey!! Congrats and here’s to an awesome journey ahead filled with laughter, love, loads of fun and a day when the brat or the bean blog complaining about their old man and mother who tire the life out of them.

  11. Happy Anniversary MM and the OA !!!! Here’s to the 6 years and 2 babies and many more ahead [:D].. I just meant the years 🙂

  12. Aww! Congratulations! And may you have many many years together.

    PS. Every time I visit the blog(as opposed to reading it off G-reader) and see a new header image I know it’s celebration time 🙂

  13. Cheers to MM and the OA and here’s wishing you guys many more years and growing old together ! 🙂

    Have fun !


  14. They used to call it the 7-year-itch
    So probably you will have to wait for another year to really test things
    Just kidding, Touch Wood, Congrats and GOD Bless 🙂

    me: LOL! the OA says the same 😉

  15. Awww… happy Anniversary! And kala teeka to this post – not that you need it 😀

    BTW, I have blog fodder for you if you care to use it. I was in a bus the other day, wearing skirt, sleeveless tee, and bandanna.
    Random dude sitting beside me goes, “Ekshcoosh me?” (not to be derogatory but why speak bad English when good Hindi would have done just fine)
    I look at him.
    “Are you a Christian?”
    Kinda WTF moment.

    Me: 😀 welcome to my world!

  16. hi MM,

    My sis directed me to your blog and I got hooked. We visit every single day, barring the weekends; can relate to all that you hav to say, esp about parenting and the kids stuff…
    Here’s wishing you happy parenting and happy days together with those who mean the world to you.
    Congrats for the six years together!

  17. Hey!

    Happy Anniversary babe! Give the OA a hug and a kiss for me too:)

    And, BTW, I didn’t realise how similar our tastes in hindi music were. That’s one of my fav songs, one I often have sung to Pati in jest. Also, another: Poocho na yaar kya hua……

    lotsa love

  18. A very happy anniversary!!! Here is to many many more years 🙂 *Raising my glass of orange juice too*

  19. congratulations..happy anniversary..have a wonderful day and year ahead!!! here’s to many more years of happiness, fun, laughter, blog-posts and much much more! 🙂

  20. Wishing you both a very happy anniversary and for more to come!!

    Enjoy your day!! And oh, i missed the Bean’s birthday 😦 Have been able to squeze just enuf time to rush thru’ your posts. So, here’s wishing her too…. I might as well include the Brat and wish him for mmm… oh yeah, his school 🙂

    So, here’s wishing the mad family many many more years of happiness and fun !!

  21. Dear MM,

    Wishing you and OA all the happiness in the world together. Khuda tum dono ko hamesha salamat rakhe. Happy Anniversary.

  22. Hey MM,

    Wish you a very very very Happy Anniversary! And yeah, may you celebrate 60 more 😉 Have a great fun time..

  23. Happy Anniversary MM and OA
    Here is a small peom by KarlFuchs for this occasion…

    Life bestows love’s blessing,
    On a very special few.
    And I believe it happened,
    When life encountered you.

    You are a perfect couple,
    In a marriage that is blessed;
    May your love shine like a beacon,
    A guide for all the rest.

  24. Congratulations Mad Momma and OA. The banner pic looks great. Enjoy your day and do something very special. We have ours 7th coming in a 1 week and 6 days :), don’t forget to wish me. 😉

    Congratulations again.

  25. Aww! Happy Anniversary!!
    Coming here after a long time to read a sweet post 🙂

    And the video cant get cheesier I think! :-p

  26. MM and OA, Congratulations to the two of you!! May you continue to enjoy a lifetime of such happy days 🙂

  27. hey MM,
    when i first saw you two in your reception party, i thought you’ll certainly get divorced in coming years. OA seemed so decent, well behaved and gentlemanly… and you, well just the opposite.

    after 6 years, the truth is that i haven’t seen a better and happier couple. and you are just so different than the MM i thought i knew.

    Me: gah. trust an old friend to drag skeletons out of the closet 😉

  28. I know I’m late on this but Happy Anniversary.

    To all the tomorrows that you cannot yet see-

    May there be love, and beauty and hope and peace. Above everything, I hope you are content- loving, and in the knowledge that you are loved.

  29. Sorry, just couldn’t resist commenting and ROFL at the commenter who used this occasion to point out that the OA’s better looking!:-)


    Me: what’s the emoticon for a wry face? consider it pulled! my thoughts exactly 😀

  30. Loads of good wishes on the anniversary, MM & OA…hope you had a ball with all those who mean the world to you 🙂

    And carrying on the same vein as Mr. Khare (looks that is, no comparison), I think (from whatever bits I can see) both of you make a hot couple 🙂

  31. Where’s my comment?!? It tok so much thought (not to mention fuzzy warm good wishes) to write it.

    Nevertheless, the wishes are still as good and as warm and as fuzzy, and you are still in my thoughts. SO here’s wishing you and OA the best in life, and many more years of togetherness and romance. May the insanity and the friendship be forever. (Okay, now I can still say that even if Sue has already said it in RDB!)

    Cheers! Hope you two (or was it four) had a blast!

  32. belated wedding anniversary wishes !

    so wats your love story ? OA was ur cllg frnd ?

    Me: nope colleague!

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