Look sharp, Martha

You have competition!


This, is a kurta my mother embroidered for me in the good old days when she had the time. The peacock rose out of the hem and came up to my waist, and it was worn with a full, billowing patiala salwar. I recently realised that even my arm was too big to fit into the kurta and yet I didn’t have the heart to give it away. So this is what I did with it – chopped it into a cushion.

Edited to add: So I’ve submitted this post of mine for a contest here at Indus Ladies. Do your bit and vote for me please. 🙂

50 thoughts on “Look sharp, Martha

  1. Oh you look different than I imagined(even though you have shown another jigsaw piece). I had made an image of you with all the jigsaw photos you used to post.

    Congrats on your 6 years!!! Please give us(or atleast me) a treat by posting your pics.


  2. *admiring that peacock until my eyes water* I have a think for peacocks. Just the splendid colours fascinate me. Have a look at the header pic in my blog. I LOVE THAT ONE!! And I LOVE THIS ONE too.

    *goes away to sulk in a corner over the lack of such nicey nice clothes*

  3. Wow! Fantastic work – why didn’t you frame the embroidery? With an acid-free mat – we did this with some embroidery work my grandmother had done years ago, on some household articles.

    Your mother is so talented 🙂

  4. That is so beautiful! Your mom is so talented and so are you 🙂 I love the blue-green combo. I would never have thought to make a cushion. I probably would have saved the kurta for my daughter or niece or something 🙂

  5. Brilliant !! Brilliant !! Brilliant !!

    I just cant stop admiring your brilliance wrt reusablity. You should copyright your ideas as well.

    As for the embroidery, I am speechless.

  6. MM, kuch smajah nahi aaya website mein..kahan vote karna hai? Where is the voting button?..can you please check it yourself and tell me either here or in an email.

  7. its a sweet feeling when your own personal touches go into decorating the house. self made stuff, stuff that actually has a memory or incident attached to it. i bet this one will never be lost in ‘re’decorating! bet ur mom’s gonna be maha-thrilled too. i stopped embroidering after the kids. shud start i think.

  8. Where to vote? The IL was a mass of mixed up commentspace!
    Could not find either both where to vote, or where the competing entries were.

    I’m one of your greatest fans- so tell me where to vote and I’ll blindly do it!

  9. I see where you get your skill with the needle from. It is truly beautiful and I love how you found a way to preserve it. Strange, I looked at your header picture just yesterday and thought of telling you yet again how you’re looking more and more like Aunty P as the years roll on. 🙂 Perhaps the two of you could start the Mad Momma and Her Momma show…I’m sure you’d bludgeon Martha’s TRPs!

  10. Three things-

    1. Firstly, congratulations to you and your hubby for 6 years of togetherness and wishes for future as well.

    2. Nice thoughtful idea, exceptional work needs to be preserved and that cushion helps do that. Great!

    3. Since you have a large readership, I think it would be good for you to write about Shanno, Akkriti, Aman and many more, how their education/school dreams got shattered midway and can’t we; the blogging community do something about this? I on my part and have posted something here…..


    I am sure being a parent, you will find merit in this.

    Let us try and petition Supreme Court to take cognizance of these incidents and act. I know their are guidelines but then courts, as a last saviour needs to help ensure that as well.

    Your views!

  11. Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhh! (for the header, the two of you look great together)……and Oohhhhhhhhh for the beautiful embroidery….it looks beautiful..definately something that you would want to keep and pass it down to your kids.

  12. Congratulations to you and OA. The cushion looks amazing.
    I tried to get into the site and vote for you but I could not find any voting link.

    Its wayy past mid night here and I think I am just tired of running behind my brats. May be tomorrow I will find that link and vote 🙂 All the best ..

  13. Is it filled with ‘chain stitches’?
    I love the way you have cut it out – the tail resting on the edge of the cushion and also holding something back.
    You are lucky to have her.

  14. So pretty that looks! And before it wears out, get it framed and out it up on a wall. Just suggesting.

    And hey, congratulations to you and the OA. Can I please say this: I totally flipped for that stubbled jaw 🙂

  15. Congrats on the anniversary!!! And your mom’s embroidery is beautiful. How did you stitch the cushion cover? Do you have a sewing machine at home? Or by hand?

    Me: this was stitched by a tailor only 🙂 my creativity doesn’t extend to a machine yet!

  16. Hey MM,

    I’ve been reading your blog for months now and I love the way you’re bringing up your little darlings, and the way you write.
    Now normally I’m a lurker. Too shy to leave a response. But when I saw that your anniversary is on the 25th, I had to leave a comment.
    My boyfriend and I share a birthday, and we’re turning 23 and 25 respectively on the 25th :).
    If we get married someday, I hope and pray we’ll have as much love in our home as you do.
    Happy anniversary! 🙂
    And God bless you all.

  17. It’s absolutely gorgeous and what a great idea!

    ANd to both of you I send my love. Congratulations! Your love, your life together, your concern towards each other is truly inspiring. Here’s wishing you many more lifetimes together, in strength and bliss.

  18. I have a thing for peacocks too..they are delicious!
    btw, something has to be said about the dazzling brightness of the colours in that embroidery….isn’t this supposed to old?

  19. What a beauty. No offense, but after you’ve gotten use out of the cushion, do make sure you take adequate steps to protect the fabric. That piece is too precious to lose to the vagaries of time.


  20. nice! Love the embroidery and the new look you’ve given it. And lovely lovely header picture. Congratulations 🙂

  21. Home decorating guru! That’s what you are.

    P.S: Did I read something about you being fat? You seem perfectly slim in the picture before this post. How laddat? Pliss to tell.

    Me: laddat only. photoshopping anyone? 😉

  22. heartiest congratulations to both of you!!!!
    the cushion looke beautiful….
    but what i found spectacular is the new header….
    u look different(in a positive way)than what i thought of you..
    but the OA is exactly the same as i imagined…all credit goed to your explanatory writing skills…
    but MM now i can catch hold of you if i spot you somewhere..ur eyes are very child like n distinct..few people have such eyes…
    now i know i am going to make a useless request but still i will go ahead with it…POST UR PICTURES…MM ….IN FULL THROTTLE…

    Me: LOL! I’ll try 😉

  23. beautiful. Both the original work and the idea of making a cushion out of it.

    If you ever want to sell this stuff, to go etsy.com. can guarantee you you’ll have buyers.


  24. hey martha, i mean hey mama. so owing to my holiday, i have weeks of MM stuff to read. good! good!starting with this post. loving the cushion. sorry didnt see this whilst i was in india- endless embroidered fabric at disposal aching to be turned into cushions. keeping this on file for future reference during future visits!

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