Mujhse shaadi karogi…

…was a favourite song with the Bean. Our home on a busy road of the city often witnesses wedding processions and the kids love to stand in the balcony, look down at the road and watch the lights, the dancing and the groom on the horse. Invariably the band strikes up a number of wedding numbers like ‘Mujhse shaadi karogi…’ and ‘Aaj mere yaar ki shaadi hai’… and my little roadside ruffians know all these songs like they know their names.

The Bean’s current favourite, embarassingly, is Emosional Atyachar because the brass bands are going to town with it. A few days ago she found a pagdi (turban) lying around the house and freaked out! Dancing around the house in it, loudly singing wedding songs, all ending in tauba tera jalwa, tauba tera pyaar…. tera emosional atyachar… I distract her with Goosey goosey gander, but she’s having none of it. Surely our guests are more interested in the latest Bollywood music than an ancient nursery rhyme, right?

Bean, I know I’m cringing in embarassment today when you decide to entertain guests with it. But I guarantee you the tables will turn and in ten years time when I relate this story to people – you’ll be as red as this turban on your head!


The Led Zeppelin tee is the saving grace!


33 thoughts on “Mujhse shaadi karogi…

  1. Surely thats not the bean! It looks like the Brat…

    And if it is indeed her.. then how did she grow up overnight?? :O

    Me: I wonder too …:(

  2. Good god, she can actually say the words emosional atyaachaar???..

    Beanie, you verbal gerbil! Mwwah!

    Me: yep – those two words are distinct. The rest is a bunch of gibberish since she cant really keep up with it.

  3. How can you convince her to wear a LedZep Tee? Mine would be horrified at the thought. Especially in black.

    Me: *looks aghast*
    Which child of mine would not want to wear Led Zep? And do you really think one should treat the critters like humans and take their opinion. Geez KBPM – you’re setting a bad precedent.

  4. she can say all those words?? now thats an achievement!!
    btw, isn’t that your son?

    Me: LOL! no – she can only say some of them – the rest is guesswork. And its not the brat – it’s most definitely the bean!!

  5. Ha! She runs like a chick too, with her legs hitting back and her arms all over the place. And dont even start me on how she throws a ball. I am working on that, and meanwhile her making vomit noises on encountering anything but pink, purple, dora, barbie, etc. have fallen through the cracks and become character traits. ouch.

    Me: *looks miffed*
    hey, we might run like chicks (some of us are chicks and she might take after her mad aunt you know..) but we know our music, I’ll have you know.

  6. pagdi “lying” around in the house?! :p why the heck do you have a pagdi!!

    but bean is so cute! and looking so totally grown up!!

    Cubby’s latest favs are Oye Lucky and Emosanal Ataychar! the moment i start he says “atyachan!”


  7. if you had not said, Bean found a turban etc. I would have thought the picture was the Brat’s!!
    OMG – it’s freaky how similar they look!! Maybe it’s the clothes too…if it was a frilly frock maybe I would have known at first glance it was bean, plus the face is somewhat hidden! HA
    That was close…
    I near fell off my chair thinking about Bean singing emosanal atyachar!

  8. yeah well, i am fine with music, she seems to be OK with it too, but really yaar, she has to do better with the running, my izzat and all. Inspired, I go away now and make her listen to some Beatles, just to get your goat. πŸ™‚

  9. my first thot ” she had tagged the past wrong ” when i just saw the pic! many have already said, but where is that li’l baby bean?!

  10. OK, she knows whom to sue for Emosional Atyaachaar, come adulthood! πŸ™‚ But yeah, like everyone else, am marvelling that she sings that, that you have a pagdi lying around the house (brings up this *really* wierd vision – WHY would anyone have a pagdi lying around? :-)), and I would have taken the pic for the Brat….

    But come on, Goosey Goosey vs. Hindi numbers? Where’s the competition!


    Me: *looks puzzled* you mean there are homes where you dont have pagdis, hula hoops, and random stuff lying around? And those people are called normal?

  11. This is an ultra-cute pic…and if she did that turban herself, she’s such a dilliwali already πŸ˜€

    MM, please don’t embarass the poor dear in ten years’ time by narrating this story to others.That’s what you’ll give her for providing you with such entertainment?? πŸ˜›

    And LepZep tee on a 2-year old??? Where on earth do you procure such gems from?

    P.S: Beanie is style personified

    Me: the tee came for her to wear at 12 months – from the US, a gift from her beloved Maama. but the skinny little runt only now fits into it!

  12. Holy Molly! That sure looks like brat and not the bean!!

    Congratulations on the 6 years and wishing you many more together. Lovely header.

  13. ROFLMAO! And as if the image of costumed-up Beanie running around singing “Emosional Atyachaar” wasn’t enough, your reply to M has simply split my sides!
    Yeh hai tera blogical atyachaar – death by combined dose of laughter and cuteness! πŸ™‚

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