Winter and woolly frogs

…or maybe something a little more.

Diligent Candy once memorably said – I judge you by the socks you wear. In the good old days when we were little college going chits she wore socks with little clocks and snails. I love her pictures, her writing, her son, her husband’s beautiful singing voice… and I go to her awesome blog for quick pick-me-ups.Β Brevity is her forte (clearly not mine).

This morning school reopened after a long winter break. As I dressed my babies and hugged their unusually substantial, padded figures I felt a little sad. Another year come to an end, another winter going by. What will I do once they go away? What do others do when their children leave home? How does a job or a hobby substitute this little squirmy thing you took out of your stomach and deposited in your heart? (Fortunately, I have laid claim to the family’s share of cheese and corn so no one else will subject you to such lines.)

The children are happy little red cheeked faces that wave bye from the school gate as I deposit them there, my hands lingering on their shoulders longer than they should. The Brat is running down the driveway to his class so I turn to walk away. Just then a little boy yells out to his father – Bye Papa!Β And I turn around and run back to the gate because I know.. I just do. And yes, the Brat remembers and has stopped and run back to the gate to shout out – Bye Mamma! His eyes search for me and I say a little thank you to the instinct that sent me back. He grins and this time runs away without a backward glance, his friends, his school, the new year calling out to him.

I turn away, satisfied. And then I look down at my feet in horror. My son let me drop him to school wearing these.

And he didn’t say a word. God bless you son – I’ll aim to embarrass you as much as I can, just to see how far I can push the envelop.

Go ahead then. Judge me. Candy, I know you still love me.

70 thoughts on “Winter and woolly frogs

  1. hahahaha. I’ll come back when I stop laughing πŸ˜€

    you are one cool mommy, alright. I thought the brat was wearing them to school, when I saw the pic first πŸ˜€

    this definitely beats you carrying the heffalump around, just ‘coz the bean asked you to look after her baby.

    very pretty socks, btw πŸ˜€

    • well I share them with him when he wants. I’m not all that mean. its just that he draws the line at wearing them in public.

      you remember the heffalump incident eh? damnit.Even if I shut down this blog in a wave of embarrassment someday, all of you will shove these in my face.

  2. I love what you said about corn and cheese :D. LOVE LOVE the way your words seem to just encapture the moment, and give people like me a little movie that I can watch in my head. OK, did that make sense to you :)? It sounded waay better in my head, I promise..LOVE you, MM.

  3. Cheese and corn – wah wah !!! I once dropped my son to his bus in my bathroom slippers (So what ? I wore something ,na ?)He bawled at the bus-stop and made me go back home.

    • We’re not allowed to wear bathroom slippers to the bus stop?

      What else?

      *takes notes furiously*

      I think I’ve been breaking all the rules except for the one about not wearing a nightie and dupatta together and in public.

      btw – Minka, did I mention I really missed you for a patch in between when I saw no comments. 😦 am so glad to hear your voice again.

      • MM- PLEASE – no nightie and dupatta together- public or otherwise. I’ll kill myself if I ever see/hear of something like that, I swear.

        I know that’s not good incentive, but still πŸ˜›

      • o! well..i did the nightie thing too. When my son’s school van asked me to drop him to a certain place coz he could not come home due to road repair works..i drove him to the place wearing a night suit. Except that i had a nice looking fleece over it. And i did not dare to get down from the car πŸ˜€

  4. Lol !

    But then i think i have lost the right to LOl over all this. Though 23 , i have the indifference of 64..

    I have lost count of the number of times i’ve worn mismatched socks, bathroom chappals and a single earring , having forgotten the other..

    So yea… happens MM!

  5. I love your socks. Few people understand my obsession for cute-sy, crazy socks. Thankfully, the best friend does. Or I don’t know if its the other way round – that we bonded over that shared love. Did I say I love those socks again?
    Where is this pair from?

  6. BTW, first look of the pic i thought it was a zommed pic of beanie’s socks. BTW, i like them. As usual from where??? πŸ™‚

  7. It works the other way too, you know! A can probably count the number of times she has seen me in a sari on her fingers. So one day when I turned up at her school to pick her up straight from a pooja I had gone to, complete with kumkum and everything, she was round-eyed, and whispered to me after getting out of everyone’s earshot that she was feeling quite odd that I was so ‘dressed-up’ and could I please not do that again? So you see, the Brat is such a sweetheart.

  8. omg! sooo funky, cute n youthful those socks are!!! me likes ’em…would flaunt them in a heartbeat.

    n u wear shoes with socks no?? then what’s to complain?

  9. Went to pickup my four year old daughter from school. I didn’t have time to dry my hair. So, I left it open, just running my comb thro’ it. As soon as my daugter sees me, she says, “Amma, why have you come like this? Can’t you tie your hair? Un thalai pisasu madhiri irrukku(your hair looks like a ghost)” infront of the whole class!

  10. Heh – my default uniform when dropping the kids is pyjamas – my pyjamas are usually track pants but I have some lovely Christmassy print fleece ones that get pulled out in really cold weather, and the teachers/students on carpool duty all get a good eyeful πŸ™‚ My kids don’t care in the least – thankfully!

    I have very similar “toe socks” in Xmas colors and prints – and love them! They’re so nice and warm!


  11. Ha ha…loved this post MM. We were once travelling from Hyd to Pune and my 1 yr told decided it to be the best time to puke on me. All the luggage was packed inside the bus and the stroller I had with me my son’s clothes and one nightie. Luckily for me, it was a sleeper coach. Hubby promptky asked me to wear that nightie and the next morning my father-in-law had to receive me in a nightie and pajama. Just imagine my plight MM. Btw, love your socks!

  12. Cool socks! And strangely I was wondering the same thing just yesterday – about how parents manage when the kids leave the house. Yesterday, Karan took the big step and slept on his own bed and both hubby and I were missing him in our bed (the very first night itself!) Infact Robi even thought of going and lying down in his bed! Its so ironic how we have been waiting for this day for the past 5 years and when it finally comes, we both were more sad than thrilled with the achievement of the milestone. Tsk tsk…we are real losers aren’t we?

  13. I love you, your monsters, your hubster, your momsie and your poplet…I love you like you are my own and you know that.

  14. Hi MM

    That’s too cute..You make the life with kids look so beautiful..
    We are just getting to the business of blogging..Please visit our blog when you get a chance and leave us your valuble comments

  15. Aww such a cute post, as always! Those socks are damn cute. Really.
    When I first saw the pic, I thought it was the Brat wearing them! πŸ™‚

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