16 thoughts on “Dedicated to self

  1. Achcha nahi lag raha hai ye post dekha kar. Abhi thode din pehle hi I deleted this song from my play list. Do that. Khushi aapke aas paas hi hai. Cheer up! 🙂

  2. MM
    1.Brat is happy at his school
    2.Bean has joined a new school
    3.You do not have to take three flights of stairs
    4.You have friends where you live
    5.You have a job that you want to do.
    6.You have a loving husband who understands you.
    7.You have parents who want to come and help you whenever you ask for.
    8.You have a loving online community of friends.
    Should I go on counting your blessings before you omit that song? Also to make life more interesting, you have trolls who love coming to your blog(This was the kala tika for all the above).

  3. MM, I’m assuming there are stuff going on which the online community is unaware of. So stay strong, hold on tight for the roller coaster ride. This too shall pass!! 🙂 (I know its easy to say but still my share of 2 cents)

    Did you consult with your doc regarding osteomyelitis?

  4. A wonderful concept , beautifully picturised , makes me aware of how lucky we are and our possible end state (but very difficult to reach as we will never have endless supply of alcohol unlike our protagonist here) if every thing goes wrong..absolutely loved it..

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