I’m standing at an open window, the wind in my hair, the rain on my face, looking down at the open expanse on one side and construction going on in the distance. The homes being built will be sold for multiples of crores and the shanties near by belong to the construction workers building them. That single moment is such a leveller. Regardless of our dwellings, humble or exalted, we all turn our faces up to the heavens in gratitude, as our prayer for rain is answered

11 thoughts on “Rain

  1. We have been suffering major major power cuts, so much that my life revolves around them now, and there was a Elec. Board statement yesterday saying things will get more difficult if we get no rain soon. Couple of hours later it rained and rained and I have not stopped singing one rain/pani song after the other.

    Oh and the son is singing too– alla megh de, pani ka rang de, raindrops de, of then he goes on to noodles de, jhoola de……

  2. Was in Gurgaon this weekend.. thought of you guys. The rain – however little – makes it all look beautiful. Hope things are looking better for you?

    Do you think we could meet up next time I’m in Gurgaon (which won’t be before Sep)/ you in Mumbai?

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