Three generations

I came upon this picture in the Bean’s birth post that the OA had written (!) on the old blog and it made me all teary. I don’t come from a family given to photography (so I overcompensate!) and this is one of the few pictures my mother is in, even partially. We have no family wedding pictures and the only reason they have one with my brother is because my SIL’s family got a photographer who hounded them!

Anyhow – this is the Bean, straight out of the OT and a very weak me, clutching at my daughter because I can’t believe she’s for real, that I’ve actually got the daughter I craved so badly. Even today I smile at her in an utterly foolish, besotted way because I can’t believe one of my dreams made it to reality.

Feisty, funny and utterly feminine, she reminds me of my mother in so many ways. And yet in so many ways she’s not my mother, but like my grandmother – the petite structure, the oval face with a stubborn, sharp chin, the big eyes, the soft wavy hair.


I particularly like it because although I am the bridge generation, I was really weak after the surgery and as I struggled to touch my dream, scared it would vanish into thin air, my mother’s warm, strong, comforting hand reached out and joined both our hands, not coming between us, but giving us the strength we needed. And from the other side two tiny little greedy hands grabbed hold of my finger and we were joined forever in a bond no one can take away from us. It is a moment that might have been lost in time and space if it weren’t for the OA clicking pictures (rather unusually) and now it’s a moment I’ll get to revisit over and over again… capturing three very determined, loving and strong willed women holding hands – bound by blood, fate and nature.Β  A force to be reckoned with and never to be messed with!!

Also – a lot of people want to read my archives, but I’m too lazy to move them yet. So I’m going to be pulling out old posts once in a while and I hope all of you will de-lurk and say hi if you once read them!

PS: And I was most pissed that they chopped my nails and removed my nailpolish! Can’t believe how much it enraged me at that point – and yet, the way it was done, was rather dehumanising..

121 thoughts on “Three generations

  1. Wow that’s a lovely snap, and a very poignant post!
    Am so glad you’re going to be posting old posts again! Look forward to them since I’m relatively new to the blogosphere and have missed all your old posts. Could you post the one you had done on stay at home moms (had read about this post on Rohini’s blog Mama Says So)if possible?
    And I thought your hand looked really pretty! Time to go for a manicure!

  2. Wiping away the tears. You bet there’s something about generations of women that the Y chromosome just can’t match! I have this pic of 4 generations from my grandma down and it’s so special.

    beautiful, beautiful post. And love the way your mom’s hand is not between but supporting. This is something some grandmoms take a while to understand!

    And such a heart-tugging picture. Thanks for sharing it.

    • 😦 I lost my grandma just after the brat turned one. but she did see him and i take my comfort in that. i also think she came back as the bean because the bean is the spitting image of her and the world couldnt have handled two of them

  3. I did! I did read the original post! And I think I wrote you my first mail soon after, with my almost newborn daughter’s pic πŸ™‚

  4. “capturing three very determined, loving and strong willed women holding hands – bound by blood, fate and nature. A force to be reckoned with and never to be messed with!!”

    Tabahi MM!! this sounds like the teaser for a really DHANSU movie…Teen Devian. Have me down for tickets for the first day first show.
    and may the picture run housefull each day every day.

  5. Delurking to say I’ve been angling (silently, if you can angle silently) for an invite to your old blog. I wasn’t a to-be-mommy then and my life was consumed by so many other things I didn’t realize what I was missing out on – mommy blogs! :-).

    Thank you, therefore, for posting these from your old blog.

  6. Very cute picture and so meaningful as well. I love all three generations come together.

    I may sound a little silly but why did they take off your nail paint???? How does that come in the way of childbirth?

  7. Wish you many more beautiful pictures! Wish you one with four generations too.

    I thank God for letting me have one such rare picture – with my grandma, mom, me and Aditi. Somehow being an all-women picture makes it all the more special for me πŸ™‚

  8. wow 3 gens ha? make sure you take more pictures of the three strong women. i dont have very many of my mom with me and my daughter and i regret not taking pics when i could have. the fact that they are gazillions miles away and dont get to hook up often is a bummer.
    all of us go to india next year and i plan to click away.

  9. Oh please do transfer your archives! Now that I’m a mom (of a 9m old) it’ll so awesome to read what you went through at that stage of motherhood with brat and bean…

  10. been reading all the posts, havent commented.. this one made me tear up… i am beginning to firm up on my decision to have 6 kids, after seeing this pic. its so precious, as is your Beanie. God bless.

  11. Such a beautiful pic. And I love the way your mother’s hand is holding on to both of you.

    Btw, why would they remove the nail polish? Long nails I can understand – fearing it may bruise or scratch the newborn’s skin par polish?

    • :-/ because they want the nails clear incase i stop breathing and start going blue. they also take off all your jewellery and stuck plaster on my nose and ears because they couldnt open them. dont ask why – someone said its because they dont want to be accused of theft in the OT and another said its because the diamonds glint and distract. all i know is that it was beyond dehumanising.

  12. HI MM,
    It is a brilliant pic, thanks to OA for clicking it just in time and at the right angle. The description is so apt and wonderful. May God bless the three generations. I am waiting for my progeny as well, cant wait to touch him/her.

    • yes – I havent thanked him for a picture as much I have for this one. its not even one of those planned family pics. its just spontaneous and the focus is on the bean. THIS generation – with ma and me out of the frame.. because we’re sort of irrelevant.. and its her day… arent i rambling?

  13. i just wish i have a daughter this time… and i will be one of the lucky fews to have four generations in one pic. bean looks like an angel really.

  14. I have not read the post entirely or the other comments, but when I saw the picture I had to comment about 2 things before it slipped my mind (or before someone walks into my cube at work):

    1) OMG you have beautiful hands!! I can see why you were successfulas a hand model. I have small fat hands (the rest of me is not fat), so I am totally jealous.

    2) The bean is adorable! how come she looks so cute? I mean, I have seen neew born babies, they are wet and red and look angry. This one looks happy and peaceful (not to mention clean and comfy).

    Now, I will go back and read the post πŸ™‚

    • and I am fat with thin hands πŸ˜‰ such is the unfair nature of err.. nature!

      and I think the bean more than made up for the cuteness by getting burnt within three days and being the ugliest baby i’d ever had the misfortune of setting eyes on. it was months before she cleaned up and looked cute again 😦

  15. Hello πŸ™‚ I am an obedient child and so I’m delurking. You with the pretty hands,pretty eyes, pretty cheek bones et al,surely you can only make a beautiful daughter and thats what Beanie is.Period

  16. First time here. What a lovely pic. made my eyes misty. i have one with my grandma, mom, me and my first son. but, this one is just beautiful. i have similar beliefs too that my second son is my grandpa and people usually laugh at me. glad to see someone who thinks on the same line πŸ™‚

  17. Thats a great post MM and simply love the pic..the way you 3 were holding hands…wow. And Beanie looks so cute….kala tikka!!

  18. What a beautiful post MM! Beanie is truly a dream come true for you. And she does look like your grandmother. So, you are a proud mother of two lovely children, who are going to grow up and find many admirers!

    The three generations look beautiful in the pic. I think I would like to see the pic with yours and aunty’s face in it πŸ™‚

  19. hey MM,delurking after a really long time.
    Had sent you a mail long back asking for some info on Beanie’s treatment for eczema(for Ki- Jaana).I was carrying then and am now a mother of a 16 months old son.Dont know if you remember that mail.
    Just love this picture.I also wanted a baby girl,but hey no complains about having my little boy Brat:-).Took 5 long years to convince the husband to have a baby.And I dont quite have the strength to start convincing him again for a second one now.So will have to make do with your pictures and your descriptions of the joy of the seeing your little baby girl for the first time;-)

  20. Such a precious pic MM !! and I held up my hands to see if they compare to yours..but sacchi, beanie’s little tenny hands are what I loved the most !! greedy grabbing hands :P. How are such tiny ones so perfect ??

    Now I want one !! 😦

  21. posts/photos i remember from wayyyyy back =

    1. brat sitting on a bike that had gone (or was going) half way around the world

    2. the post about why the brat was packed off to nana and nanis… –> you were pregnant with the bean. yay!

    3. how your garden grew from nothing to loveliness *oh. i loved the pix*

    4. and your shoe collection (this wasnt so long ago, i think). was totally horror-struck at your imelda marcosity.
    * jaw had to be wiped off the floor*

  22. super picture. though this comment might tire you for making it to this space for the nth time, i have to say it: you have beautiful hands:-) even without the polished nails!

  23. What an absolutely beautiful pic.The description of the moment is lovely too.May the 3 of you continue to have these moments in time…

  24. Since we are talking about posts from the past.. Can we pull over your post on beauty products πŸ˜› ? I remember all the details about you and your lovely kids, but for the life of me I can’t remember the Vichy blah blah details of the cream that gave you back your smile πŸ™‚

    lots of love!

  25. beautiful!!! and Priceless!!
    And I remember reading how angry you were about them taking off the nailpolish and cutting ur nails when u painstakingly did them before going in πŸ™‚

  26. You know MM, I can say a lot of things about this post, all sincere and heartfelt, like beautiful hands, poignant moment, lovely writing, but instead, I’m going to say something else…

    Each time I read a post of yours about how badly you wanted a daughter and how God granted your wish…I can’t help but feel many things. I so, sooooooo wonder…did I not wish hard enough? Was praying, fantasising and dreaming dreams about the daughter-that-ultimately-never-was from the age of four, not enough?

    This post touched something primal in me and I’m trying to ignore the sting of tears I can feel.

    God bless your lovely little Bean…so funny, warm and beautiful. I pray many years down the line, you’ll be in another version of this snap…supporting your Bean’s hand as she grasps her Bean’s hand… (nazar naa lag jaaye)

    • πŸ™‚ thanks babe. i know what you mean. and I often wonder how my wish got granted when others wanted as badly as me. eventually it boils down to something as simple as my kismat. she was just written for me and it no credit goes to me, the time of the month or the OA’s contribution or anything else remotely humorous I might want to say to turn this comment’s mood around.

      i’m glad i have her because i cant handle anymore testosterone in this house – and i am pretty junglee myself. and i think your boys got their lovely gentle ma so that they will grow up to be the kind of men we want for our daughters. more honest than this, i cannot be.

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  28. Hi Again,

    AWWWW!! My baby’s just 5 months old, and Im already looking at his newborn pics and wondering WHY I didnt kiss him more then…btw,in case you’re wondering about the barrage of comments from a serial lurker, this is a rare sleepless night for me post baby, AND I love reading well written blogs like yours.

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  34. well deserving of the award. what a perfect kodak moment n such beautiful lines. u actually did ur nails before u went in… :)i was hoping to have a girl n was so happy when i did. i can understand how u mustve felt to have ur dream come true. πŸ™‚

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