It’s a nice enough home. A 100 years old and declared a heritage home by those who are meant to be bestowing such honours. My parents have struggled to ensure that it stays cosy yet maintains it’s charm and doesn’t slide into decline. Β The silver is polished and shines. The crystal sparkles. The old chandeliers light up without a flicker. Rows and rows of books on art and architecture line the walls. The upholstery is spotless. Little knick knacks from travels over the years dot the peg tables. Not just their own travels but also those of family members who are now just a fading memory. Fresh flowers dress up little consoles and the grand piano. Art on the walls, a well stocked bar. Everything says this is the home of an older couple with well, some taste.

A view of their living room


Until you see this little corner. A shrine to Shrek and McDonald’s Happy Meals. And then you realise it’s also the home of grandparents.

And this is how my kids mark their territory

The grand old dining room with the massive dining table is filled with the peals of childish laughter. Sepia toned ancestors look down benignly on yet another generation playing hide and seek behind the antique dresser.

My great-grandparents



98 thoughts on “Home

  1. Beautiful!!!!!! The living room (first pic) looks very victorian. πŸ™‚
    A sneek peek into your Gurgaon house on the cards ?? πŸ™‚

  2. Oh my!! What a beautiful home!!! your parents have a very good taste, it shows the way they have decored their home, it looks cozy yet classy!

    • ahem. I’d rather they exited, but my parents will kill me. That space is for the kids to do as they like. The second picture is the bar where the kids usually set up a shop and sell us remote controls and ashtrays.

  3. Such a lovely home MM!! No wonder your house looks ass beautiful, as you would have inherited Gpa’s & Nani’s love for cozy home!

  4. spelling mistakes & Me sigh…! Such a lovely home MM!! No wonder your house looks as beautiful, as you would have inherited Gpa’s & Nani’s love for cozy home!

  5. I want to curl up in that green couch opposite to the big white windows when the cool winds breeze through them..

  6. Oh that is one helluva beautiful house you got there. I can see where you got your interior decorating skills from. Loved the Happy Meals wala corner.

    Thank you for sharing MM.


  7. Home it is… And that’s what I meant in the last text I sent you when we met.
    Your home brings back beautiful memories of school, of playfulness, of fun and of friendship. However, I barely remember spending time in this room for I’d spent maximum time either in the classroom-turned-dance-floor or in your room where all of us would gather every once in a while

    • πŸ™‚ I’d give anything for one more dance party. I’ve brought back a whole lot of pics this time. Steel yourself for a bunch of funny ones going up on FB. And no, this room wasn’t the living room when we were kids na? It used to be my mom’s office area ..remember?

  8. Oh MM – you have the dreamiest life! I can’t imagine how it feels to have a home like this to go to…it feels like it is out of the movies…with so much history to it…people can be wealthy and have big mansions but not everything will have stories and memories to it like this one…I loved it.

      • No no… don’t fall into that trap. I share what I want. This blog is for my kids and I’ve stopped writing about the ugliest stuff because I don’t need them seeing my darkest hours.

        • Keep on writing about those dark things also.. just dont publish… kids should know the bad things also.. after all it is inheritance πŸ™‚

          • Yes, they will know. But the reason I don’t write is that now the blog is slowly being read by more people who know me personally. I don’t like the thought of anyone pitying me or them. We don’t need pity.

          • Than do not publish.. when they are old enough.. share with them or just give it to them as a different personal blog.. ( call it the dark side or something)… that way.. when they want a mood uplift.. they can read this one… and when they want a reality check.. they can read the private one

            what I have done so far is.. even though the kids are young.. I/we have tried not to hide things from them;.. sure somethings will be revealed as and and when it is appropriate….

            but i know from where you are coming from.

            you are good at writing.. so why not document it just for them..?

            • With grief, there is no forgetting. I have no doubt I will remember every ugly thing and tell them someday. As for good at writing.. as I often say, I’m okay πŸ˜‰

  9. You had me at the lovely wooden fireplace! Hope it’s still functional… I can so picture you reading a book and drinking a cup of hot chai by it on a cold cold day… Sigh!

  10. Hi MM,

    what a house!! it is simply beautiful…every time I clean my house, I think of your parents and the comment you said “house proud”!! it gives me the inspiration to maintain it well…but please post pictures of other rooms too…

  11. Beyoootiful! I wanted to send you post pictures of the house, but now I would just be embarrassing myself. πŸ™‚ Love the windows in the living room. Clearly, the decorating gene runs in the family.

  12. wow… what a beautiful house (whatever glimpses we got of it). Now I know where you got your love and taste for home decoration from.

  13. How come you are on a vacation now? First to Goa and then to your hometown. What about the kids and their school? Are they on vacation yaa phir on a cool bunking spree!!!!

  14. your parents have a lovely home. classic looking but somehow inviting as well. i can imagine a grand dinner party with sophisticated guests. but also kids rolling on the carpet.
    it reminds me of the some of the homes i’ve lived in. my dad is in the railways and some of the bungalows we’ve lived in were built in the 1800s. the aura about these places is so amazing and so impossible to replicate in the pigeon-holes we live in now. sigh.

  15. Now I know where you get your good taste and attention to detail in keeping a lovely home (from what I can see ;))!

    Its good to know you’re back.

  16. Yes it does look very much like a well kept but cozy home.
    And I can see where you get your good taste from.
    And I just discovered I can access this blog of yours from work:)

  17. God, I love your parents home. just the windows and the high ceiling is enough for me – lovely lovely. And I love the shrine !!! Too cute .

  18. The windows, fireplace, high curved ceilings and the hanging fans. So gorgeous! I so want to live in a house like this. I can totally picture a four poster bed somewhere inside the house. πŸ™‚

  19. Hi MM,

    It is such a beautiful house… loved it.. but I think what makes it extra-special is that little grandparents nook πŸ™‚
    Btw, I spot a typo… I guess you meant to say peals of laughter and not peels… πŸ™‚

  20. If you put in the effort, and dress just right, you could absolutely be that stern lady in the picture. (i.e., your great grandmother)

  21. What a stunning home, MM! πŸ™‚ Did you grow up here? Lucky you… growing up in a beautiful, well-loved home with loving parents. What more could any kid want? πŸ™‚ Especially loved the little shrine dedicated to all the Happy Meal toys! πŸ™‚

    • Yes I did. I loved it. I’ve put up pics so often that I am surprised to see so many comments. Were they all on the old blog then? I suppose so… *looks confused*

  22. Lovely lovely lovely house. But how do they manage to maintain it? And get reliable househelp? Kudos to them! I think you should do a post on household tips coz I am forever looking for effective ways to polish stains off wood, clean the kitchen tiles, keep the brass shiny…never find good methods *sigh*

    BTW take a look at this-

    Thought you might be interested in this list. Read any of them yet?

  23. Your home is so beautiful with all that light coming in from those gorgeous windows! Looks like something out of a decorating magazine but much more warmer and cozier πŸ™‚

  24. It takes someone with taste to make a home out of a house. While it is incredibly tidy, it has such a cozy, homey and lived in look that makes it welcoming. It’s beautiful and gives me so many ideas for my own home (although I’ll hold back until my toddler grows out of throwing and “dumping” things all over the place πŸ™‚ )

      • hehehe… the male syndrome. Try telling the OA the home is in a mess and I am sure he will have no clue what you are talking about.

        Atleast that is what happens at my place. The moment I step in after being out of the house for sometime, I will be walking around picking up stuff lying all around the place. And when I tell anything to my husband prompt comes the reply “But i cleaned it this morning since I knew you were coming. Where is the mess?” **may be I imagined it or may be you are blind**

        • Completely agree.. I take an extra day off when I visit the boy friend simply to clean up the house which he had “cleaned up” the day before.. and has no idea why I go around changing stuff that are already “arranged”

      • You make him sound like a big lolloping unhousetrained but loved puppy πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ “Made a big mess” – LOL (sorry) πŸ˜€

  25. beautiful house, nice window treatments. discovered your blog fairly recently (yes I live in a well). this is a nice beginning, will go catch up with the archives now.

    • Arent they? this used to be the arched open verandah that has been enclosed for security reasons. The original house looked very different…. a wide verandah running right around and we’d wait for the monsoons, let the rain fill up, make paper boats and run around the house following their path.

      • Aha. That bit reminded me of my grandad’s home in Madras where I (mostly) grew up – nice BIG veranda running around two sides, sheltered so that even if it was raining I could sit out there and play games or watch the rain or – important job, this – escort the millipedes off MY playspace πŸ˜€

      • I can only imagine how much fun that must have been πŸ™‚ I used to live in an old house while growing up and it was the most fun!! the open spaces, the tiny corners, lots of people coming and going, ahh you made me nostalgic πŸ™‚

      • Wow arched open verandah !!! I love it so much.. brings me memories of Anna university and times spent preparing for exams in the verandahs..

  26. Beautiful house. Lucky you to grow up in this house. I think where we grow up, the memories make that special for us but if its a heritage home, then it must be extra special.

  27. The first pic took my breath away. It looks like it carries a long history. I like places with history attached to them. And it’s so beautifully renovated, the arched windows are what I noticed first and then the lovely furnitures to suit the age of the house. But it must take a lot of maintenance no?

  28. So lovely….and I must say it looks very familiar too…hmm, must ask mom/dad if indeed I have been to your house at some point of time in the past….btw, forgot to tell you earlier, our mothers met at a wedding in vns, uncle B’s nephew’s….mom was as excited as me!! πŸ™‚
    good to see you back MM.

  29. *Sigh* Such a lovely .. lovely home. I’ve lived in flats almost my whole life and still do. And hate it with a vengeance πŸ™‚ .
    I agree with others, when you go back home next, get us a virtual house tour…..please πŸ™‚

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