Please help Abhishek

I’ve received this email from two people who both say he is their classmate. And even contributions of Rs 1000 are welcome. Do take a look and see if you can contribute.


Abhishek has been diagnosed of Bi- Phenotypic Acute Leukemia (BAL) a type of Blood Cancer. He requires a match for the bone marrow Transplantation and funds for the treatment roughly Rs. 1 Cr.

The website has the details of his reports and has been initiated as we have no other alternative to reach you all for the support & prayers for donor match and his quick recovery.

There are Two Ways in which you can help Abhishek:

A) By making contributions towards supporting his medical expenses for getting the Bone Marrow Transplant done,


B) By registering yourself as Stem cell donor and pray  for speedy recovery of Abhishek. 

Make Personal Contributions in form of Monetary Donations towards Abhishek’s Medical expenses.

You can make a donation through two options:                        

Option # 1

Donate Through Cancer Patient’s Aid Association (CPAA) Preferred option

Please click at the link attached to reach the site of CPA where the method to donate through their gateway is clearly mentioned.

This would be the preferred option as CPAA is a registered NGO and therefore all donations collected through them would be tax exempted  for both the donor and the receiver .

Option # 2

Direct deposit in Abhishek’s Bank Account:

This option can be exercised through Electronic fund transfer or through cheques/DDs sent in favour  of Abhishek Sinha , HDFC Account No.: 4061000010701

Cheques/DDs can also be sent at the following address:

Abhishek Sinha,
c/o Chitwan Singh,
A-318, Maple Block, Prestige Greenwoods,
C.V. Raman Nagar,
Bangalore- 560093, Phone No.: (080) 25077550


Please forward this to all your friends and colleagues.

We need your prayers & support. You could help save a life.


12 thoughts on “Please help Abhishek

  1. 😦
    I am feeling helpless here because I can’t do anything financially.. but I’ll pray for him. And maybe I’ll forward this bit to people I know..if they can help me in some way!

  2. MM,

    should it be Bone Marrow Donor instead of Stem Cell Donor?


    Me: should it? you could be right. I just pasted the mail here as I received it.

  3. Thank you, MM… he is from a senior batch… dont know him personally, this mail was sent to our alumni group, sent it to everyone i thought would help… thanks.

  4. I really hope he gets help, but I also hope that Britannia is helping him out! Shouldn’t they be covering his treatment anyway? I would hope that as an employee, he gets health benefits too..

  5. I don’t mean to sound accusatory at all, but corporations have resources that most individuals can only dream of.

    Me: yes of course.. I understand. i do hope they’re helping 😦

  6. Yes but then they are generally capped at 5 lacs…..

    I don’t know how you will take it but don’t you think that number of responses to this post have been quite low….esp in view of huge readership of your blog.

    Having said that, I have already done my bit and have also written to my company’s HR to send a mass-mailer amongst companies employees….Even if a small percentage of 4000 odd employees contributes, it can result in handsome amount …

    Credit goes to you as but for your post I would not have come to know about him…

    Me: Well i guess there is nothing to respond to on the post itself. Those who felt they could make a difference have probably got in touch with him. which is fine. i hadnt anticipated any comments on this at all.

  7. I am not surprised by low response by people on actionable posts. It happens all the time on my blog. I will blog and tweet about it too.

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