Crocus 2009 – a reminder

A reminder to you all that the Crocus Festival at Saffron Tree is still on. Hop over and read all the reviews even if you don’t have kids. Its a lovely walk down memory lane and the next time you need to gift your nephews or your boss’ daughter something, you can take something more imaginative than a box of chocolates!

I’ve reviewed Young Zubaan’s Mister Jeejeebhoy and the Birds (the illustrations are brilliant) as well as a tale from Nagaland (what can I say, I love getting to know about the North East!) called The Rooster and the Sun. A lovely folktale about why roosters crow at dawn.

Go on then – hop over and see whats new in kid lit!

Crocus 2009

I seem to have joined Saffron Tree at the best possible time – as it celebrates its third birthday on October 23rd. We’re marking the occasion with a book festival called CROCUS…a Celebration of Reading Other Culturally Unique Stories! The theme is Around the World in Seven Days.

Seven days of reviews, crosswords and author interviews. Fun, fun fun!! Do join us there and spread the word. Put up the banner, add it to your blog, tweet about it, anything. Now sit back, fasten your seat belts and get ready to go around the world via kiddy literature. Wheee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Every year brings something new

… and this year brings a new association. With SaffronTree –  a blog for book reviews and literary resources for kids.

I’ve read it for ages and secretly longed to be a contributor. Finally this year I figured it was time I mustered up the courage and asked Praba if I could hop on board. She sweetly agreed and here I am, part of the coolest kiddy books review blog! My first review for them is a Maharashtrian folk tale called Ekki Dokki.


I am not crossposting it here, merely informing you that it is there. And feeling extremely pleased with myself for doing something for kiddy literature – a much neglected field. Go on over and read them if you aren’t already aware of them.