Balika Badhu

…is one of my favourite movies. I loved it as a kid and when I happened to catch it on TV again a few days ago, I watched it with just as much pleasure.

I don’t believe in child marriage. But there does seem to some sense to getting your kids married when their hormones are running wild and also in letting them grow up together and have all their firsts together. I know I TOTALLY resent the OA’s first kiss although I refuse to allow him the same luxury/right!

I particularly loved the song “Bade achche lagte hain….”

The words are simple, sweet and so apt. I think back to when I was around that age and it’s true and just so simple – you just LIKE the person so much. And here I’d like to believe that like is better than love because ‘like’ is so easy and comfortable. So much more than the intensity of ‘love’… and yet, as true.

Anyway – the Bean had to dress up in a salwar suit as a teacher for some school thingummie. I can’t stand salwar suits on little kids (but YES! I love sarees on everyone) so I sent her in a saree. Used to seeing me in one, she was thrilled and patiently stood there in a lehenga as I wrapped her into it and pinned her up in just two places – hopefully by the time she’s 15 she will be safety-pin free and do me proud! A little red bindi, some bangles and the only thing betraying what a baby she is – two orange butterfly clips holding her curls off her face.

She’s a mischievous little brat and ran around even after she was dressed up, unencumbered and unhampered by the yards of fabric, actually climbing up on chairs and peeking into windows, reminding me of my favourite little heroine, the Balika Badhu – look at her up on her toes!  Thank you Susie Q Maashi for a lovely gift – it’s being worn with much excitement and is much appreciated.