I’ve got a picture of you in my mind

Cream linen drawstring pants + fitted white tee + salt and pepper hair + chest I love¬†= one smokin’ husband on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

No, this is being put down for no other reason than that I don’t want to forget how yuppie cute you can look when I want you to, old man! ūüėČ


The Bean dancing on the centre table to the Rolling Stones (!) while the OA and I work at the dining table.

In unison we say, ‘Bean! Get down.’

She ignores us. We get harsher and glare at her. ‘Bean! Get down..’

She turns away from us and towards her brother. He’s standing there quietly watching her. He puts out his arms to her. She climbs into them, he wraps his arms around her tight and carefully lifts her off and places her on the ground. Reeling under her weight, particularly since he’s just recovering from his own illness. They smile understandingly at each other…

The OA and I look on. If this were TV the canned people would go awwwwww.

What is that old one about one look of love working faster than a 100 harsh words?

Cinderella has nothing on me

… I have spent days hunting for a pair of flat gold slippers to go with the dress I’ve eventually decided on for the wedding. It’s the first one – the coppery halter neck. I think it got in the most votes and it suits me beautifully because I’m not as toned and thin as I’d have liked to be for the others. This has a nice, fuller, very Spanish feel to it when I wear it.

After two weeks of keeping an eye out for suitable gold flats, I gave up. Everything is either too shiny or too heavily embellished. I even found a pair of gold gladiators, just what I was looking for, but they were in this shiny almost foil like shade of gold that hurt the eye. Very cool with something casual, but just not right for the dress.

Just as I was giving up hope and planning on sticking with a saree, I found this.¬† They’re the exact shade as my dress (haan, I didn’t want it to be so matchy-matchy but I seem to have no choice) and while they ARE heels, *looks ashamed* I hope that all these days of medication, rest and care will carry me through the evening.¬† I really couldn’t bear to ruin the way it looks with a pair of flats. I honestly don’t have the legs for flats unless I’m in casual wear.

29062009 040

So now it’s this, with simple gold hoops in my ears, bare neck and back, these shoes¬†and a clutch (colour yet undecided- something to break the monotony) and my hair up.

Never say goodbye

It’s been a packed last two months. I’ve taken on more responsibilities at work. I have started the kids off at a summer camp that they enjoy and I am reading boooks like nobody’s business. The OA and I also socialise a lot at night because the days are too hot. And since we do it after the kids go to bed we’re left sleep deprived and exhausted through the week. Burning ourselves from both ends is right.

09062009 015

But I believe every encounter, every event, plays some role in shaping your life and at yet another party a few days ago I met someone who has recently quit her well paying job to start practicing EFT.

I was limping around and since I was in a short skirt it was rather easy to see that I didn’t have any obvious injuries and so she asked me what was wrong. I told her that my knee pain refused to go away and so she asked me if I was willing to be open-minded.

At this point I am willing to do anything for a cure or even hope and I listened with an open mind as she told me all about it. Some of the things she came up with made a lot of sense. The OA sitting on the steps in the dimly lit garden, playing with the host’s dogs looked up and then with a deep breath began a litany of complaints about how I don’t know when to stop and how to take a break. I am not known to lie down and rest. I’m either with the kids, or working, or in the garden and it’s not always a good thing to be so busy.

Anyhow – she asked me to start the therapy and the first step is to free up mind space. So no over-thinking, no debating, no being on the internet at odd hours and chatting, no mailing google groups and pals. Nothing. Just a lot more space, free time and doing nothing. In fact her suggestion was to take a long break from work too – which is not possible. The rest however is. This sounds alien to me and my nature and its going to be a huge effort. But I plan to give it a good shot because the discomfort and pain are now taking over my life.

I will also start strengthening the muscles around the knee which are now weaker because I don’t put any pressure on it and avoid walking around too much. So here’s the deal – I’ve picked up a pair of good walking shoes and am going to start with long walks every evening. I also have appointments with two more very good doctors and hopefully phsyiotherapy or something should make a difference.

09062009 017

The Brat and the Bean finish with even summer school on the 12th and I should free up more time to spend with them. Most importantly we’re probably pulling the Brat out of his big school (I’d tell you why, but its gone to court and been in the papers and I don’t need the link here! Edited to add: No! WE have NOT sued the school – some other people have but we’re totally in agreement and we think he needs to be pulled out.) and putting him back in his old school. So lots more running around, lots more chaos and TWO sets of admissions this year end, for him as well as the Bean. We’re rather stressed out right now and very, very scared. Bad luck and some circumstances have created a lot of trouble but the poor child is so goodnatured that he’s willing to go back to the old school.

I’m also attending a wedding in Chennai and taking a bit of a holiday¬† – it’s an early evening wedding and I’m torn between what I should wear because it goes on to dinner and reception. So here are some of my choices – it’s going to be hot, humid and maybe even raining – ¬†and I can’t be swanning around in a silk saree – so it’s a good thing the bride has set the tone with a dress!¬†You can¬†vote and help me choose. And while all of them fit me fine, I’d like them to be a little less snug so¬†a little more emphasis on my walking plan.¬†


09062009 003

Ohh.. I see a link at HHC in which Deepika is wearing a similar dress to this chocolate one. Except that mind falls freely at the bottom and has a satin belt.

09062009 010

09062009 007

It has white cutwork laid out over the grey lining…

09062009 009

09062009 004

All of this to tell you that I will be taking a blog¬†break starting 12th – which is when my babies¬†wrap up school and probably only coming back to blog by the end of July (yes, there’s a lovely holiday thrown in between). I might sneak in a post if no one’s looking but on the whole I am hoping to be disciplined and it will only hurt me if I try to fool myself.

I need to handle all the extra stuff that life is throwing at me with a little more grace and dignity so something’s gotta give. So this isn’t good bye. It’s just au revoir.

The shallow reason

… that most of us give for wanting a daughter, is that she is fun to dress up. The better reasons, well each of us have our own. Anyhow, the point is, it’s rather tempting to have a little girl around to dress up and I couldn’t blame the maid when I walked into the nursery to discover a Bean with a head full of mismatched accessories.

A maroon rubber band, a purple rubber band, a blue clip, a black clip and three shiny roses!!! I can see how tempting it was for her to decorate the Bean’s head but a little less accessorising and a little more colour coordination would have helped. Oh well, she’s got a few more years to keep trying!