Five things that disappear just when you need them

tagged by Suki.

– My hair grip – the Bean calls it a shark and runs around the house snapping it at people. Then she leaves it in some unimaginably Bean-ish place that no one else is small enough to crawl into  – and we never see it again.

– My phone – and it’s invariably on silent so I can’t even ring and locate it.

– Scissors. And nailcutters. Really. Always. Why?

– Interesting people. Just as you befriend them, they move or you move and you are left with a virtual friendship.

– Slippers. For a person who takes so much care of her feet, I am always roaming around barefeet, hunting for my slippers

– The OA 😀

And here an award from Priya for being an honest blogger and a beautiful blogger! Thanks very much Priya – this is awesome and very sweet of you.

and Itchy’s award for being creative.

And finally here is an award I have to thank all of you for. The Avant Garde Bloggies Award  – for the Most Evocative Post on Parenting. Thanks AGBA and thank you guys 🙂 It’s a pleasure having you here, interacting with you and seeing the world through your eyes. Stick with me.. the best is yet to be 😉


The handmade tag

This is a long overdue post. I decided to finally move my butt and get it done. A bunch of lovely awards  – considering no one awards me anything anymore 😦

First up,  these two from the Rat ! And also from Lively. Thank you both, very much *bows deeply*

Itchy only gave me ONE.. so I’m going to act pricey.. oh what the hell- thanks, Itch!

and the one above from Kiran – apologies Kiran, I knew I was forgetting  something. And thank you very much!

And a tag by Maid in Malaysia – I wanted to give this some more time and get more pics but I haven’t managed to, so we’ll go with the ones I had the patience to click. MiM – when you see how painstakingly I’ve clicked pictures in the sunlight, you’ll forgive me for the delay! And they have loads more but I ran out of steam 😦

Starting with this – its a wooden animal jigsaw puzzle. Each animal has on it, the alphabet that it starts with. A cool idea although the execution isn’t the best because the order is random and the pieces don’t fit perfectly which makes it hard for little fingers to bang them into place. Either way, a big favourite because its full of animals.

These kite shaped cushion covers are from NID. Sur gave them to the kids long ago and though they’re not toys, they’re a permanent feature on their bed because of the shape and the bright colours. She also gave them a lovely handmade cloth rat that I didn’t click.

This one’s from Ro. It’s a bankura horse (I think) and its a money bank. The kids keep filling it and refilling it and it keeps them busy for ages!

Puppets from Dilli Haat.

A metal kite hanger from Dilli Haat. Those are their lunch bags hanging on it.

School bags from the Auro ashram in Pondicheri.


Yes, the elephant bag belongs to the Bean. Has anyone noticed the preponderance of elephants in this house?!

A few kind words…

It’s always nice after a dust up to get some affirmation of love and these words by Unmana are just that. I enjoy reading her blog and to have one of the bloggers YOU read, write something for you, is very touching. I’m posting it here, but if you like it, you could go across and tell her so. Isn’t it the cutest – and the beauty of it is how beautifully she’s captured a tableau from our home.

The Mad House

 There is many a momma
Who is a little mad,
But there’s just one Mad Momma
And just one OA-dad.
There is a noisy little Brat
Who’ll charm you out of your wits;
A Bean who now talks oh so pat:
They love each other to bits.

The MM is blogging a rant,
The OA watching the new TV,
The Bean is chasing an ant,
And the Brat runs around all the three.

 That’s the Mad House and those that in it dwell:
How do I know? That I never shall tell!

A couple of awards that I must thank Suki and IHM and Alok for.





Pretty much every I know has received all of these awards so I don’t know who I should pass them on to. Just know givers, that I appreciate them and am touched that you thought well enough of me to pass them on.

And finally, a picture of all that I won from Indus Ladies after the blog contest on Mother’s Day. A cap, a teeshirt, a letter holder and of course the $200! Thanks Indus Ladies, this was fun!