Flowers at her feet

“Mama, mama, mama! Where are you?”
Apparently, there is nothing that can get done in any home without mama. And of course, the most urgent issues arise only when mama goes for a bath.
But the 12-year-old rarely calls unless there is a crisis so I grab a towel and run out on dangerously wet feet, yelling – Who died?
Only to come to a squealing halt. He’s lined the corridor with frangipani flowers for me to walk out on.
I look at him in shock? surprise?
And like most men, he misunderstands the look on my face and says – “I didn’t pluck them, mama! Look, the edges are brown. I collected them off the ground on the way home for you.”
It’s been a while since I rushed out of a bath with soap in my eyes, and for the first time, it was totally worth it.
I must also admit, this one doesn’t take after the father!


You know you’ve trained your son well when he crawls under the table to retrieve a paper plane, encounters your feet there, and begins to press them!


Me: Damn, why did I do that? I feel really silly.
Brat: Everyone makes mistakes. The only thing you should feel silly about, is feeling silly about making a mistake.


The Bean gets eye infections, nose infections, all sorts of infections on her face, all the time, and we have to be careful not to touch her face with unwashed hands.
The Brat’s brotherly love prompted this suggestion, “We should put a sign on her face. Caution: Infection prone zone.”
In case you’re looking for him, he made a getaway when the cushions started flying and might be home around dinner time.


The doorbell is ringing, the landline too, and I’m rushing through giving the Brat his medicine while he chatters on about something and then my phone starts ringing, he sneezes, something-something, I honestly forget the order of events, and my hand shakes, spilling syrup on him.

Even-tempered and patient mother that I am, I snap, “If you’d taken your meds yourself this wouldn’t have happened… Now look what you made me do!”

He nods calmly and says, “Technically, I didn’t make you do anything. And I’m dripping with syrup. You’re victim blaming, mama.”





9 thoughts on “Flowers at her feet

  1. Hi MadMomma,

    Finally a blog post !! I started reading the archives having given up hope on you !!!

    Brat is so sweet and smart !!
    Hope Bean infections get better soon .

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha.. awwwww bless..

    Now that made me laugh and smile ..

    Now now I hope he returned back after the pillow went flying after..

    Good to see you back…

  3. i loooouuuuvvveeee the Brat-Bean-isms ! Glad to read a post dedicated to them 🙂 How well Brat is growing ❤

  4. Now that I have my own brat and bean.. I want to go back and re-read all the archives for the anecdotes on raising kids. You are an idol dear MM.. Much Lurrve ! Access to the Old Bloge please 🙂

  5. Hi MadMomma 🙂 I’ve been a long-time reader. This is a lovely post. I’ve always enjoyed your posts about the Bean and the Brat. I agree with all the previous people who have posted comments… You ought to write more often… For us 😉

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