Someday I’ll have a clean home

“Who left this bloody thing on the floor. It’s a booby trap. No, it’s a death trap. Someone’s going to trip over it and break their neck and DIE. And why are your dirty clothes on the ironing board? Can you tell the difference between an ironing board and a laundry basket. And this. This. Why are these books piled sky high? Are we building a Tower of Babel? What are those shelves for, if not to hold books? Why am I ALWAYS, ALWAYS cleaning up after the two of you? WHAT DO YOU THINK I AM? A..”

A sturdy pair of arms reaches around me, and a mouth that is almost at the same height as mine, kisses me firmly on the cheek and says…” A mom. You’re my mom.”

“Mum,” I correct him without any conviction… not mom.

Well played, son. Well played.

Yes, of course I know I’ve been played. And I’ll deal with it tomorrow.

For today I’ll just revel in a son who hasn’t stopped kissing me, or rubbing his sweaty face into my back every time he passes by.

9 thoughts on “Someday I’ll have a clean home

  1. awww, missed the brat and his ways of saying that he loves you. I have my elder one now almost 8 so similar to him that I smile at the mention of brat. The same rubbing of nose and snuggling and immediately asking for a cuddle when he knows he’s in a little bit of a trouble!

  2. I want to saw AWWWW Brattie ; but this post feels like an invite for me to brag.. my 15 mo boys learnt to blow kisses and blew their first kisses to me yesterday! La la la la la!

    N so kicked to think I will get a lifetime of kisses to take away all the stress!

  3. So glad you’re back with two posts no less! Missed you so, so much sweets. Aah, the brat and his ways. Sure knows how to warm his mum’s heart doesn’t he:-) We have the same exact situation going on here regards messes all around. Every now and then a volcano in me erupts and peeps here run helter skelter trying to set things right:-)

    Also, commenting on your earlier post so thrilled for you that you had the guts to move back. I know from this blog that I’ve been reading for as many years as the brat has been on this planet, that you love, love being in India close to your parents, mama-mami and saddi Dilli. Gives me hope that when I touch down there someday I’ll wrangle a visit with you and the B&B somehow.

  4. Hi MM,

    Come on dear, we know how well you keep your house !!! pictures of the new house 🙂 please . we will decide whether it’s clean or not !!!

    Oh brat is super cute ! My son does the same too …

    Sujatha Ramesh

  5. Hello there! I’ve dropped in after a long time n glad to note the Brat n Bean , although much grown , are as adorable as ever.Mine r 17 n 15 now. One out of school n the other can hardly wait to get out next yr:)

  6. How sweet, you a loving mom and Brat an intelligent and sensitive kid. Mine do play with my emotions; yesterday everything happened per my desire, as the girl wanted to download and play a new video game! Knew she was playing, but still agreed to a game download!
    Keep writing Madmomma

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