One small step for the Brat

…. a giant leap for me.

Oh, you sniff. She lives. She remembers us. She throws us a crumb of a post.

Well, I couldn’t not post about this one. The Brat leaves for his first school camping trip in a few hours and instead of catching sleep or chasing that deadline, I’m here, posting about it.

He’s a little almost 11-year old man and kids younger than him have done school trips I’m sure. I’ve always wondered how hard that first trip is, and now I know. I’m rolling undies into little bundles and tucking them around the suitcase corners thinking – Why are they taking him so young? What if he needs me?
I know he’d roll his eyes if he knew, because he’s the best equipped child for this. Once a year his parents go on a baby-free holiday and he travels with other family members, engaging with each one, building relationships, never asking even to call us.

He has also been first child to terribly scatty parents who habitually miss trains and run for planes. He has slept on platforms, bathed under a hand pump and been dressed in his mother’s clothes when he’s puked often enough to run out of clothes. He’s gone hungry on extended road trips when caught in a landslide and stayed cramped in a tightly packed car on a 13 hour journey.

I mechanically shift clothes from backpack to suitcase and back. And maybe, just maybe, he isn’t too old for his duck neck pillow. 13029540_10154110104857065_8999811557290383901_oAs I wrap things up I hear squeals of happiness. Two of his classmates, also going on the trip are playing a rambunctious game of ball in his bedroom. They’re not just going to be okay, they’re going to have a blast, I know. And all of a sudden, I know that it’s not just him, I’m ready too.

Yes, I know I owe you a long update. And I will get around to it. I promise. All six of you will be glad you hung around to read it.

26 thoughts on “One small step for the Brat

  1. Just to let you know you surely have more than sixty people waiting for you to post! 🙂
    And brat is almost 11 :O, time is drinking red bull

  2. Soooo good to read a post from you and know all is well ( & same?) with the Mad Family !

    Whaat… school trip n all? Glad he is not yet ready to say “mamma, I’ll do the packing on my own!” Rite? I celebrate every li’l growth milestone my imps hit and I also tear up ‘coz I don’t want them to grow. We just turned the big ONE 3 days back 

    Look forward to hearing from you more often.

  3. I remember the first school camping trip I went on. I was 13 and we went to the Himalayas. A 10 day trip and a long long way from good old Madras. The Brat will be okay! He will have an amazing time, make new friends and come home with life-changing experiences.
    But I can also promise you that you’re in for the biggest hug when he gets back 🙂 I didn’t stop talking or get off my mother’s lap for a few days 😀

    Also yay! You’re back!

  4. We obviously can hold you to it, it’s written down!. I check every single day, and at first I thought my eyes were playing tricks when I saw a new post.

  5. That’s a milestone, indeed. A big one. Kudos to you and the Brat! 🙂
    And, yes, the Brat does sound like an incredibly well-adjusted child. He’ll be fine at the camping trip, more than fine actually.

  6. Hi MM,

    So glad to see your post. I have actually been thinking if I should email you requesting for a post ( didn’t want to sound pushy, hence stopped myself) 🙂

    The Brat is 11 yr old already !! How the time flies by.
    I am sure he is going to have a terrific trip.

  7. There is a 7th person here. I check twice or thrice a week. I could not believe there was a post here….

    God Bless you

  8. MM,

    Have been checking everyday for a new post !!! good luck to you and Brat !! kids adjust better than mothers .. take care.

  9. Yaaahs!!! I have forgotten all concept of correct grammar…so happy I am to see one (no two) posts from you!!! Actually, I read the newer of the two posts first and thought- Hogwarts? Boarding School?! At which point, I gasped in horror and scrolled down to figure out what was going on. Can’t wait to “hear” the adventures the Brat has had at the camping trip, and also all the adventures of the MM and her family!!!!

  10. And here I was thinking I am one of six….so there surely are more than six….Love ur posts…please keep blogging…

  11. I’m a new mum and a long time reader of your blog. I’ve been mostly stuck at home nursing my 2 month old constantly and sleep deprived, and wondering when this phase will end. Was feeling sorry for myself and thought I’d check your blog to see if by some chance you had posted, and I find two blog posts! Thank you, this has made my day, I have missed your updates and tales of your babies.

  12. Thank God, you’re back. My withdrawal symptoms were getting worse. Now don’t go missing again. I don’t care if you just type “asdf brat asdt bean doufdsofu OA”. JUST TYPE, woman!

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