This post from last year popped up on my timeline and I wanted to share it with you. Missing the Delhi winter and the rounds of parties that would have begun. Sigh.

Growing up in Munnar, one of our biggest pleasures and privileges was watching our parents get ready to head out to a dinner party. Ma would be struggling to run a comb through her mass of waist length hair. My handsome dad would be tuning his guitar, without which he wasn’t allowed to walk into a party. I’d be strutting around in Ma’s vertiginous stilettos. The mad sibling would be watching my dad strum and sing Wonderful Tonight, smiling at ma.
My brother and I truly believed he’d written the song for her and would fight you to death if you disagreed.
She’d catch his eye in the mirror and blush. And then I’d regretfully give her back her heels and watch her slip her beautiful feet into them, her slender neck barely able to hold up that massive bun. A spritz of Paloma Picasso and they’d kiss us and leave in a cloud of perfume and romance.
Fast forward 30 years and I find that I’m unable to dress for a party unless there is music playing. I have an iPod set up for it since I don’t have my own troubadour. The Bean is prancing around in my heels and threatening to break her neck. The Brat is lying in my bed and looking at me like I’m the most beautiful woman on earth. Just as I looked at Ma in her black slim jeans and white swing top.

And this is what we have kids for – for those few moments when we’re perfect in someone’s eyes. And this is what childhood memories are made up of – perfume, music, magic and a nip of winter chill.


14 thoughts on “Memories

  1. Read a piece from The Mad Momma after a long,long time only to bring in fond,happy memories of Ma’s stilettos,stylish bun,perfume and remembering that fervent yearning to grow up faster to want to follow parents in so much love,to those parties and not stay with ayahs.

    • Exactly! I don’t think I hated staying with the ayahs, because I’d grown up in that environment and plantation kids and forces kids are very used to that. But there is that yearning to grow up fast and attend these exclusive grown up events full of tinkling glasses and perfume.

  2. i remember this post.

    My ma worked / works in an advertising agency. So, she was often out for late night parties. Ma was not much of a dresser..A beautiful saree with a nice red bindi and very subtle jewellery was her style.No other make up. Dad on the other hand wore the best shirts, nicely pressed and perfume.

    Just thinking back of parents dressing up rekindles such beautiful memories 🙂

    Here is the Holiday season and last month of the year!

  3. Wishing the mad, mad family a wonderful time this holiday season and a brilliant, peaceful, healthy new year ahead. Your first I presume in your new home. Eat, drink and be merry, all of you.

    Hugs and kisses to B&B.

    Write. Soon.

  4. Dearest momma, brattie, beanie and OA,

    Wishing you all a very happy 2016 and a happy continued setting in your new(-ish) home and country. Write here more often, miss you lots.

    Also, love and wishes to the folks back in Allahabad. I hope all have recovered fully now and enjoyed the new year party I’m sure they had:-)

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