Been a long time since we rocked and rolled


I was listening to Jackson Browne the other night and like most people growing old faster than they appreciate, it took me back to my first year of work. For those who don’t know, it’s the song playing as the credits roll in the first episode of FRIENDS. I love the lyrics and it’s one of those songs I go back to every five years or so.

A friend did a Facebook poll asking which show we still missed. Some said Frasier, some HIMYM and others, Seinfeld. I never did enjoy Seinfeld’s sense of humour, and Frasier was always ‘older people’ with older people issues.

FRIENDS on the other hand, came just when we were at the very same stage, starting out, building careers, seeking soulmates… and it followed us. Marriages, divorces, problems with conceiving and so on.

At some point I’d merrily assumed they’d hand hold us through life. And we’d grow old together. But that didn’t happen. As yet another couple I love, splits up amicably, I am both sad for them as they lose what they had. And happy for them as they find a solution in a civil way. Okay, sorry, rambling.


Jackson Browne’s Sky Blue and Black

Lyrics, for your reading pleasure.

In the calling out to one another
Of the lovers up and down the strand
In the sound of the waves and the cries
Of the seagulls circling the sand
In the fragments of the songs
Carried down the wind from some radio
In the murmuring of the city in the distance
Ominous and low

I hear the sound of the world where we played
And the far too simple beauty
Of the promises we made

If you ever need holding
Call my name, I’ll be there
If you ever need holding
And no holding back, I’ll see you through
Sky blue and black

Where the touch of the lover ends
And the soul of the friend begins
There’s a need to be separate and a need to be one
And a struggle neither wins
Where you gave me the world I was in
And a place I could make a stand
I could never see how you doubted me
When I’d let go of your hand

Yeah, and I was much younger then
And I must have thought that I would know
If things were going to end

And the heavens were rolling
Like a wheel on a track
And our sky was unfolding
And it’ll never fold back
Sky blue and black

And I’d have fought the world for you
If I thought that you wanted me to
Or put aside what was true or untrue
If I’d known that’s what you needed
What you needed me to do

But the moment has passed by me now
To have put away my pride
And just come through for you somehow

If you ever need holding
Call my name, I’ll be there
If you ever need holding
And no holding back, I’ll see you through

You’re the color of the sky
Reflected in each store-front window pane
You’re the whispering and the sighing
Of my tires in the rain
You’re the hidden cost and the thing that’s lost
In everything I do
Yeah and I’ll never stop looking for you
In the sunlight and the shadows
And the faces on the avenue
That’s the way love is
That’s the way love is
That’s the way love is
Sky blue and black

10 thoughts on “Been a long time since we rocked and rolled

  1. I would have never watched friends because I called myself being rough and tough, then oneday my girlfriend, at the time, was watching it. I sat down next to her and never got back up. Six years passed and I was watch the finale. I done watch every episode, and started watching the repeats, after they surfaced. I could say “the thing we do for women” but it became a secret crush….that wasn’t a secret at all.

    • What’s up MM?
      No, I mean really WHAT’S UP?
      From last so many posts.. The Grit is Missing.. at the risk of sounding too philosophical – it’s like you have lost touch with yourself – where is the nitty gritty mad momma? Who turned all odds against her – into sunday morning puzzles- and walked out just fine.
      God forbids your next post is about birds and bees – no, no, no – YOUR EDGE IN DOING NO MATTER WHAT, IS WHAT SETS YOU WAY APART FROM THE REST – please don’t lose it.
      Hope the kids have settled in well πŸ™‚
      lot’s of love..
      P.S – this is like my hundredth post here.. Somehow ntg gets published 😦

  2. We just finished *another* all-season FRIENDS rerun *last night*. And, as always, I cried when the room went empty to the guitar score in the background.

  3. I thought they had the coolest opening song. I will forever love the Rembrandts for doing that song and especially for the line “Your job’s a joke, you’re broke and your love life’s DOA”

  4. I just stumbledacross your blog today and must have an interesting way of writing πŸ™‚ got hooked to it and read so many of your posts and enjoyed them all πŸ™‚
    have bookmarked it and will keep coming back every now & then:)

  5. what’s worse than MM not posting? it’s getting a ”new post” notification in your mail n then coming here to find no new post…as the mail suggests, it was a RANT… my favorite from MM’s repertoire…Mumbai weather has suddenly become gloomier than ever 😦

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