Goodbye, Carmen

CarmenCarmen left our home today (January 14th). It’s rather aptly a cold, grey, rainy morning as she leaves our home, taking all light and color with her. Why is she called Carmen? Not because she’s a gypsy at heart. That would be too obvious. She was christened Carmen because she’s a car, men! Simple.

She joined the family a few days after the Bean joined the family. The OA had booked her and sold our other car and we’d been waiting for more than a month. I went in to hospital cursing him for the bad timing. He wanted a red Verna ‘because I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to afford a red Ferrari’. Hyundai didn’t have enough orders for a red Verna to paint up a batch so we kept waiting.

The day the doc declared me fit to leave hospital, we took a cab home and I insisted on going straight to the dealership. I did a dharna there with a 3-day old Bean in my arms (explains so much about her!) and refused to leave until they gave us our car. When I opened my shirt to nurse her, junta cleared the showroom double quick and begged the OA, ‘Please take ma’am home, we’ll get you a red Verna asap.’

Carmen arrived a few days later. She was worth the wait.

From some of the highest motorable paths to forced off-roading, her gypsy soul took her places few sedans go. Cousin K and I learnt to drive on her and she showed us how a fantastic turning radius can change your driving experience and save others’ lives! And once in a while I’d take her out of the Gurgaon traffic and on to the Faridabad highway and let her stretch her long legs, the wind in my hair, just two slightly reckless girls having fun.

As she left this morning I ran out to see her come out of the garage and turn the corner to the exit gate. Low slung, shiny, soundless, she glides like a model on a ramp. I grinned through my tears – in her head, she thinks she’s a red Ferrari.

Have a good life, Carmen.


19 thoughts on “Goodbye, Carmen

  1. Hey Mad Momma, if you can understand Tamil, you should definitely watch the movie Pannaiyarum Padminiyum…. The whole movie is about a car and you end up crying for it, laughing about it and living with it just like all the actors in the movie do…. 🙂

  2. Aww! farewell carmen. How did the kids feel about saying bye ?

    This reminds me of my dad’s fiat which we grew up with. Dad was never okay with giving it away n so it was there, parked outside and he drove it to nearby places until 4 years back when a 10th grade kid, came home after xams and in a moment of adventure , took his parents’ car out for a drive.. he Drove it into 3 parked cars, causing their car to be totalled, major financial damage as the other 2 cars were newer nicer ones and irrepairable damage to the fiat 😦

  3. Mad momma …. Missing you loads.
    Please come back with the backlog posts. The big move, finally how it happened …. And you who had said no all this while … What made you change your mind and everything in between ….


  4. Hey r u..hoping everything is fie at ur end…loooooong time no post

    I always read ur post ,but never comments silent reader 😊

  5. Dear MM,

    My very very best wishes to dear brat who turns 10 tomorrow (rather in a few hours your time!!!)
    your fan crowd expects a lovely letter to the wonderful brat ( a true misnomer) !!!!. OA and Bean are doing fine I hope..

    lots of love
    Sujatha R

      • Dearest MM,

        Take care! saw your recent post – comments are closed for it i guess. my sincere prayers are with you and family for adjusting to the new life. Lots of love and hugs……..

  6. Hi MM,

    Hope you are doing well. Happy 10th Birthday to Brat ! What are the plans for today. Please do a birthday post on Brat ( as you do every year). It has been many days since we had any updates on the kids. I would love to read how he is growing up, the darling Brat !

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