Happy 2015

Happy New Year blog readers! If any of you are still reading, that is!

Where have I been? I’ve been watching my old man grow experiment with facial hair. From a very controversial moustache, to a rather academic grey beard, this year has seen it all. And I’ve been making playdough figures with the Bean. We also did some awesome jewellery since I’m allergic to most metal. The Brat has been cycling like its going out of fashion. Come dusk, I head out to hunt him down and drag him home kicking and screaming (not) that he wants ‘just fifteen minutes more’. I love how kids can imbue that fifteen minutes with everything. If you don’t give it to them, their life is over.

This morning I was dragged out to watch his latest stunt and I realised standing out there in the warm winter sunshine, that my son is already doing things I have never done and probably never will. Take that, you overbearing parent!

There’s a lot happening in my life right now and I’ll update you once it all falls into place. Suffice to say I had an awesome X’mas with the mad sibling aka Tambi and his two little baby boys. Scratch that. I barely spoke to the sibling – I was only interested in his babies. I relived my days as mother of a toddler and took his babies for walks down the small town roads, showed them crows, pigs, dogs, squirrels. Sat out for an hour at a time just watching them, not talking. Played little baby stacking games, told them fairy tales… sigh. Yes. It was lovely.

This year I’ve made no resolutions. Mainly because I seem to have done fairly well last year. I’ve lost 3.5 kgs with some sensible eating. I had promised myself that I’d start some formal exercise but I haven’t managed to do that. I do end up walking an hour or so and I like what I see in the mirror. I’d be happy if I were thinner (who wouldn’t be?!) but I’m pretty comfortable at this weight too.

I also accidentally lost some drama from my life too. Was removed from the lives of some people who I was having some trouble getting a long with. I don’t know where we went wrong but I realised that things just weren’t working out and we were more adversarial than friendly. As I sat there wondering how to solve the issue, it solved itself. I find myself much calmer and relaxed. I also revived two old friendships and am so happy to fall into their warmth and comfort.

Yes, 2014 was a crap year for most of us, self included. But at the beginning of 2015 I feel a lot calmer than I’ve ever felt before.

I wish you a great year, good health, love, the comfort of good friends and contentment. May you always have enough.


29 thoughts on “Happy 2015

  1. Hey MM,

    Im working mom of a toddler.Have started reading your posts.I could relate to most of the things that you write…All of them are good reads….
    Keep writing!!
    Happy and prosperous new year !!

  2. Hi MM,

    I am working mom of a toddler. He keeps me busy.. always.. !! Have started reading your posts ..Could relate most of the things that you write …
    All of them are good reads!!..I really liked the books that you have mentioned in earlier posts!!

    Keep writing MM.
    Very happy new year!!!

  3. Happy 2015 to you too TMM. I have got rid of some negativity from my life too – people wise. Feels like 20 kilos off my shoulders. 2014 was a tough year for us too. But that’s what gets us to appreciate what we have more and count our blessings. Good luck with the new changes in your life.

    Great to see a post. I peep in here daily.

  4. Amen. I love how you see the positive in everything. Wish I could, too. Have a good 2015. And make that Bangalore trip.

    And yes, some people are still reading your blog. 🙂

  5. Dear MM, anyone reading?? come on, I am sure there are people like me who check this blog umpteen times in a day for updates !!!
    Happy Happy new year to you and your lovely family !!! How are parents? choto nana is better?

  6. Dear MM,

    wish you and your family a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! yes…i’m still around and keep clicking on your tab every alternate day to see if there is a new post. just yesterday i was thinking that maybe you would do a ‘new year post’ or i should go to the cooking one and post my wishes.

    take care and have a healthy year ahead!

  7. Happy New Year to you too. We are absolutely reading you. We always do.

    Lost some drama in life – that bit is strangely re-assuring. There are times in life when relationships take than unexpected turn and distance themselves. There is never a sane reason for it. But once past the initial hurt, I think it makes life more easier for everyone. But every now and then, the question haunts – What went wrong ?

    May be that last bit is just me.

  8. Happy New Year to you too MM. I just spent quite some time over the past couple of days reading your old posts (went back till 2012) and I just want to thank you for having shared so much of your life with us. Somehow reading your posts took me back in time too, to what was going on in my life at that time. Hope you keep writing here 🙂

  9. I AM reading your blog MM and I hope to do so till 3015 😊. Even I went through this good riddance to drama part…and feel great that I am able to give more quality time to those who really matter. Wishing You, hubby and kids a great year ahead. Please keep writing…

  10. Lovely, lovely MM to see this from you. FYI, I come here every day with a hopeful look to see if you’ve written so I’m praying 2015 is a year you decide to update this blog often and with long posts too.(psst…we can hope and we can beg nicely right?:-))
    On the lines of your OM experimenting with hair, my OM last year decided to go “ultra crew cut” with his much graying hair and we finally decided end of 2014 that we collectively love it and are keeping it that way. I’m delighted because less shampoo to spend on you see:-)

    Here’s to health, wealth and goodness to you, the brat and bean and OM in this coming year. And your parents, chote mama and mami and their kids too. Tell them I said to stay well, stay healthy.

  11. n yayaee! ur back! Wish you and all of the mad family a Fantastic 2015 as well…

    So, do you have a fav of all the styles that the OA has tired? Men are funny, V has been trying out looks too, apparently he is trying to figure out the best look for the babies, so they fall in love with him instantly. Lol ! Isn’t 2015 a Big year for the Brat? His age creeps up into a 2 digit number?! Wooow! N Beanie is making jewellery for u ? how fun ! love to them.

    I hope it’s a lot of good and happy things going on with u. I can visualize you having all the worldly fun with tambi’s babies. Not sharing any pics of the Christmas tree and holiday fun? Not even a change in the banner of the blog?

    Not to get overly philosophical but I am of the school of thought that people come into your life for a reason, n they leave once they have fulfilled that purpose.

    Here is to a 2015 where in you get to do and be all that you have ever dreamt of.

    N ‘coz I am going thru the phase wherein I like to let anyone n everyone know that I am preggers… I am preggers, with identical twins and just 2 days before X’mas we found out they are going to be Boys! I will surely miss having a girl but 2015 is going to be a super busy and exciting year at this end

  12. “May you always have enough” <– What a lovely wish! Reminds me of Kabir's doha "sayein itna dijiye, ja mein kutumb samaye. main bhi bhookha na rahoon, sadhoo na bhookha jaye." Thank you and wish you the same.

  13. “I will start exercising this year” and other fairy tales…. My favourite book of all time. I read it every year between 31st Dec and 1st Jan.

    Happy 2015 Mad Family…

  14. Wish you a very Happy 2015, MM. I have been reading your blog for many years and have only occasionally commented here. Something told me that I need to reach out to you and say that its going to be a wonderful year ahead. 🙂

  15. …still here and still open each new post with anticipation!
    Happy New Year to all of you! Hope its a good one 🙂

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