Looking forward to Jump Start 2014

If you live in Delhi/NCR, are interested in children’s literature, and haven’t heard of Jump Start, you must get out from under that rock. Organised by the German Book Office, it is in its sixth year and I knew I wouldn’t forgive myself if I didn’t attend it this time.

What originally began as a series of workshops for children’s book writers and illustrators is a much anticipated two day festival now (25th and 26th August at the India International Centre).  Jump Start 2014 includes designers, artists, educators, publishers, book-sellers and story-tellers.

This year’s theme is Play. Children engage with their world through play. And if you’re going to write for them, you can’t afford to lose touch with that simple concept. So writers, illustrators, designers, educators and many more will get together to explore the concept of play and how that translates that into better content for children.

I find it very interesting that Jumpstart will be venturing into new territory by exploring new media such as games and animation. For someone who has always been a bit of a purist, I’m looking forward to breaking down those mental barriers.

I am most excited about Nury Vittachi being one of the speakers – I have long been a fan and am carrying along a book to be signed. Asha Nehemiah is another favourite and I can’t wait to finally meet her. I’ve interviewed E.K. Shaji, one of the founders of Jodo Gyan and have used only Jodo Gyan methods to teach my kids mathematics – hats off to their system. Padmini Ray Murray went to college with me and it’s going to be a moment of pride to hear her speak at such a prestigious event. I’ve also worked with the very talented and enterprising Anita Roy and Samina Mishra in the past who make up two thirds of the programme team. The rest of the list is equally illustrious and I am sure its going to be a fantabulous event.

Although this is short notice, I hope some of you will make it there. In case you plan to, be sure to register by 9 am sharp on the morning of 25th August at the India International Centre. And you lucky Bangalore folk, you – there’s also a Bangalore edition this year on the 28th of Aug at the Max Mueller Bhavan.



8 thoughts on “Looking forward to Jump Start 2014

  1. Going for the Bangalore edition, though I have yet to produce anything in the way of a book. Looking forward to learning a lot, and yes, as you stated, to breaking down my mental block about media options like games and animation.

  2. Hi MM. I’ve been a silent reader of your blog for quite some time now, but never really commented. Even though this isn’t really connected to the topic of this post, or maybe it is in a way, I was wondering if you knew of any book clubs around the delhi NCR region. I’ve shifted to delhi about a month back and have a lot of free time on my hands, but have been unable to find any leads for a nice book club around. Would be great if you could refer something. Thanks 🙂

  3. Very interesting. But a li’l inconvenient that they have planned it on week days , when most parents have to be at their day-job no?

    • I don’t think they’re considering only parents. Also other professionals who work in that area like writers, publishers, illustrators, teachers, and so on. For them its business as usual and most convenient on a working day!

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