On Women’s Day

On why I’d choose to celebrate Women’s Day.


In a world full of racism, misogyny, xenophobia and hated, it is important to celebrate. To choose celebration over hatred, everyday. It is also important for these celebrations to be universal and not be tied to a particular religion. It’s important they be celebrated with an open mind and in our own way, with no fear of divine consequences should we fail to do them in a particular way. And in a country where the female foetus is aborted, the girl child is starved at her brother’s expense and the sister kept home to do household chores while her brother goes to school, it’s all the more important for us to put aside celebrations and rituals that put the man up on a pedestal in his role as a brother or a husband, and choose to celebrate the woman for her inherent strength.


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9 thoughts on “On Women’s Day

  1. A different take on woman’s day, it reminds me that there is more to any day if we choose to find it. Happy Woman’s Day. 🙂

  2. I sometimes feel I am reading my life when I read your posts… its that close to my life. Mine is also an inter religion marriage where religion is the last thing but yes, all is celebrated for sheer celebration. I just hope to bring up up sensitive, caring, giving children through this journey and let them decide what they want to choose and live with. My life would not have been a percent beautiful any other way

  3. Beautiful and honest post. I don’t believe in religion and it’s ridiculous to assess everything in terms of religion. In my family, there are so many like that and what matter is how one brings up a child with the right values. Also, I find stuffs like Karwa Chauth demeaning to women and is the face of ugly patriaarchy.

  4. I was found nodding all along. So well ,so coherently put thoughts on a subject which is a mix of emotions, experience, thought process and its evolution and which ran the risk of getting diluted or ambiguous but for your lucid words. Loved it completely.

  5. Love your post, MM.
    With my one year old daughter growing up too fast for me, I agonize over the fact that it’s a patriarchal society she will grow in. Believe me when I say that I will blow up that head who tells my baby that she’s just a girl and will need to compromise at every step for some idiot’s happiness. With my raging temper that is. Her happiness will be hers to seek, no compromises on that. She will achieve what she wants and be happy however she wants.

    On celebrating, really every day with her is a celebration. She is my world. As I hug her tight, I wonder how parents tolerate their daughters being mistreated…and then I realize that these monsters even kill their own baby girls. *hugs my baby tighter*

  6. Lovely post Maddy! R and I do precisely that, we celebrate in our own way without fearing any consequences for not being ritualistic. When Timri opened elders wanted the Kubera (cash box) to be in a certain direction, water to be in a certain direction, the opening day to be a certain day, but we went with our boom box with our favorite songs and opened on a day that was convenient to all. I hung the Tibetian prayer flags because I find the idea of prayers/wishes being carried by the wind to everyone else very very pleasing.

    This post of yours reminds me Maddy , I forever have been meaning to write a post on why as an atheist I still like to pray. I surely do not pray with the expectation or hope that some super power will come and rescue me for me it’s more like meditation. Second so much of the prayers are essential music that I enjoy, growing up every day in the assembly we’d sing hymns loudly and over the years they’ve become so much a part of my life. Even a lot of bhajans are absolutely soothing music.

    When I am stressed I start Jaap, ‘Japo Satnam Satnam Satnam ji, Waheguru waheguru waheguru ji, Satnam kahiye sada sukhi rahiye waheguru boliye kabhi bhi na doliye’ and R teases me about it, but for me it’s immensely calming 🙂 for me it’s not what the words mean, it’s something for me to meditate upon, I could easily be saying I like big butts and I cannot lie, just that the jaap was ingrained in my mind way before I could decide what I’d like my calming mantra to be 🙂

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