Ladiss log

A few days ago I spent a good part of the morning driving around my locality, looking for a tailor who would come home and do some alteration of furnishings. I found one by the roadside and helped him lift and put the sewing machine into the boot. Of course the machine was too big so I would have to drive with the boot open, the machine sticking out.
As I was about to drive off, two men walked by and one of them helpfully suggested that I  put a car mat under the machine where it hung over the bumper, to avoid scratches. I smiled and responded that I had; my car mats are transparent so he hadn’t noticed them.
He nodded and then well within earshot, turned and said to his companion – in Hindi, sometimes ladies use their brains – Kabhi kabhi ladiss log bhi samahjdari ka kaam karti hain.

You must commend the restraint I showed in not mowing him down.


30 thoughts on “Ladiss log

  1. I commend the restrain you showed. Honestly, I mean that. I’ve been trying to keep myself on a tighter leash these days, but with idiots like these around, it is so much harder.

    Did you just ignore them completely? *Bows down*

    Btw, you’ve started driving by yourself?

  2. LOL! (And this is one of those NRI moments – I was wondering what a “Ladiss Log” was – pronounce “Lad” as in the word “lad” and “diss” rhymes with “is”. And “log” as in log files…and when I came to the end of the post it doubled my laughter!)

  3. I am disappointed in you. I was hoping this would end with the link to toi with the headlines – woman produced in court for running down a man

  4. Hi MM,

    Long time since I said hi/hello to you.. How are you dear? OA and kids?
    your restraint amazed me! i remember u went after a guy who berated Lucknow at your friend’s party.. age I guess 🙂
    I read in msn that a guy left a note for the woman pilot saying the cockpit is not the place for a woman… can u believe this??

    Sujatha Ramesh

    • damnit. will no one let me forget my stormy youth? 😉
      All are well. And I was well too until I read that note on the women in the cockpit. My BP went up after that.

    • I’m already on to a sip of wine now and then. My friends call it communion since i don’t even finish a glass!

      Now to mix the drinking and the driving and end it all in glorious burst!

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