The Brat will be 9 this May. He doesn’t follow the usual curve of boyhood disdain for the female of the species or physical affection. I still hug him, cuddle him, tousle his curls… while his contemporaries pushed their fussy mothers away long ago. Besides many of them are already being paired up with classmates or friends on the bus, singing the age old song – X and Y, sitting on a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G.

Since I try really hard to be a mother who doesn’t push – I periodically check with him  – Can I still kiss you in public? To his credit, his answer was yes, long after I thought he’d say no.

A few months ago he shook his head distinctly – No.

Okay, I said. My heart broke just a little but I consoled myself with the thought that I had got away with it for longer than most. That I could still kiss him at home. His cheeks are still soft. He has some years to go before stubble makes them unkissable.

But then I wouldn’t be the person I am, if I weren’t so idiotic and forgetful. Because a few days ago I forgot all about it and yelled out to him as his friends and he hung around our dining table making some artwork. ‘Give me a kissie, baby.’

His friends sniggered. He glared at me and stomped up to me menacingly. I prepared myself for a set down.

As he came near, I bent down and whispered – I’m so sorry darling. I forgot your friends are here.

He turned his little chubby cheek up to me and said – It’s okay. I’ve come to get a kiss anyway, haven’t I?

I gave him a peck on the cheek and watched him walk back to the table, unconcerned about what the others thought. Interestingly the other kids had gone back to their work and forgotten about us too.

I guess we’re good for a couple of months more.

Here’s an old post about the Brat and his mother and PDAs. 


16 thoughts on “K.I.S.S.I.N.G

  1. Awww. He did that, this little heart-breaker? He is very special. I know all moms think that of their kids, but your little baby Buddha baccha really is 🙂

  2. Sorry for the off topic query(haven’t read this post yet) but wanted to know how your relatives, aunts and uncles who were in the accident some time back doing? Are they better now and on the road to complete recovery? I hope so and pray that they are. I’m sorry but for some reason if you don’t want to answer this it’s totally ok too.

    • No no… I have no reason to not answer. Most of the family is limping back to normalcy, but my uncle, chhote nana, still has a long way to go. He is barely standing up – half his foot is gone. Skin grafting etc has been done but the bones need to be operated on, yet again. Its endless torture for him.

      • Very, very sorry to hear that. Being in a lot of constant pain and never ending treatments myself (I’m a cancer patient) I kind of can both empathize with him and all of you who love him too. My prayers for a full recovery for him.

      • 😦 Always makes me sad to read this about him, MM. He’s always featured on this blog taking on the Brat and the Bean and being this super active young grandpa. Breaks my heart to know that he’s going through such torture. Please wish him well for me. Sending many, many good vibes his way for as good a recovery as he can manage. Hang in there, Chhote Nana!

        • I don’t believe in nazar, but if I did, I’d say this is my nazar. I’ve always felt so happy that my kids have the advantage of some very young grandparents, crawling on the floor, participating in rallies, strumming a guitar around a bonfire. I nazar-lagaoed their youth and health. I should just shut the eff up about it.

          • Well, if we believed in nazar, and shit, it could be us who caused it too, no? I think if you talk watch / read / about something appreciatively, in all sincerity and honesty, it should *not* hurt the person in question, no? In fact, those positive vibes should only bring them further good.

  3. And after reading the post fully how cute is the brat! V is exactly like that. He still doesn’t mind being hugged and kissed in public and he’s turning 10 this year(kala tikka please). Infact, recently when I checked with him if it was ok to PDA with him he asked me puzzled “are you asking me because you think I’m going to be embarrassed?” Ha, ha! I had a good laugh over that. He’s a hugger and kisser alright.

  4. What a sweet child he is! Thankfully, my 2 kids still love being kissed and cuddled. My older one is soon to be 10, she loves to always cuddle up with mommy, my 4 year old also wants to be kissed at least a zillion times every day. I am dreading the day when he says he doesn’t want to be publicly kissed. Until then, I will enjoy loving my small babies..

  5. It’s just a pose boys put up (secretly, we love being cuddled and fussed over).

    Probably because of too much “real men should be stoic and don’t show feelings” type crap fed to them. Which is almost certainly an impossibility in your household. Thankfully – it means at least one boy in Gurgaon is growing up with sensible values.

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