Welcome Baby Bub

And I’m an aunt yet once more. πŸ™‚ Happy days are here again. Tambi aka the Mad Sibling and the SIL had a second son on the 7th of November. Bub weighed the same as Baby Button and looks nothing like him yet, but you know how babies change. This is the first set of two boys we’ve had in our family. We’ve had 4 sisters (my grandma’s sisters) and other variations. And in our immediate family we’ve always been two siblings, a boy and a girl. Namely, my mum and Chhote nana, my brother and I, Cousin K and J, the Brat and the Bean. We hadn’t even considered the possibility of another boy but hey, he’s ours and he’s adorable and absolutely edible.Β 

I’m afraid this delayed post already looks like second sibling neglect but its nothing of the sort. With the family accident and all that we’ve been going through its been quite crazy around here.Β 

So just a quick update and now I’m off. Our family is now complete.Β 

PS: Here’s a Baby Button-ism for you. He tells his parents a story every night, starting, Wonta, ponta time. I can’t tell you how it makes me go all warm and gooey hearing him say it!


16 thoughts on “Welcome Baby Bub

  1. Welcome to the world Baby Bub and congratulations Auntie Mad Momma. What better gift this Thanksgiving to your Tambi and sis-in-law:-) I’m sure now the pain of not being close enough to hold him must’ve doubled for you.

  2. Are the Brat and the Bean devising plans to tele-port themselves and be with baby Button and Baby Bub, yet!? What a lot they will make together! When will they get to meet?
    Congratulations again, MM and the rest of you mad lot.

  3. How adorable. Wonta, ponta time indeed. And welcome baby Bub. I think another boy was required in order to balance out the girly feistiness of The Bean. πŸ˜›

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