Bijoy and the Big River

I think most of you know that I contribute (albeit erratically) to the Saffron Tree blog. It’s a privilege to be part of a group that loves children’s literature so much. And founder Praba and ex-contributor Meera have a new book! Yes, it’s called Bijoy and the Big River. I love the way Praba and Meera take children on a trip, exploring unusual parts of the country and educating them about wildlife. I can’t wait to get my own copy!

But for now, I have a guest reviewer on my blog. And it is, my dear friend Lavanya’s son, Pratik. After all, who better to review a children’s book, than a child himself?


This book is about a young boy named Bijoy. He is a very adventurous and curious boy. He likes to swim and draw on wet mud. He once saw a rare animal called Xihu or Gangetic River Dolphin. His father or Deuta said he was very lucky.Deuta raises Eri or castor silkworms while Bijoy’s mom spins yarn from the cocoons.
One day, Deuta and Bijoy decide to explore the Brahmaputra. They canoe to Guwahati, before going on a steam boat. They see the wildlife near the Kaziranga National Park. They see a yarn house and the beautiful designs all around them.
They set off home only to come across some Xihus. Bijoy gets very excited and enjoys seeing the Xihus play. Soon, Bijoy and Deuta reach home.
Bijoy and The Big River is a very interesting book, filled with lots of facts on each page about the life in Assam. The accompanying photographs are very good! I give this book 4.5 stars.
Pratik enjoying Bijoy and the Big River
The book has been reviewed by a few others too.

14 thoughts on “Bijoy and the Big River

  1. want to thank you, Pratik, for taking the time to read and review Bijoy! And thank you, MM, for the love and support!

    I can never forget this review of yours, MM, about a Nagaland folktale – Rooster and the Sun – And I so loved this line – “Shrouded in mystery, you won’t get to know the North East unless you make an effort.” And I’ve said the same in my comment on that review! Bijoy is our little gift for you and all who love the north-east! I think it’s very important to expose our kids to books that authentically reflect the diverse country/world we live in.

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  3. Would definitely order this one .As this summer ,we would be heading to Assam the third time in as many years ,I think ,J would be able to connect with this one and I can see a lot of questions coming from her once she is through.

  4. You guys give me great gift ideas to my little cousins n nieces 🙂 and MM rightly said, who better to review children’s books then a child himself. Kudos to Pratik.

  5. I am guessing Pratik is not more than 9 or 10? I am mighty impressed by his review 🙂 Will try and buy this one as a gift for one of my cousin’s kids. Thanks!

  6. Hey MM!!

    I have just entered blogsphere.. And the main inspiration was your blog which made me re-enter this world again!!

    I am still to establish a system!! But do peep inwhen u find time

  7. Oh I am so glad that you like children’s literature! I am from Belize and I have a hard time getting books for the children in my life that is not a torn-up abused hand-me down from some spoiled American child.

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