Hanging out…

Hanging out... like bats…. ‘ just like a bat family would,’ says the animal obsessed 7-year old.

This is what happens when the father comes home from work early and the family decides to have a conference. They have it upside down.


16 thoughts on “Hanging out…

  1. And what’s wrong with having an upside down conference? I’d say it sheds new light on the issues on the table (or on the floor, as the case may be) to look at it from a different angle. :-)Here’s to more goofiness when dads come home early!

  2. My baby is just 7 months old , but I can see that spcl twinkle in her eyes for my hubby when he returns after work at night..I guess the situation would be same like yours once she grows up..:)

  3. This picture and your family belong in a Dr. Seuss book. Errr…. this is hoping you all like Dr. Seuss, if for some reason you don’t, please don’t take offense, I meant you guys are all zany.

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