Brat: Mamma, why do some of your friends call you the mad momma? And I think I saw it written on a page in your laptop too.

Me: Because the moment I had you and became a mamma, I went a little mad. Mad with happiness, mad with all the work I now had to do, mad because you’re such a handful. Don’t you think I’m a little mad?

Some thought and then a nod. ‘Yes, just a little. But I like you that way.’

… and then he walked off.

Seven years of being The Mad Momma and the lead actors are slowly piecing the puzzle together.

A little mad


40 thoughts on “Introductions

  1. Hi MM,

    A Very Sweet post. Merry Christmas to you and family!
    I love your header. Why don’t you create a new page for all the headers so we can comment on it separately? 😀 Like the one IHM has.. Thanks in advance 😀

  2. What a sweet and smart kiddo! I always wonder if the internet and my blog will be around when my son grows up! Would love for him to use some of my recipes!
    Btw I love your new header and the new look! Although the white letters in the black background tire my eyes quickly……just a thought.

  3. Of course, the quote is true. What’s life without a little madness?!
    So, brat knows now and he is going to find out more. I am sure he’ll love you all the more (if that’s possible) 🙂

  4. My son, 20 days older than the Brat, came to me and asked “Who is Mad Momma?”. I replied that she is a Momma who writes very well 🙂
    The previous post touched a chord. Gave me a whole new perspective on lunch boxes, among other things. I live in Bangalore, India and this post was helpful for me too. Thanks a million.

  5. udderly adorable. and flicking the image too. you may see it pop up on FB. speak now or forever hold yuvar peace.

  6. Love the header. Love the Brat. Not in that order.
    But aren’t you jumping the gun on ‘how your kids will take it’? This is the Buddha Brat you are speaking of. The Bean is bound to have an equally delightful but completely, riotous-ly, different twist to her discovery of Mad Momma, no? That will be some day! 🙂

  7. Merry Christmas mad momma… Did he think just a lil bit? Am sure he is going to read the blog one day and cherish his mom all the more.

  8. Love it! If he ever catches a snippet of it (related to him) then things may be different. My older one cannot stand me taking pictures of her anymore coz she is totally unhappy about me sharing it (and I share with 4 people, at best – not on Facebook, or a blog or any place remotely public!) It’s weird – them wanting privacy..gonna take some getting used to.

    • I think they take after us. You have privacy concerns and the kids are cautious like you. I rush in where angels fear to tread so the Bean believes that pictures are taken for the sole purpose of entertaining friends on FB, not for storing memories 😉

  9. Was introduced to your blog through a magazine which had recommended it and I love your posts. You write with a rare sensitivity and the minutaie of routine tasks and everyday living which are overlooked in the hustle and bustle of life are captured so delightfully!

  10. hey mad momma, i get to cheat, having seen your photos spread all about home here. can’t wait to meet you and your family at christmas. give our love to Cousin K. dunno if you have checked out our blog… can you bring heaps of your music home at christmas so we can check it out. i love the video clips you post . cheers mate, seeyasoon, andrew and everyone.

  11. “And what is the use of a book,” thought Alice “without pictures and conversations?” Loved your introduction and indeed the picture and the conversations said all it had to say….

  12. You know am Kinda High right now (so don’t know if it is the over exaggerated drunk emotions speaking or if it is actually so) but I found this particular post (yes, I have been visiting ur blog before as well) exceptionally touchy.. In such little words you were able to achieve what most writers don’t in an entire novel…
    The Mad Momma Rocks!.
    (n so does Brat)

  13. Hi,

    I’ve read and admired your blog for a long time now, but have always been too shy to comment. This post especially brought a big smile to my face and I wanted to tell you that.

    I have another selfish reason for finally speaking up. I have a question for which I think I might find an answer here. I recently found out that I’m en route to mommyhood myself. While I read and love many mommy blogs, I find very few blogs that talk about being pregnant in India. I’d love to find a blog that can educate me on the resources and options available for pregnant women and the kind of questions and issues I should think about and be prepared for. Any recommendations?

    • Congratulations! Why shy to comment? We don’t stand on ceremony here…
      My old blog spoke about my pregnancy but i’ve shut it down. I’d think What to Expect is your best bet. That and Dr Gita Arjun’s book for Indian mums.

  14. I have been reading your blog for quite some time now. This is the first time that i am posting a comment. Have to admit this is a lovely blog where even the most routine trivia gets beautifully presented.

    I am not one for “Spare the rod and spoil the child’ dictum and don’t really shy away from a spank or two when my 7 year old daughter acts up during her studies (and she goes to one demanding school where exams are a way of life 😦 Probably need to look for another school). But after reading your blog i have stopped the odd spanking too and resort to just some stern scolding.

    Thank you for making me change.

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