Tooth fairy comes calling

….and my little 5 year old comes home with her tooth carefully wrapped in a bit of tissue. It was hurting a lot in class and the school nurse pulled it out for her. Knowing more than her  simpleton of a brother who didn’t bother about the tooth fairy at 6 or the monetary gains, she guarded hers carefully and I was impressed.

Anyhow, the Brat had never bothered with the tooth fairy – he just whined about his tooth.  I am sure he will grow up to like his father and all other men who get in to bed because of a common cold. The Bean on the other hand, shows remarkable signs of being a true woman. No whining over pain or malingering. She told me some days ago that it was shaky, I nodded and patted her on the head. Over the last 2 days she mentioned that she was having trouble chewing. Again, I just nodded absently and got on with it. And then she simply got the nurse to pull it out, ending the matter neatly, much like her mother in matters of health.

The toothless wonder

I don’t know if second children just grow faster or if time flies faster once you learn to make your peace with the tedious parts of parenthood like dirty diapers and long nights. With the Bean, everything just seems to be flashing by like lightning. I remember blogging about the Brat being terribly sick and how we were sitting at the doctor’s clinic with a tiny Bean in our arms. Suddenly a lady across me asked me how old she was and I said – 3,4 months, whatever it was that she was. To which the lady asked me how long she’d been sitting without support, such a small child. I’d looked down in surprise and realised that they were right – she was sitting forward and trying to lean over my arm. But so busy was I with the Brat that I’d missed noticing and making much of her latest milestone. I also recall having a nasty, spiteful little troll on the post asking me what kind of mother doesn’t notice her child sitting up – a mother of a second child born close on the heels of a first who is unwell, I suppose! Makes me laugh to think back on the pettiness people indulged in at that time.

On a related note, I DO have some traditions with regard to the Bean and one of them is taking a picture of her alongside the Easter Lily in my garden. I want to know when she’s going to be taller than it. Clearly I am having better luck with the plant than with the daughter because it is still taller than her, 4 years down.

Anyone remember the old picture and post? It said simply  – The lilies are in bloom and when I stepped out to admire them, I found a little beady eyed bug hidden among the leaves… I wonder if it is dangerous.

And now for the Bean measured against the Spider lilies this year.


62 thoughts on “Tooth fairy comes calling

  1. Nice header !!!!

    Reading about the bean’s tooth reminds me of the time that i managed to swallow my first loose tooth..

    So what did the tooth fairy get her?/

  2. I remember those days, when the teeth shook before meeting their last breath.. Awww..ful.. 😦

    And so, what did the tooth fairy get her?

  3. I remember the photo of the tiny bean with the lilies, very well. My, hasn’t she grown! What did the tooth fairy get her?
    I so love your choice of words MM – ” and all other men who get in to bed because of a common cold. The Bean on the other hand, shows remarkable signs of being a true woman. No whining over pain or malingering.”
    My 6 year old is whining because everybody else in her class except her has lost a tooth. Unfair!

  4. Kutti pappa is all growing up!! that lily picture is one of my favorite pictures of bean . bean in a saree – want to see that now – let me go check your archives!

  5. To be fair she looks more like a bug-eyed bean in the picture 🙂 So whats the going rate for a tooth these days? I got Rs 5 per tooth and Rs 10 for the last one.

  6. I remember the old pic. Wasn’t there another one of her standing next to this, in a green jhabla/ chikan kurta that once belonged to the Brat and in matching green shoes? That was such a precious pic, of the beady- eyed darling that is the Bean.

    • Wow. I thought that was a pic only I remembered. I’ll put it up someday. She’d dug up my plant and was caught sitting on the floor playing with the mud, filling it in my shoes etc just before the Brat’s birthday party. She was in BIG trouble and all of 14 months or so.

      • I remember it because you’d posted it and everyone was discussing the shoes wardrobe and I wanted to tell them ‘but look! there is the Bean in all her beady- eyed wonder, looking all ready to be gobbled up’ 🙂

  7. Such a sweet post …. I have been reading you for nearly 5+ years …
    The day I discovered your blog I did a night-out and read all your old posts …I always remembered things when you quoted them from old posts…The “missing bean’s sitting milestone” story is the first one that I don’t remember reading 😦
    Btw you moved all your plants when you moved houses???
    super patient and super cool ..

    • I did. And now I’ve planted all the big plants in the ground. So the next time I move I’ll have to leave them behind. It will break my heart 😦 I moved 2 trucks of plants and the OA was so mad!

  8. What did the Bean get in return for her first tooth? Did she bury her tooth in the ground and expect to find treasure there the next day? There are so many teeth buried in the apartment complex I grew up in… if people decide to dig there they may all turn into millionaires overnight. 🙂

      • DD collects all the money she gets from the “tooth fairy” and buys something 6-12 months later. That way, she doesn’t feel bad that the tooth fairy didn’t leave her much, we get away with giving her very little and she learns the value of patience and the virtue of saving. All enjoyment cannot be instant, can it?

  9. I remember when V’s first tooth fell out and I forgot all about the Tooth Fairy. He was pissed and whined and whined about Tooth Fairies being unfair and unreliable and all that. The next time he was wiser and reminded me the night he placed it under his pillow, “And please remember that the Tooth Fairy is actually supposed to be you!”. Hmph! No mystery around these parts I tell ya. He got a measly 2 bucks for that.

  10. Oh, but she’s practically a lady now. How broke are you from forking out tooth fairy dosh? 😉
    P.S. That little one in the Easter lily picture, I’ve always looked out for children among the plants since I saw it.

  11. That old pic of the Beanie is so cute! She looks all grown-up now. 🙂

    It was so smart and practical of the Bean to get her tooth pulled out by the school nurse and to bring it back home, all wrapped up in a tissue. 🙂

  12. 2 trucks of plants… Thumbs up to your gardening spirit!
    Bean is growing up to be a smart girl… All milk teeth done?

    (now I have to go & read the milestone post…. Pls to link it)

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