If there is one good thing you do this year…

… please help Sonali Mukherjee. Take a look at the picture and read the story below. Call the numbers and do your due diligence if you must. But I beg you, please send her some money. Think about it – even if you send her what you’d spend on airfare for a holiday and take a train instead, you’ll be sending her a substantial sum. Also, read this piece if you get the chance. —————- On April 22, 2003, I, Sonali Mukherjee, was severely injured in an acid attack, that left me with a burnt face, burnt body, blind and partially deaf. I was just 17-years-old then. Three assailants – Tapas Mitra, Sanjay Paswan, and Bhrahmadev Hajra, our neighbors in Dhanbad, Jharkhand, poured acid on me while I slept. Before I could realize I felt as if my body was on fire and I collapsed. They punished me because I dared to complain against their eve teasing. When I warned them, they told me I was haughty and proud about my looks. They said they will ruin my face beyond recognition. And when that did not deter me, they carried through their threat and you can see the consequences.

The accused were immediately taken into custody, but were released on bail in 2006. My father and I approached the high court, the Chief Minister of Jharkhand, MPs and various other authorities for justice, but no one listened. Since then, they are roaming scot-free. For 9-years we have been fighting a case against them and requesting the authorites to cancle their bail, but no success has come our way yet. I am in extreme pain since the incident and don’t have the capacity to withhold it anymore – neither the money nor the hope.
My father, Chandi Das Mukherjee, has spent everything we had to keep me alive – land, jewellery, everything! My treatment has already cost us 12-15 lakhs, as a result of which we owe a lot of money to our relatives. The medical authorities require another 10-15 lakhs for my further treatment. Additionally, substantial amount of money has been spent on the court cases. Therefore, I demand either justice and help in treatment or permission to end my life. If there is any possibility of getting my rightful life back, then please help me by signing this plea of mine to the prime leaders of this country.
PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION and help me get justice and means to live the remaining part of my life without pain and agony. Should you want to help us monetarily or in any other way, send your donations to
Chandi Das Mukherjee A/C – 0612000103217964, Punjab National Bank, Nauroji Nagar Branch, IFSC Code: 0061200 New Delhi
Contact Numbers:
Chandi Das Mukherjee: 09437638600
Sonali Mukherjee – 09210022919
Devashish Mukherjee – 09437638600

9 thoughts on “If there is one good thing you do this year…

    • The petition seems to be closed, MM (as we understand from the link you have provided). Also, there is another link that says payment can be done through debit/credit cards. However, the link does not work too. Please let me know if payment by debit/credit card is possible.

  1. Hi Mad Momma, can you check with the family if there is an online link to donate or is the best way to go about is through their bank account?
    Are they looking to reach a specific number?

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