Oh, this and that and FB

Someone asked me why I don’t blog so much anymore. I think it’s because I’m on FB more now than ever. Easier to debate issues with people who know where you’re coming from. People whose lives you can equally look in to, hence know when they are bullshitting you. And who are accountable for what they say, and not taking advantage of anonymity. Anyhow, I thought I’d share some of my FB statuses here so that you know what I’m up to.


Desert coolers, darkened rooms, the smell of khus, juicy mangoes and roohafza. I hope my kids’ memories of summer will be fun.


Time to shut shop now, TOI, and oh yes, go die. Great things about being a virgin woman – The Times of India


Am I the only one who finds this ad unbelievably sweet?

This was followed by a discussion of how some mothers find this advertisement embarrassing. Eh? Why? Your kids have never seen a pregnant woman? Considering I was the first to have my kids, my kids have seen all our friends pregnant and can’t imagine anything more natural than XYZ Aunty having a baby and worrying about her going to the hospital soon and getting the baby out. So?


Reason # 1 not to assume your husband is not on speaker phone –  You start singing Pritam mat pardes padharo the moment you answer his call, and entertain a car full of his colleagues.


A response to the article that got most mothers’ knickers in a twist – Well written piece.

Also, a thought about the outrage over her nursing a three year old (if she actually is, and is not just posing for the cover). If mothers don’t want to be judged for putting their infants on formula and bottles, then it’s about time they stopped judging mothers who feed their babies till age 8. Really, that mother’s breasts, her kid, her choice. And even if she is, as some women insinuate, getting a sexual thrill out of it, still her breasts and her kid and her choice. Honestly, just bugger off and mind your own beeswax.


And most randomly, I’ve been tripping on two lines from Bollywood numbers – 1) Aashikon mein jiska title Titanic.

and 2) Kaliyan kawari, tajurbe se bani Aunty.

I think they’re hilarious.


I also linked up to this post. Do read, even if you have sons! 18 Life Lessons I Want My Daughters to Hear


And I don’t know how many of you saw Vicky Donor, I did, and I enjoyed it. Probably inspired by it, is this piece. Brahmin sperm in high demand among childless couples.  I’m horrified. I’ve always had an issue with messing with nature and the slippery slope that follows, when you’re allowed to pick and choose and design babies. This is what happens when a conservative, backward country like ours meets medical technology – no good.


Celeb bashing has reached heights of joblessness. I’ve not watched Satyamev Jayatey yet, but if Aamir can make some difference with his show, more power to him. And I don’t know if SRK was drunk or not, but if anyone, anyone, touched my kids or their friends, I’d turn around and punch them in the face too, inspite of being a lame duck.


In bad news, my little nephew, the Button, fell down the last two stairs and fractured his wrist in two places. I’m quite gutted. So are the kids. They’re dying to go there and entertain him until he gets his arm out of the cast.


And finally, I’m terrified of the big bad timeline wolf.


Also, I believe WP is not allowing non-WP readers to comment. Has anyone figured a way around this? I’m getting loads of email comments and I can’t respond to them the way I’d respond to a comment on the blog. Going nuts. Please help!


34 thoughts on “Oh, this and that and FB

  1. Looks like you’ve been very active on FB! I’m just glad I haven’t been forced into timeline yet – don’t really care for it.

    That ToI article was ridiculous. We used to call it the Slimes of India, clearly with good reason!

    Hope Baby Button is doing okay. Poor little baby! 😦

  2. Hah, now I never need to contemplate getting back on FB 🙂
    And no, I get comments from non WP users all the time, maybe you’ve gone and unknowingly changed some settings on your blog.
    Hope baby button isn’t in too much pain. It must be horrid to have a toddler in an arm cast 😦
    Oh also, HOW are you? Long time no see/hear/email. I must let you know about some recent developments that are bubbling under..

    • eh? no no… i haven’t touched anything at all. What do I do to get out of here? HELPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!
      And oh – mail me. I must hear all abt the developments.

  3. I listened to Jhallah wallah 8 times in succession one morning, till my mother asked me if there’s nothing else on my playlist. Heh. Something about that song is addictive.
    Soon after I shared the ToI article (on FB too, with many a disgusted sniff), it mysteriously vanished. Perhaps a bunch of people complained. I hope they did. UGH. How can a national newspaper publish that?!
    And how have you not been bumped upto Timeline? I wasn’t even given an option :\ I still hate it.

  4. Good to see you back 🙂 Can I request you to please update the blog too once in a while, for the likes of me who are not connected to you through fb? I love reading you.
    And, why do you have to remind me of mangoes? Miss them so…. much here. I have been whining non stop everyday for a yummy glass of Mango milkshake with a splash of Roohafza ! Just like Amma makes it 🙂

    • Yes please. Us mango-less mango people would like to hear your views, know about new songs or books your have read.
      Poor Button to have a cast on his wrist..Not sure if it helps (you may know it already), please teach Button to come down the stairs on tummy, that way he can use both hands and legs for stability. But then, the naughty one might just decide to slide down.

  5. Thank you MM for taking some out from the elite FB group for the mango people like us 🙂

    On the TOI aricle, I know TOI sucks… but this thing is very old. It happened to me in year 2000. I will not name the clinic/doctors but when my wife and me were going thru the IVF cycle ( my wife mainly… but to be honest, from a man’s perspective, producing the spoonful at demand is very degrading)… I was gently asked to do it.. reasoning was that I am a brahmin, with a Master’s degree and setteled in US and that it might lessen the guilt of some prospective parents!!
    I had to tell the docs that I am having trouble putting up with my needs so just bugger off… and besides what is stopping you guys to *claim* anything in this matter.
    So this thing is old and TOI just reported it because of Vicky D

    MM, on a seperate note, I know blogging is now too common and to an extent defunct, but how to secure some hits on google ( besides the usual google toolbar etc.)?

    • Arun, I never did work hard for hits to be honest. I barely read any other blogs. I think people find you on their own and then stick if you’re writing stuff that is to their interest.

  6. you know, that article from TOI has been removed! hneh hneh,
    on another note, all my childhood summer memories involve my tiny friends and the weird ass things they did during the holidays. and mangoes 😀
    also, just to give u a tiny peep into my life, i live in Gurgaon too!

  7. Oh poor button… hope he recovers fast…
    I personally dont like SRK anymore but I think he is right if the security people had pushed his children around…
    I third the comment about more blogging.. we poor souls keep checking this web site for MM updates – Please please more posts…

  8. Nice to see bits of blogging from you, please don’t give up on it completely. Some of us wait for your posts 🙂

  9. Dear Dear MM, what a wide variety of topics you cover. First off, poor, poor baby Button, how’s your SIL managing him in a cast? If you could tell me where he is in the US, I can go over and hug him and kiss him for all of you. The added advantage being I get to kiss a rolu polu babylu.

    Saw the ad, loved it…. In my case, it’s only when I’m being sickeningly romantic that I realize I am on speaker and the dear half’s boss is getting an earful of mildly R rated stuff.

    Okay, i’m done, I’m not covering the other details on your post. My comment may start looking like a post 😦 I have one question, if I am ever in Delhi, can I stop by wherever your Basera is and come and give Brat and Bean big hugs and you too?

  10. I missed you too. Went through each and every link above, reposted one of them on my FB and am similarly disgusted by the TOI as well as Brahmin article. Please post more often. Why don’t you create a FB page that we can go and Like and then post your updates there?

    Btw, I am in the minority who was almost appalled by Vicky Donor. Funny lines aside, in the movie that guy fathers over 50 kids….in the same geographical area. How likely are the chances of incest when these kids grow up? I don’t know the laws that govern sperm donation in India but it is highly believable that they do not regulate the frequency of donation. There was an article sometime back in TIME about this and its scary.

    • LOL! Don’t take it so literally. The point was to just remove the whole stigma attached to surrogacy and sperm donation. I thought the entire movie was OTT. And I do have an FB page. But I haven’t the patience to be active in yet another virtual space. Am exhausted!

      • Ok..I came hunting down the comments thinking I missed a Mad Momma Facebook page! I miss your posts and hope you are having a wonderful time in the land of opportunities :-p! I wish I was your facebook friend, missing your posts! You should totally create a fan page (may be a closed group?). I would be all over that!

  11. My comment disappeared 😦
    Putting down a quick summary of what I was trying to say.

    Loved reading the snippets. Can you not create a FB page where we Like and follow you? Blocking people there is just a small click.

    Worried about this sperm donation rage after the movie Vicky Donor. I left the theater freaked out worrying about possible incest since over 50 kids have the same father in the movie.

  12. MM,
    Which movies are those 2 songs from? I am usually up-to-date with the bollywood songs .. been busy with baby and work …I googled the lines you mentioned, but nothing comes up on youtube…in fact your blog comes up in the search result … either those are not the first few lines or are still getting popular …

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