Hello Hyderabad

Do you love books? Do your kids love books? Do you want them to? Then this is for you. The very enterprising, interesting and fun, Utbt Kids is putting together a Summer Reading Programme for kids at the Treasure House. Do sign your kids up for it or else regret having missed out on it. Go here for more details.


6 thoughts on “Hello Hyderabad

  1. Dear MM,

    Sorry to bother you.. but am looking for a favor here. Trying to write something, personal thoughts… intend to put them up on web. Idea behind it is to help someone.. anyone.

    Can you, if you have some spare time, go thru what I have started writing and come up with suggestions please? It is not much right now, probably’ll take you 20-30 odd minutes, but your suggestions will give me some directions. It is your domain and that is why I seek guidance from you… yeah, and you being a UP wali is the other reason behind my asking for help. You see, we are different trees but we share the same soil.

    If you are not interested, please say so. Thanks in advance


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