Interviewed on Blogadda this week

I do have something for you to read today, but it’s not here, it’s an interview on Blogadda. Regular readers probably know most of what I’ve said but you might want to drop by anyway.

What you don’t know though, is that I’m obsessing over this song from Agent Vinod. I’m going to smack the person who asks if it is Pyar ki Pungi. It’s Shreya Ghoshal’s Raabta. I asked around and learnt that raabta means connection. Have been striking poses and singing it to the OA who is most amused. The kids however, are not. They think I’m nuts. I guess it was only a matter of time before they came around to the realisation that their Momma is really Mad!

The word Raabta comes at a good time. I was just complaining to anyone who would listen on FB that I am sick of songs that have khumar rhyming with beqarar and zindagi with bandagi. Show some creativity, lyricists! The OA on the other hand, has been complaining that too many of the new songs have words he’s never Β encountered, taking away from the experience. What new word have you encountered in a song and have you figured out what it means?

And oh, Agent Vinod? Sucks. Complete waste of money. I really should have trusted the reviews. Now run along and drop by blogadda.

31 thoughts on “Interviewed on Blogadda this week

  1. loved to read your interview

    Its sad that people take out somuch of negativity on a blog..its actually stupid you know..if you dont like what you read in a blog, DONT read…why abuse 😦 or wish bad for the blogger’s family!!!

    LOL on striking poses πŸ™‚

    Always a fan πŸ™‚

    • The world is full of scum. Yes, anonymity means we don’t recognise them. But the moment they say something of this sort I am sure they get a glimpse of the filth within them. Hopefully someday they’ll act on that bit of knowledge.

  2. Dafatan – from that Delhi 6 song…..and when I googled for itI got to know that its been used once before too in another old classic. I love those exotic sounding Urdu words in songs..needless to say my fav lyricists are Gulzar (my only salt and pepper crush) and hubby on the other hand keeps interrupting my listening experience by asking me for the meanings of ‘justuju’ and ‘roobaroo’ and what not! ok now off to read your interview

    • Dafatan – doesnt it mean suddenly? Or did I get that wrong. And yes, the OA too, looks blank at half a dozen words per song. But then I don’t expect him to know them anyway.
      Apparently this login thing is a new WP feature. Is mine the only blog you’re getting it at? I have no idea how to get rid of it.

  3. I have to comment on so many of your posts. I kept waiting for you to write and then was reading but not commenting. First, I hope Bean is doing well and her asthma is under control. A belated happy birthday to Bean and lots of best wishes. Its great to read about her and happy that she has the confidence and poise (Bean in her beautiful dress!), its also due to the parents in addition to her inherent nature. I hope nobody can hold the moonbeam in their hands. Just enjoy the glow that comes from it.
    Great interview. A sneak peak of how you look got the gossip neurons going on overdrive but what you said about privacy makes sense. But, I hope I will get to know your name at some point of time (that’s for satisfying my curiosity!)..:). I do hope that you share some of the controversial topics on your blog too. I love reading your views and the comments too (keeps me abreast of what the “general public” thinks). I am not on facebook, so its my request for the benefit of the likes of me, to share some of your views on current affairs on the blog too.
    Hope you keep writing for long (Please do advertise your agony aunt column when you start writing and I’ll surely subscribe to the newspaper/magazine!).

  4. i have been reading u since early 2007 *sniff*.. surreal how i feel i know you though u wouldnt know me from adam. or eve.

    i keep wishing to run into the B&B somewhere in gurgaon and then looking around for you and shouting and hugging you in public and making you want to disappear into the ground. :p

    i didnt (and still dont) get the word Sehdi (or is it Sehri).. in the movie Cash’s song ‘saiyyan saiyyan sehdi lage hai mohe sexy’… wha..??

  5. Can’t think of a recent song but I remember hearing kurbat for the first time when I was a child. “Itni kurbat hai to phir faasla itna kyun hai” from Arth. And I was very happy to have figured it out on my own! Same for khalish (as in khaalipan) though I can’t remember the song.

    I’m with you on the rhyming though. I think they should just make use of new rhyme schemes instead of aabb which they’ve already done to death. That way they can get away with using the same old words too. For instance, Hey Jude – don’t make it BAD – take a SAD sonnnnnnng…..remember to get her into your HEART- then you can START:D or Hey Jude – don’t be AFRAID – you are MADE toooooooooo – …..under your SKIN – then you BEGIN……the amazing thing here is that the rhyming word shows up on the first beat of the vibhaag.

    Clearly, I’ve given this a lot of thought. *Off to use my time more productively!*

  6. Nice interview… was it done at your place or over phone?

    Also, Raabta is a nice word.. and since it is not commonly used, especially in hindi speaking households, it can be used to ‘communicate’ different meaning πŸ™‚

    e.g., early on in my marriage, whenever we were at my wife’s place.. and she was busy with her folks.. and I wanted her to be with me to do some… ahem.. I would just walk into their discussion, and whisper to her.. that come over in my room.. thora raabta karna hai πŸ™‚

  7. Dear MM,

    It was such a nice interview… read it twice already πŸ™‚ profile picture was perfection πŸ™‚ !!
    How can people write stuff like “die” ?? what kind of people wish such extreme things on someone? unbelievable…
    You have handled your trolls with lot of grace….I have read those nasty comments and your fitting response πŸ™‚

    BTW when do we get to see the new garden?
    Also I want to read the mallipoo post again (is one of my favorites) .. have been trying to locate it under labels “love” no luck so far..

  8. Loved the interview and your picture is great. Lovely skin, delicate hands, you look so young. I also miss you blogging on the more controversial issues.

  9. Hey MM,

    Lovely interview and I agree on the privacy issue with you, more so, because I write about family and friends and DD and I may take my own privacy lightly but I have no business treating theirs the same way just because they don’t say anything. I loved the hat, you reminded me of a delicate Victorian lady out gardening, in that one

    The lyrics, specifically the word that stumped me was Wasl-e- yaar from a lovely B&W song (Jaag dil-e-deewaana rut jaagi) featuring Feroze Khan. Apparently WASL=MEETING; WASLE YAAR=MEETING OF FRIENDS (courtesy Google). Hope I added to your Urdu vocabulary πŸ™‚

  10. Hi MM:

    As always loved your post and the interview. Very, very interestingly I was so glad that I came across the author Indu Sundaresan. I had grown up in Delhi with my mother telling me stories about different Mughal emperors. To see the works on Historical fiction from the Mughal era is like a dream come true. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

    With warm wishes


  11. Dude. Your interview made up for the slowdown in posting. So honest. So refreshing. Love!
    PS1: Totally with you on the privacy – but you already knew that.
    PS2: WHAT is your real name πŸ˜›

  12. I didn’t know the word ‘katra’ and always thought it was ‘khatra’! We were playing silly game of ‘translate Hindi lyrics to english’ and imagine my embarrassment when my friends laughed so hard when I sang ‘danger danger you get, let me’ live in danger danger’ to that beautiful Rekha and Nasiruddin song 😦

  13. Dunno how I missed this post earlier.. Off to review your interviews now. πŸ™‚

    I love Raabta too, but I like listening to Pyaar Ki Pungi too. πŸ˜›

    I didn’t understand Faya Kun and Kateya Karoon the first time I heard the songs, and Raabta too, but thanks to the internet and friends, I figured out. πŸ™‚

  14. Great interview. Looks like you’ve made the transition from interviewer to interviewee pretty smoothly. May your celebrity continue to grow…and don’t worry you can hire a body double to dodge the paparazzi and other pests when the time comes.

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