Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month


Remember April 2011 on Twitter, Facebook and blogs? We talked about Child Sexual Abuse – the hows, the wheres and the whens. We were overwhelmed by the response it generated, humbled by the weight of the personal stories of despair and courage.


It’s that time of the year again and we’re going ahead with Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month – April 2012.

Do you have a story to tell? Tips to share? A video, a link, an ebook? As a parent, as an adult, as a child? As before, we honour all requests for anonymity.

Bring your experience and your expertise to this awareness initiative via

Blog posts with the logo (you can copy the image above), linkback to our blog, with the words “CSAAM April 2012” in the title.

Twitter posts or links to @CSAawareness, tagged “#CSAAM”

FB notes linking to our Facebook page
Emails to

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Or just simply show support by displaying the Picsquare badge on your site/page/profile -

This year, we hope to increase our focus and reach with our new CSAAM App and our sensitisation workshops. You’ll find both in our blog come April 2012.

Stay tuned.

We’re kicking off our events with one in Delhi, in collaboration with Rahi and Fleximoms. Do spread the word.


9 thoughts on “Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month

  1. Kudos to the CSA team once again for their continued efforts. Proud of you guys! The workshop sounds inetresting! Good luck with it. Hope you get an overwhelming response.

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