The bad news first.

No matter how much you protect them, they will soak up violence from a multitude of sources that you can do nothing about, and then they will tape bits of plastic to a car to make guns.

But the good news is…

That given a bit of putty they will first make a whale.

And even resurrect the extinct.


29 thoughts on “Balance

  1. I am in the same boat. There’s just no way to protect them completely and sometimes you need to let them know about the bad stuff to protect them. Hope I made sense there 🙂

  2. Oh MM – those creatures look so cute. Is this how nicely they create things with putty?! Mine here is always making it into a disc and writing on it and transferring his writing to paper! These are so adorable! Even the tanker is cute! Creative! 🙂

  3. Snail is the cutest!

    MM, do you have way too many lines on your palms?? I do and my dad says I can never be calm and composed.


  4. That Dino is just beautiful – love the different colors 🙂
    As for the guns – I am just amazed at their creativity! The brat wouldn’t hurt a fly and the bean will only hurt people who hurt her brother – you shouldn’t be worried at all 😀

  5. oh my ! Is it the Brat’s hands that the whale is resting on? His fingers are so long! n sigh! those hands look like they belong to a child, not a baby!

  6. I’m thinking this was the Brat’s work although the gun from the car could have been the Bean..
    I love Brat’s gentle soul and the Bean’s “Watch out world, here I come” attitude.

    • Sadly… it was the Brat who made it. She only does art and craft with crayons and glue etc. He is the one constantly joining toys together with cellotape and creating new crazy things.

  7. These two, they’re very creative, aren’t they. I think all these expensive toys which marketers make one feel children need are such a sham; just look at how much funny the brat and bean are having with bits of plastic and some putty!

  8. 1. Love the snail, lovely colour combo. With the dinasour he has taken creativity to a new level 🙂
    2. I did not know play dough/clay is also called putty. How ignorant!!! that’s why i read blogs like yours 🙂
    God bless the gentle brat.

  9. Very very innovative! I think I can see where the creativity comes from. 🙂
    Though I’m pretty surprised the Brat made the car-straw tank.

    • So was I. But with the Brat there is no judgment, nothing extra. Simply observation. He’s seen a tank in someone’s house, his mother refuses to keep one in the house, so he simply tries his hand at making one.

      • But you can be sure that he’d never hurt a fly, the sweet and gentle soul that he is. Unless li’l Beanie is threatened, of course.

      • I think its nice that he is being creative and using what he has 🙂 For a moment I’m willing to ignore the fact that its a tank/gun, and all I see is creativity, and settling for what you have without being brat and demanding something your mother wont allow. Thats a great trait to have MM. Take it from someone who constantly made-do with hand me downs and such creative extensions, becuase our parents hardly ever bought us any toys, because they just thought they were wasteful! Clay, blocks, stationary and books we had in abundance. But dolls and other such random things were rarely bought.

  10. Lovely Creations!Hugs to the brat and the Bean!Although there is no harm in letting them know about tanks since they also form a part of our history and in Army Cantts ,u will find huge ones at the gates.So our kids are into it since birth and cannot be kept away.We often wake up to helicopter noises and firing practices and most of the fauji picnics are in Firing ranges!

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