The much awaited house tour

I’ve been promising you this since I moved here a year and a half ago. Apologies for delivering so late, but I guess I was just never happy with the way the place turned out. The house was too big with empty corners, a too small living room, large rooms with awkward walls and too many windows. The paintings were never up where I wanted them, the balconies were nothing on my Delhi terrace garden and the stairs were killing my knees.

So we’re moving house. Yet again. Apparently we’re just nomadic by kismat. Β The furniture has been turned round and around and shifted and given away and borrowed and lent and we’ve not had a moment of peace. When we moved out of our last house the old landlord left us with, “Sometimes houses don’t suit people – if that happens, I’d love to have you back here.” Err… thanks old man for blighting the place before we even set foot in it. The last year has been miserable for us in more ways than one. No decent househelp, crazy distances that forced me to quit my job, loneliness everytime I looked out of the high rise even though we were surrounded by friends, and a general sense of not being home yet.

Inspite of that we soldiered on and then one day I snapped and told the OA we had to move out of here. This was still not feeling like home. And I am a huge believer in places feeling like home. In creating a home. So we’re moving. I figured if I don’t give you the royal tour now, I’d never get around to it. So here goes. Enjoy.

There is a strong cross breeze at the front door and I've lost a lot of my decorative stuff. So I decided to use unbreakable things such as books. This is a pile of only red covered books set on a green runner with accents of yellow and green. Take that, strong wind.

The first living room arrangement a la Indian railways. I changed it pretty soon.

This was the second option. Lovely for lounging on the couch in the winter afternoon sun. But it blocked the window AC.

Christmas brought inspiration and we finally found the best arrangement while making space for the tree.

And with the arrangement came new cream sofa covers. Clearly people with two kids never learn.

So whaddya think? I also added a new rug that according to the OA only looks older than everything else. The man has no taste. No, I'm the one exception in his life, thank you very much!

Dining room in summer. The chik is made of pretty white chikan counterpanes that I gave up all hope of using after two kids. Sadly you can't tell in this picture.

The staircase leading up to the bedrooms and away from the public areas. The spot you're looking down at is the reading nook.

Corridor between dining and drawing. We were lucky to find a little daru nook again! I don't know why builders keep putting these in.

In the winter this corner of the dining room gets the most delicious sun and I drag the rocking chair here to work while I oversee the kids' homework/craft or meals.

The reading and music nook. This is before we put up the pictures so it looks half-dressed.

Better and aerial view of the nook. Taken while hanging off the stairs and risking my neck for you.

The colour coordinated book shelf that you may also smirk at :). Can't help being anal!

One of the table settings during Christmas season. The Bean laid this.

Just for kicks, sharing the Diwali table setting. The tablemats have a fine gold design that you can't see in this light. I laid the table and did the rangolis etc. The OA cooked dinner. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful family tradition :p

A little row of lamps and cacti on the way up the stairs. They got the most sun and they loved it.

Some showed their appreciation by flowering promptly.

An old masala jar stuffed with greens and guarded by an old warrior on an elephant.

This is the same bookshelf as above, and holds some of the most precious books I own.

Guest room. The collage of pictures includes sketches by my cousin and some ancient postcards that my grandaunt used to send my grandmother from around the world, including my favourites - embroidered flamenco dancers.

The only untouched book shelf in this house - this one carries my cook books :p

A corner of the bathroom. I love the white pot.

And since we're talking bathrooms, I give you the frog guarding the powder room.

The balcony on the lower floor - the guest room looks out on to it.

And this is what it looks like if you're lying in bed and looking out of the guestroom windows.

This room went from being the kids' play room to the OA's temporary office for the six months he worked from home. It is now our laundry room cum second guest room so will not be shared in its present avatar!

Another view of the lower balcony, leading out of the dining room.

Because an AC backside always looks ugly!

After I got the lovely escritoire from the parents I gave the kids my plain old table. Yes, I'm mean that way.

But I was kind enough to set it up for them, right down to lining it with pretty paper. The OA spent half the night pointing and laughing at me. Feel free to do the same.

Because nothing fills up the senses more than a fragrant night and a cool night breeze wafting into your bedroom as you sleep with the doors left wide open. I guess there are some things I'll miss about living high up among the clouds.

The Brat reading on the bed, a box of dinosaurs kept for comfort at his legs. The Bean is as always busy with art and craft at her desk. They wanted these posters and I couldn't think of a way to do it without ruining the walls. So ribbons and clothespins it was.

A corner of our bedroom. Again, I've never really been happy with the way it turned out.

And I'm sure you remember this nook under the stairs for the kids. It's now their cycle stand!

In the worst of summer I removed the rug, left the floor cool, put up an inexpensive bit of chik and hung a couple of toys from the staircase to entertain them. Oh, and added some dancing bamboos.

The other end of their room. This was the day we spent making pirate masks and putting up a show for erm.. no one.

This is part of the balcony leading out of my bedroom.

This is the balcony leading out of my bedroom. Perfect for a morning cup of tea on a still day. On a breezy day its deadly.

Oh! And this was my last bit of genius πŸ˜‰ Black and whites taken ONLY by friends. This way I have a wall full of art that has great value for me even if it's not a Hussain.

And this is my favourite - a Mughal miniature by none other than the talented Lavanya Karthik (, featuring the OA and I in a romantic setting, with the Gurgaon skyline behind us. And oh, the two babies hanging like monkeys from a tree. Now this one I'd not exchange for a Hussain.

Because nothing fills up the senses more than a fragrant night and a cool night breeze wafting into your bedroom. I guess there are some things I'll miss about living high up among the clouds.

I believe you met Ms Escritoire in an old post. She belonged to my grandmother who was a writer, poet and artist. Each time I sit down to write I worry that I'm not living up to her expectations, even as I appreciate the privilege of owning her desk now.

Because I owe you a Diwali post. This year we lit up that window and kept fire crackers etc to a minimum.

A kitchen shelf. I love the old hen and the fat ladybird with some green on her back.

And the birdbath in my living room balcony for those who missed it when I last posted about it.

For anything I might have left out, go to the decor tag.Β 

156 thoughts on “The much awaited house tour

  1. Thanks for the tour MM … indeed a lovely home… tastefully done.

    Few points that stuck out : The posters in the kids room … we had similar posters growing up in our room .. brought back memories. And why why why do these kids stock up so many crayons / color pencils / erasers ??? I have no idea why the next set of crayons is as exciting to them when they have loads at home … I am the evil mom who doesn’t buy them new sets … but they always end up getting those as return gifts.

    • Same here. I never buy them ANYTHING. I am just that cheap. But they get gifts. I should show you what I cleared out today to send off to the orphanage. Brand new and unopened. Boxes of toys.

      • SAME HERE.

        Oh and we have an exactly similar stationery drawer in our house. Crayons in a see-through, erasers and sharpeners in another and so on. No pretty paper though 😦 πŸ™‚

    • Erm, CA, I am 28 and I stock up on crayons/ color pencils/ paints. No, I don’t paint or draw. πŸ˜€

      Yes, MM, now you have one more reason why I love your blog – my mental age matches the Bean’s’.

  2. You gave them the table and took their bed!
    And I showed the husband the wonderful chart hanging arrangement you have done, his response “Can we please not put all the charts in one day?” Why am I still married to him!!

  3. I haven’t commented in a really long time (been married and had a baby girl since!) but never stopped visiting and devouring all the posts! This was just the post to tempt me back πŸ™‚

    Each little detail is so fine, and so gorgeous. Your taste and sense match my mum’s, which I sadly haven’t inherited. I so love every corner, the paintings and the greens… Well everything!

  4. Beautiful MM! Very tastefully kept home. Loved everything…especially the hen & the ladybird (my daughter always corrects me….apparently they call it a ladyBUG here…i thinks its too cute be a bug:))

  5. I enjoyed the pictures. I loved the way you have placed plants in every corner of the house. Best pot award goes to the ladybird ! The small cacti along the stairs is super..

    Loved the rocking chair, the furniture ,the book shelves, the daroo corner, the pictures in the guest bedroom. And the best corner I liked is the reading nook below the stairs.


  6. Thanks for the wonderful house tour MM! I always envy your green thumb! πŸ™‚

    My favorites are the reading area & the kids nook under the stairs. Love your cream slip covers. It makes the place so light & spacious. We are not brave enough to use that colour in our sofa. Ours is a bo…ring black leather.
    I like your table linens. Every time you share a pic the table looks different! πŸ™‚ Are the things in the center of the dining table coasters or trivets? They look lovely. Where did you find them?

    I too am a firm believer of the ‘feeling of home’. All the Best for your next move πŸ™‚

  7. Hi MM! You’re plants look gorgeous! Don’t the pots leave stains on the floor? I live in a rented place too and I am freaked out at ruining the flooring. Also our home has beautiful corners. Although we get stands for small sized pots, mid to large sized pots with crowning plants would look amazing at the corners! I am still toying with this idea.

    Oh yes, I am a huge believer in creating homes too. A souvenier at every nook & corner, memorabilia, hand stitched items, gifts, books etc. play a huge role in making a home.

    We use the floor for sleeping/dining/reading/lazing because we believe it is healthy on the knees & still feel very much at home despite not having standard fabindia type decor! Although I can’t deny that every trip to fabindia tests my self control πŸ˜‰

    Keep going MM!

  8. I think my favorite room of all of them was the one with the posters hanging on ribbon and the clothespins. I literally just sighed and was filled with a sense of well being and peace.That’s weird, but I could feel myself transported back to a simpler time of my childhood- where I would just flop down in my bed udner the pure sunlight and feel the breeze wafting around me. I mean, I am terrible at actually making spaces pretty -I have been accused of being raised at a military academy because I like to keep my place spartan. But, after looking through these pictures- I just want to roll up my sleeves and …. (I don’t know what comes after) =P

    • ROFL @ the last line. Why not pull out five of your favourite things – mum’s old shawl, son’s art work, a little something you got from the husband as a gift… and then find little ways to use them? That might be a great place to start. Everything I have up in corners has some special story to it, else I toss it out.

  9. Thank you for the house tour. Simple, not cluttered with too many things, very elegant. I loved the house plants. I had one peace lily plant and after a while there were millions of black bugs all over the carpet, I vowed never to bring anymore inside the house.

  10. Hi MM,

    Hey such a fabulous job!! I loved the cactus and lamps – very cute arrangement..Please tell me the windows are locked real tight…

    the comforter in your bedroom – I so love it!!
    The posters in kids room is such a brilliant idea! thank you now I know what to do with a few of my son’s art work….

    • Those aren’t windows Sujatha – theyre a wall of glass. Even so they made me very nervous. I’m just a small town girl – I don’t think I can handle high rises. I really need to leave!

  11. As is your style the house is most tastefully done.. But I still remember the old living room of ours. I was so in love with it. I agree when you say this doesnt feel like home (though I havent set foot in it :)). But the room I kind of started fancing in this is the reading and music nook. It seems to excude calmness even in the picture.

  12. Love your home Mad Momma, it is beautiful. There is so much character to it, if thats the word I can use. The plants in the house look so fresh, they seem to bring everything alive. I am sure your guests love staying over and keep coming back, nothing can beat waking up to a balcony full of beautiful green, well cared for plants. I can’t decide which room or corner is the best. All the knick knacks, the bed spreads, the cushions, the curtains, the pictures ont he walls seem so well put together..different prints, different colours, diferent fabrics but blend perfectly with each other. You are so good at everything you do, whether you write, take care of a home, your kids or doing up a house..How?????

  13. Also noticed that the swing in your balcony is missing the colourful custom made cushions….that you had in the previous house.

  14. Very beautifully done and each every corner reflects your personality(from whatever little I know you). I love how you put up plants in every possible corner. I am too afraid of the stains and avoid plants inside the house.
    Would you please do the interior decoration for my house (for free…I am very poor).
    I am simply in love with your house MM and thanks for lovely house tour.

  15. Holy cr@p! My reader just went bonkers on me for a bit. I didn’t realise your old blog was still on there, and it threw up over 60 new posts, and yet I had read them all, and I didn’t know what on earth was going on, until I saw your post announcing the move. And THEN when I clicked through I got to this spot, and it looks just like the old one, so I was confused all over again. Until it finally struck that maybe you’ve changed the look on the new-old blog, to match the look you had on Lavanya’s. You’re really doing a complete MOVE arent ya? House, blog et all? Phew..

    The house looks gorgeous. Tasteful and chic just the way I’d have done my house up. And I think its inspired me to pay some attention to my house. After spending almost 2 years living with the bare minimums (we still sleep on a mattress on the floor, our living room desperately needs a couch, and the husband and I both sorely miss a desk to work on :() I think its time to do something about it.

    That said, have you considered buying domain space on wordpress.ORG? I think its designed to scale up and down, and gives you customisable options to choose how big or small you want your space to be. Perhaps that will be the answer to not having your site crash with everyday traffic?

    Also, I’m reading The BIB Guide to the GIG. And loving it so far. Someone caught me reading it and gave me a judgemental look, while another immediately jumped out and recommended Known Turf. Have you read it?

    Ok end of rather-long-comment-that-perhaps-really-should-have-been-an-email..

      • Its pretty simple. But make sure you got to and not .com, like I made the mistake of doing. I think they have a quick and easy tour to take you through the possibilities. Or else, you should latch on to a tech-oriented person (like I did, the husband) and get them to do it for you. Once its set up its just log in post log out.

  16. Wow! your house looks like how they show in those home managing shows…with two kids so much perfection…you may say thats only for the sake of photographs for the blog..but yet…I am super impressed…I loved the idea of the clothsline and ribbons for the kids room..Its superb..and that reading corner..amazing πŸ™‚

  17. I looove it!! I want the nook and all the sunshine. I love all the greens too and snowfall is back! Thanks mm! Would you like to see some of the interesting stuff I have collected over time in US? I could send you a mail πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

  18. Finally! πŸ™‚
    I’m in awe of you. Literally. Managing sucha huuuuuuge place and keeping it so beautiful without any househelp. Tussi great ho MM! πŸ˜€

    Did I notice a tape-recorder in the kids’ room? I so feel like permanently settling down in your reading den. Its so tempting! πŸ™‚

    Btw, knee doing better? Take good care of yourself!

    • πŸ™‚ thank you. It’s why I moan when I don’t have atleast top work maids. The house is covered in a veil of dust which isn’t good for the Bean’s asthma.And yes, that tape recorder was given by my brother to them. They listen to their music or sometimes radio. Knee is in a bad shape with all the upstairs and downstairs from her lady’s chamber. But hey, I move soon and hopefully that will be half the cure!

  19. Hoping that your next house suits you all! I loved House 1, House 2 has your touches but not the ‘feel’ of your house, although it is very pretty and all that. All the very best for the next house.

  20. Hopefully it’ll be a place with a lot more open space and sunlight and greenery around. And lesser dust and dry heat. Very un-Gurgaonish.

  21. The first few pics and I felt this just didnt match up to the old house. But further down, after seeing all the plants..I am in love all over again πŸ™‚ the things I loved especially are the curtain in the living room, the reading nook, the lamps and cacti on the landing, ladybird and hen, the jasmine flower corner… balcony furniture and all the plants of course πŸ™‚ Congrats on such a well maintained and beautiful house!! And I guess as a premium we get to see half your face in the header and the snow flakes πŸ™‚ Thanks for the post.. Good luck on the house move and take care of your knees.

    On another note, I am getting married early Feb and please bless me πŸ™‚ that I have beautiful kids, a beautiful home, beautiful plants….. well actually the list is pretty long πŸ˜€

  22. Oh what fantastic taste you have .. when I finally buy my house with the huge windows that will have the sun pouring in all day and a room only dedicated to books – will you come help me do it up please .. pretty please !

  23. If you understand tamil, ‘Late’a vandaalum latest’a vandirukkeenga!’.
    I have always been in love with your plants. After a couple of times, I stopped asking you to post photos of your new home. Am so happy today. You made my day! Thanks.
    Inspired by your blog I too tried to have a balcony garden, but did not know that certain plants need good sunlight. The house is surrounded by Mayflower trees and gets very little sun in the balcony. So, all the roses and hibiscus (a lovely yellow one) were the moved to the terrace and now they bloom everyday. Thanks for the inspiration! Am ready to go on a buying spree again, to fill up my now empty balcony ;).

  24. *Joins the OA in pointing and laughing at you over the color pencil segregation and arrangement*

    Love the colors on the lamp shades! Beautiful home, and what a marathon effort it must be to maintain it the way you do! *respect*

  25. OMG! The house is gorgeous and might I add HUGE! And how do you ever manage it with no househelp and a bum knee?! Hats off to you for the energy to maintain it! I don’t have kids and currently live in a 1000sqft apartment and even keeping that clean is a task for me! My house starts resembling a dump-yard as the week progresses and when it all gets unbearable, I clean up in the weekend only to slip up again during the week! It’s a vicious cycle 😦

    I’ll be buying my own house next year and when I do, I’m going do it up like yours! You’re my inspiration for all home decor ideas, some of which I shamelessly copy. All I can say is THANK YOU!!!

    I was so inspired by your warli figures in the old house that I painted up on my rented walls. My landlady loved them, so they’ll probably even stay after I move out πŸ™‚

    • πŸ™‚ SO many people copied my Warli figures that I’ve given up hope of them ever being unique again. On the other hand it forces me to use my brains and find newer ideas. You’re most welcome to use it. As for the house – well now you know why I get exhausted if I have to keep it clean, cook, take care of the kids and still hold down a job without any househelp. At the minimum I need one person to sweep, swab and dust. As I mentioned to a reader on the last post – we have our own standards and when you’re stuck with a house this size, you can’t afford to sit back and say, oh well let it go to the dogs. Anyway, I’m moving now and hopefully the new place will be easier to manage. Good luck with your home. I know how tiring it can be if you are the kind who can’t abide with mess.

  26. Hey, lovely home. Whenever we create a set for a shoot we try to get in that perfect look, very neat and clean with just the right degree of ‘lived in’ feel. I think your house is just that. If you ever think of changing your field, a set designer’s/art director’s job is waiting for you.
    On another note, am shocked that you are shifting homes because it’s too big. I live in Bombay and find it difficult to accept. Anyway im moving to a new place this weekend and it has a east facing balcony, yay! Any tips on what plants grow better in the morning sun?

    • haha! its 4100 sq ft. Too big for one person to sweep, swab, dust, decorate, ensure that it’s full of green plants, change the look around, clean fans, take down curtains and wash and change cushion covers, vacuum carpets and what not. This along with cooking, taking care of two kids, playdates, baking for school events and the last but not the least, hold down a job too πŸ™‚
      I was miserable in our tiny homes in Bombay and Madras, but I loved my Delhi home. It was the perfect size to entertain and to garden and to do up. If you’re a single girl in a flat, I’d suggest you get bougainvillea. You don’t have to water it everyday and it will flower beautifully. East facing balconies are the best.

  27. Love your house tours. Love how you strive to make your home look good. If my husband had known this, he would’ve married someone in your family with your eye for decoration πŸ˜› I get to hear a lot from him for not decorating the house enough. In my defence, I have my hands full and literally no time to think about the options 😦 I keep it clean though. I too dream of a lovely decorated house. And now this inspired me to go and do-up my rented house, as much as I can. Thanks for motivating me πŸ™‚ Keep doing the decor related posts please.
    All said, I still LOVE your old house. It did have a certain charm to it.

    • I think the beauty of the old home was that I started life there. Everything I bought was bought to fit that house. This house has had to make do with stuff that was not handpicked to fit. And the fact that I just didn’t feel like this was home.And thank you πŸ™‚ My husband doesn’t dare compare me to better cooks. If he does I’ll bite his head off. He picked me and if he expects a paragon of virtue he has another think coming. he has a number of areas he can improve on and he doesn’t want me to start numbering them!

    • Couldn’t resist replying to this one. Hmm! Perhaps your hubby could chip in with decor ideas and physical help if he wants a nice decorated home. His home too na? πŸ™‚

      PS: lovely home MM. 4100 sq ft is a lot of space to maintain with or without help! πŸ™‚

      • πŸ™‚ Good point. And very right. I got the OA to start cooking. It keeps him too busy to complain about me. We all cash in on our strengths. I take 10 minutes flat to clean up the house, to reuse what is waste, to fix a problem. The OA will stare at a pair of socks like they’ve come from the moon and wonder where to put them. Best that we use our energies where they give the best result. And yes, even with help it was a lot of work.

        • Oh yes I agree with you both. However, since I am the one with a creative inclination I don’t let him do anything πŸ˜› I did shuffle the furniture last night and that felt little better. Though it hasn’t satisfied my artistic itch. I snap at him too. Don’t we all? πŸ˜›

  28. Wow, this was like an advance Christmas present! Your house is gorgeous, you’re bringing up your children in such a beautiful home. I loved the kids nook, the reading nook and all the balconies. Even your bathroom, the bits you shared, look so nice! I scrabble to find a comb in my own sometimes! Am feeling fully inspired to go tidy up my living room now, which looks like its just been bombed every afternoon by the time by daughter settles down for her nap. Oh and on a completely unrelated note, I remember airily telling you to keep lots of part timers to handle the maid situation. Well, I’m maid-less again, ALL my part timers are on leave all at once (what are the odds?). Just remembered because I realize you keep this house looking the way it does without any help.

    • LOL! My issue with part timers is a different one. They all come at different times of the day and I am housebound. Which means I am stuck at home, sitting daintily waiting for them to come and do work. SO then I end up doing it myself so that I can lock up and rush out. Just doesn’t work for me.

  29. Hey MM is it just me/my browser having issues?? I see the text (descriptions of photos) and the pictures overlapped. It’s hard to read what is what…. 😦

  30. Ignore my previous comment…opened a new IE session and all is well πŸ™‚
    Beautiful..beautiful..beautiful. I can’t imagine maintaing a house that size without a proper househelp, must say you are doing a commendable job πŸ™‚ Love the way you have organized your old table for the kids. Wish i could be half as organized as you 😦

    • Bombay people! Would live entirely out of my living room πŸ˜‰ Seriously though – would you take a look at that living room compared to the size of the bedrooms/house? It’s just bad designing. And look, my coffee table had to move to the reading nook and two peg tables came together to form a centre table because the damn room woudn’t fit in furniture along with people. Drove us mad trying to work the furniture around and around.

  31. Was waiting for this post from so long. The house looks so warm, cosy and shows that every bit is done up with thought and taste. The plants and the planters oh so lovely and add such a charm.
    Inspired by you have taken up gardening, and can imagine the effort which goes into the maintaing the plants you have. You must be an inspiration to hundreds like me for gardening and decor.
    Am keen to see your new home now :). Will you all the very best for the move.

  32. Lovely Home MM, and lovely wooden furniture and plants πŸ™‚
    We recently bought a house and I so understand your cleaning pain 😦

  33. Love, love, love that reading corner. you have given me some great ideas for a corner like that. My only problem being whenever I have books out in the family room etc., they are borrowed to be never returned 😦

  34. Although you would be tired of reading it; its a beautiful house. Your effort and love shows through so much is every little thing of your house. Its truely a joy to see such a lovely home.

  35. Lovely !! And needless to say, some of the ideas will be copied quite shamelessly, especially the co-ordination of books by colour. That is what I call pure genius:)
    Have a fabulous Christmas & a New Year!!

  36. Very very pretty πŸ™‚ My sister and I had the similar posters at our room when we shared a room as little kids. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and the family! πŸ™‚

    P.S. Do you clean up before taking the pictures or is it always so neat? πŸ™‚

    • Nope πŸ™‚ Most of the rooms are tidy. Even the kids know to tidy up after they’re done. There’s is usually the most messy and compared to most kids’ homes it isn’t the worst.

  37. Oh my God…that is some house you had there….and I mean the decorating chops you have lady!!!! Awesomenesss….this is seriously one of the most stunning homes I’ve seen and it’s so Indian and lived-in and real. πŸ™‚

    So glad you are moving, you clearly didn’t seem happy in Gurgaon, I hope your new home feels like home and makes you and yours very happy πŸ™‚

  38. So you didn’t like the house, Does that have something to do with being in Gurgaon and not in the city of Delhi itself? The house is beautiful and if this is the kind of effort you put with places you don’t like much, I could use your assistance, pronto. You can expend 10% of your creativity, it’ll bring my house up by several notches πŸ™‚

    • It might have, Meera, in the first six months. After that I realised that I am too much of a plantation lifestyle girl to live like this. My parents were agriculturists. It’s not possible for me to live so far away from mud. I just wanted a ground floor house and I’ve got it.

  39. Have enjoyed reading your blog through the years. Loved the house tour. Your experience over the past year mirrors mine and like you, I am looking forward to moving. Cheers!

  40. Love the decor of your home and I’m happy to note that you’ve moved back. I understand you are moving home and have loads to do, but I’m still waiting for your Xmas tree post. Here’s hoping it makes an entry here soon.

  41. love the house tour MM, the brat’s Dino bin at his feet made me remember … has he read the “how do dinosaurs say…” series ; though he might be a tad bit old for it ; the illustrations and names of the dinos are quite correct.
    we had bought 2 of the books in this series for my 2 year old.. who loves books of any kind.
    is the link is for the series in amazon …but you can also find it on flipkart.

    best wishes ,

  42. Damn woman, what a beautifully done up house! i’d hate you if i didn’t love you.

    (though i liked the dilli one better).

    hope you find the next house to be your home :), it’s a high-rise again? hope in one of the more populated areas?

    • Sigh I liked the dilli one better too. And no, no more high rises. I’m done with those. This was as populated as I liked, I guess. I don’t really like too much noise and chaos.

  43. Lovely House MM…loved all the small elements of space-making.
    Beautiful furniture – and love the muted tones of all the walls / furniture and splashes of color with the cushions/curtains etc. And the greenery – wow!
    And should applaud the effort you put into creating all this…..

    I am getting married this Jan and your house is surely an inspiration as i set up my own place!!

  44. Lovely, lovely house, I love the greens and the knickknacks and your furniture is just to die for. Nothing bought from the store can ever match up to pieces that have so much history attached to them. My favorite corner is your reading and music nook, it is so warm, inviting and just what the doctor ordered on a cold winter afternoon. Then the photographs in the living room, very classy.
    I have always wanted to ask you this question: how do keep the brat and the bean from playing with the knickknacks and generally how do things stay in their designated place with two kids around? Please do share the magic trick.
    With a six month old and a home that is just not suitable for babies I dread the phase when the lil fellow starts crawling and I have to put away all the things I have painstakingly collected over the years!

    • To be honest I didn’t have much when the kids were born. Mattresses on the floor and lots of books. Even our condiments were on a tray on a low peg table. The Brat has in all his years broken one bottle of fish pickle. The Bean has broken nothing. They’ve run brass knick knacks over the furniture and the OA let them have it for that. They didn’t try it again.
      This is a tough one – do you let kids have the run of your home or not? It is, after all, their own home too. For house proud parents this isn’t an easy one.
      We finally found our middle path. They can run around and play in the public spaces but we’ve taught them not to touch anything. THat said, we only have hardy wooden stuff, nothing majorly breakable. In their nursery they can do anything they want other than scribble on the walls – that is a big no-no. I think they’re just too busy with their own stuff to bother. And the rest has been around so long that they don’t touch. It doesn’t interest them.
      They do exhibit interest in curios when we go to other people’s homes but the OA and I sit on the edge of the seat and ensure they dont touch/break anything. Once the Brat broke a model airplane and we replaced it. But we talked to him on the way back and told him that Uncle collected those and must be so sad at the loss of his plane. He’s never again done it. The Bean has broken nothing- again, experience taught us what to do with the second child.All the best!

      • Thanks MM, i guess middle path is the way to go and I think being a little strict once in a while won’t hurt anyone. But yes as you say the kids need a space while they can run amok and get it out of their system, also you are right about kids getting bored with what is at home and leaving it alone!

  45. Managing a 4100sqft place is not a small thing – Now we know why your knees are gone.
    It does not sound like a normal flat, but like a mansion. A 2000 sqft place is spacious, 4100 is???

    Still, ur house looks beautiful. Love all the small touches, planters, photos by friends, the mughal painting, the multi-colored comforter/bed spread… so many little details to make up a beautiful space.
    And to the colour co-ordinated bookshelf – OMG!!! This is OCD πŸ˜‰ but still the quirk is what makes you – YOU!
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a great holiday season ahead. Hope the knees are taken care of and you find yourself in a space (physically & mentally) which brings you peace & happiness & good health!

    • Arre I’m only a poor villager. In villages you have big homes. Even now my parents home must be at least 8000 sq ft and then there’s the garden. In the plantations where I grew up 10,000 sq ft was the average home. I keep telling the OA I can’t live in a big city in a small home. I need it the other way around. Small town, big garden and lots of greenery and peace.
      As for the OCD, you have no idea what my poor husband lives with πŸ˜‰ Thank you for the wishes.

  46. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. πŸ™‚

    p.s – the masked photo of bean and brat reminded me of when michal jackson used to put masks on his young kids. πŸ˜›

  47. I always know it’s that time of year when the dandruff’s back.

    P.S: Your house is exactly like what I’d want mine to be like someday. Warm and cozy, without being overly ‘done up’ and showy πŸ™‚

  48. Hello, new to your blog..going through the archives πŸ™‚ ..beautiful house. why would you give it up?? and how do you have such healthy plants? well good luck for new house. looking forward to more posts.

    • Because I’m too bum-kneed to take care of it alone. If I were healthier it would be fine. Plus, as I said, it just doesn’t FEEL right. :p As for the plants, I have a green thumb πŸ™‚

  49. Awesome home with lovely pictures and this is exactly how I feel a HOME should be like….Resort like comfort and homey feeling! For some reasons I am way too attracted to the different kinds of table settings and the napkin folds πŸ™‚ very beautiful and professional. I can’t believe that Bean did that! she is the ALL IN ONE PACKAGE!

  50. Please to come over and help me set up my house. I have no clue what to do and is presently looking like as if the stuff has just been dumped there. 😦

    • I owe you guys a dinner after all your kind husband has done for us. And I can throw in a free home makeover just as a gesture of how much I appreciate it. Name the day – anytime after our move and I’m free and willing!

  51. The house looks amazing. But 4000 sq feet! Lord, that’s a lot of dusting!
    Good luck with the new house, and hope to get another set of pictures, soon.
    *goes off to rearrange her bookshelf according to colour…ahem* πŸ˜›

  52. Wow MM, Amazing. Seriously. I mean 4000sqft …..that sounds like our family house in kerala and you have that in Gurgaon. Wow!!! And you have about what 40-50 pots and plants ……I mean Hallelujah.
    I love the collage on your walls. For a year that we lived in our current rented place, P wouldn’t let me put a nail on the wall and it was very depressing……after a year I was like we’ll pay the damage, lets just get something on the walls. And I still dont have a collage but I love them and I have a hallway asking for it ……someday I will gather the courage before we vacant the place.
    The other thing is you know you have first rate wooden furniture while you are still in rental. I don’t know anybody who does. And that is amazing because its fun to see different places being done with the same furniture. Most renters live on bare minimums waiting for that elusive own house to do up, or own up. We own just 2 good pieces of furniture, the rest(is not a lot) is all just chuck and go in 5-6 years time kinda furniture.
    And now I await when you are done with your next place with the same furniture and furnishings.

    Wish you & your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Sunita. I have very inexpensive furniture. I’m a bargain hunter. I have spent time and energy hunting for the perfect piece at the perfect price. Everything here costs less than most people’s use and throw and the only reason I haven’t disposed of them is because they mean so much to me and are still in great condition. The one thing I haven’t mustered up the courage to do yet, is get the kids a bunk bed.
      The OA and I started life off with a few mattresses on the floor and then I knew I couldn’t just sit there waiting for life to start. I was about 27 or so when I realised that I really wanted to live each day to the fullest in terms of being the person I am, doing the things I want and entertaining in the way I am used to. It might be why we would rather rent a nice place than live in the place we can afford to buy πŸ˜‰

      • πŸ™‚ yeah I think I first heard that theory here only about enjoying your space be it rental or otherwise and though it goes against the popular theory of ‘travel light’, it makes way too much sense to me. I have spent 3 years in my current rental and it would have been very very boring without the little touches. OK now let me just go and pin a few pics. And can I say that again …I love that black and white collage. Do you follow I think you will love it.

        • No I don’t follow. Let me go hunt them down. And yes, this is my theory. I can’t put life on hold. Having kids, enjoying time with them, not owning a house, they all sort of tie in πŸ™‚ Have kids when your fertility is at its best, buy a home when your income is higher – others don’t need to agree. What I do believe in is health and life insurance. And money put away for college. You can never start too early. Buying a house right now will mean buying a tiny little piddly place where we’ll keep stepping on each others’ toes and the kids will be cramped up, the OA won’t be able to take career risks, I won’t be able to stay home, and we will live in a house that we won’t particularly care for. On the other hand if we wait some years a small house will be fine because the kids will go off to college and we two old fogeys won’t need much space πŸ™‚

  53. Thanks for such a lovely virtual house tour. I loved every bit of it- especially the small touches such as the plant coming out of the sula wine bottle over the Escritoire and the Bob Marley? orange cushion in the last Diwali pic. And I totally prescribe to you school of thought of not waiting to till you own your own house to do it up in style- otherwise some our best married years will be spent living the way we lived like in college hostels. All the very best for your new home! XoXo

  54. Hi, though i am not a regular reader of your blog.. I just came across your blog while surfing the internet randomly. But after reading this post.. i just could not stop my self from writting this comment. U have a b’ful house.. Its so pretty.. I am totally in love with your house! It gives such a warm and cozy feeling.. a positive aura!

  55. Lovely. Just to say: I have a colour coordinated bookshelf too. πŸ™‚ I remember I did it when I was home after my second one was born.

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