Please open your hearts and contribute

Hi all,

Got this from a friend of the person concerned. Do see if those of you who are blessed and can afford to help, can find it in your hearts to share with them.

Our friend Vijay Sharma MCRC Jamia (Batch1989-91) and his family are going through a very challenging time and need our support.

His younger daughter Divya, 11, met with a serious accident on Sept. 2 on her way to school. She was riding a bicycle when she was hit by a drunk driver in a dumper truck. Her leg was badly crushed under the wheel and …has been amputated below the knee. She’s being treated at Fortis Hospital in Noida sector 62. Initially the doctors feared that they would have to amputate above the knee but after a series of surgical procedures involving grafting they managed to save the knee. This was essential to ensure that her mobility is not altered drastically.

The cost of treatment at Fortis is exorbitant and has already led to expenses worth Rs 8 lakhs. A bulk of this amount came from Vijay and his family while the rest was raised through contributions from some Jamia classmates and BITV friends. But Divya is still in the hospital as the process of grafting is not complete yet. An estimated Rs.7 lakhs is required further to take care of the expenses.

Vijay at this point is inbetween jobs and is responsible for the care of his parents too. His father, who’s a heart patient took a turn for the worse after the accident and had to undergo bypass surgery.

We are immediately looking at collecting at least 7 lakhs by 15th October the date by which we expect Divya to be discharged from the Hospital. Of this we have contributions and pledges of about a lakh till now. (updates of amount collected are posted on the wall regularly)

This amount of 7 lakhs will just about meet the rest of Divya’s hospital stay and immediate rehab care’. While contributions of any amount are welcome and will make it easier, we would ask of those whose situation permits to contribute at least 20000.00. We would also ask those who have contributed to look at contributing again. We think we have enough of a relationship with you all to ask you of directly in this hour of need’.

For details of Vijay Sharma’s A/c you can inbox Swami Vijnanananda Saraswati on this group, or send a mail to Vijay Raman at or call him at +91-9811345950

Thanks and Regards
Friends of Vijay


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