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When newspapers take up a silly blogosphere matter and put it on the front page of the supplement, you know its time for the journalist who wrote the piece to get off his/her butt and go out and find a real story. And also time to end the matter with the little bit of dignity it has left. Since I can’t figure out how the hell one disables comments, I’m just not publishing anymore on these two posts.

A couple of answers to those who kept asking me the same damn questions and I’ve responded there, and will respond here too – Yes, she has a right to an opinion. And to air it on the net. Equally people have a right to their opinion on her opinion and to air it too.

Yes, we are all guilty of stereotyping. Yes, it’s funny to air them. Sure, you can talk about autism and partition in the same breath as tight tees and bulging muscles. No, you can’t expect everyone to share your putrid sense of humour – laugh all you like, but don’t expect the world to laugh with you.

And now we’re done. As for those who have over the last few posts been asking why I am weaning myself off the net – I think the reason is obvious. I have some other news coming up for you, but I will share that later – maybe on my birthday? For now I am shutting down and taking myself off to do more worthwhile things. See you around then!



9 thoughts on “Closing comments

  1. On the front page?
    Not sure ,but I thought you were leaving because of pressures at home & work leaving less time for blogging.
    Looking forward to the birthday news:)
    Take a break & come back refreshed & destressed.((Hugs))

  2. okay, you should go to the “edit post” mode(click on “edit” option under each post title from the list of posts). When the post has opened in the edit mode, scroll down, there is a check box that says “allow comments”. It is checked by default. Uncheck it, hit on publish again – we are done. That will close comments.

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