A gift for Baby Button

I know it’s been really quiet on this front and I thought I’d pop in to tell you all that Hurricane Nana reached safely before Hurricane Irene. The SIL has heaved a sigh of relief and handed her husband and son over to the older mama’s care and begun to focus on getting better soon. Β Yes we’re still worrying, we’re still praying and we still want your prayers and good wishes too.

My passport has gone down some sort of black hole and I am unlikely to get it before two months. So much for bloody tatkal. I won’t get into details of the whys and wherefores, here.

With everything happening within the space of a couple of days I couldn’t buy anything for Baby Button or the rest of his family (who are now purely incidental). And then I remembered that I’d got something made for him and had been waiting for someone Westward bound to carry it for me.

Baby Button sleeps in a crib in his parents’ room and they haven’t set up the nursery for him yet because he is being nursed and it’s simpler at nights to just get up and feed him right there. I wanted to do something for his room, something to personalise it but I couldn’t think of anything that would look nice in the master bedroom without making it childish – posters, buntings, cartoon figures – all would just invade and take away from the fact that this room actually belongs to two adults. I asked them for pictures of the corner they have converted for his crib and changing table and racked my brains. It’s so much harder when you realise that you get such lovely things for babies abroad. All I had on my side was good intentions!

I had a quote in my head that I wanted hung over his crib but just printing out a colour poster didn’t really seem like fun.Β As luck would have it, I came across Engrave.in right then (this is the FB page) and so I got this made to hang above his cot. A wooden plaque engraved with his photograph and the quote.

I had the option of doing it in in acrylic or on aluminum too. The acrylic was too light and would not suit the wall and the metal didn’t have the warmth of wood. It took me forever to get the correct kind of sleeping picture because too many items in the frame make the engraving tough. I also had to wait for the parents to send me a picture of a sleeping baby that would fit the quote – because I can just feel it in my bones that my little nephew will do great things someday to make up for his two useless cousins :p Oh yeah, no pressure on him at all.

Anyway – once the picture was sent to Engrave they got back to me immediately with the preview, I tweaked it a teeny bit and it was promptly back within a few hours Β – the ready product. I gave the go ahead and in a short time it was couriered to my doorstep. I have to admit I felt too strongly about it to let it go – so cute did it look. After all they have the original product, why should I send them the picture too!?

It has reached it’s destination and Tambi and the SIL like it so I’m pretty pleased with my choice of gift and quote. They should be here in October if all goes well and SIL recovers by then. Any ideas as to what I can get for them at that time? I’m sick of the usual Fabindia kurtas and dhotis they barely get the chance to wear, the wooden toys that I’ve sent by the carton. Any other such bright ideas, folks?

And oh, because I am a proud aunt who will pass up no opportunity to display my bachcha, here is a recent picture of him.

The spitting image of my brother, minus his curls. Hopefully they will come in soon!


62 thoughts on “A gift for Baby Button

  1. Adorable! His eyes! they talk!! πŸ˜€
    I am forever confused MM. Is it just me or all babies tend to look alike!!
    In the first picture Baby Button looks so much like Brat to me.
    And I have to say that is one brilliant gift.

  2. I wish you had another brother. Who is single. Sigh. How lucky would my babies have been, then! I love the gift – so beautiful, thoughtful, personal.

  3. God Bless lil Baby Button! He is such a cutie pie! And may his Mama make a full and speedy recovery!

    Such a thoughtful and cute gift, MM! πŸ™‚ I always find it challenging to buy gifts for little nieces and nephews in the US/UK because they get such cute stuff there.. You could look at Etsy.. there are so many cute customized options ranging from toys to crib stuff available there.. all handmade, mostly organic, child-friendly options.. Closer to home, Mother Earth has some cute toys and clothes for kiddos…

    Hope your SIL recovers soon!

  4. OMG he is adorable. That hair on his head is so cute, and that expression is priceless. He looks like a smart, balanced little boy πŸ˜€

    And I love that quote and the picture. If you don’t mind me asking, where did you get wooden toys? We are trying to find age appropriate wooden toys for our little one that don’t cost a bomb!

    I would get him Amar Chitra Katha!

  5. You know, long ago my mom got a book made for my kids. It was a regular tale, customized to include names familiar to the kid. So, for eg. – the three billy goats Button, Brat and Bean went to the bridge to see the troll and then Aunt MM came by …yada yada. It was really cute. Especially when families live far away. The books kinda keep the people/names familiar. Let me see if I can get details for you..
    Hope the SIL recovers soon.

  6. Awwww….I melt! So good to hear that your SIL is doing good. Baby Button is a little lump of love. Toooooooo cute..he looks so much like Brat when he was a baby πŸ™‚ The quote and the picture are amazing and such a great and thoughtful gift idea.

  7. I thought for a moment that the pic is from Anne Geddes! He looks totally adorable, and what beautiful eyebrows he has!

  8. Cute pic! I still go ‘aaarrrgh’ when any of my hubby’s relatives say “your daughter looks ju….st like her dad” πŸ™‚
    Good to know that your mom reached safe & SIL is recovering. The gift is awesome !
    Maybe you can make a sturdy drool proof photo book of your family, grandma, grandpa… with tidbits about them so baby button can look into his own pic book & remember his family far away….

    • ha ha! in this case there is no debate. Even most of her family thinks he looks his father. There is no mistaking that pug nose and mouth compared to her sharp nose! That said, even I get ticked off when people say the Brat looks like his father πŸ˜‰ fortunately the jury is still out on that one.

  9. Glad to hear that your mom reached safely and sil has started recovering…

    baby button so utterly butterly cute.. kala tikka!! we need a picture of your brother now!

  10. Just Kala teeka every available surface of that face woman! What eyes! (And what a waste, on a boy! πŸ™‚ :))

    Gift ideas eh? I for one, never tire of the clothes – and my kids wear them frequently enough to not make them a waste, but that is lifestyle dependent, so other ideas:
    – personalised silver utensils for him. My kids have their own plates/cups/spoons etc. thanks to doting, traditional-minded grandparents. I thought it was pointless, but the kids themselves really like having their own plates – and have caused some friends who also had similar stuff tucked away at home to start using theirs.
    – furniture. You have great ideas in home decor. Good solid furniture still costs the earth here. Come up with pieces that can be disassembled and carried back easily and reassembled here with minimal effort. Display shelves, Small stools/chairs/tables etc. would probably fit into a suitcase, or could be packed into an extra-luggage sized box.
    – fancy bed-linen – for the kid or the house.
    – You have a good embroidery guy right? Commission a decorative wall hanging from him.
    – Books from Tulika/Pratham etc. – this I assume you’re sending anyway, but many aren’t available here. I still carry back a huge load of books every trip.
    – If you have family traditions, (and which family doesn’t) – compile them into a book.

  11. He’s gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Love those big eyes and cute little button nose! And what a brilliant idea for a gift. Congratulations to the whole family!

  12. Engraving was a damn sharp idea, MM. I personally think they make for such smart, non mushy, yet adorable gifts πŸ™‚ And oye, what pug nose!!! No one says anything about noses! We, pug nosed people make the rest of the world value their pointed bits. So thank us NOW. Huh!

  13. good to hear that things are getting back on track! πŸ™‚ and what a laulllly gift! that sleeping photo is breathtaking! love!

    have no gifting ideas! usually stick to books since they are not so easily available there and are forever types! and no one can have too many books! πŸ™‚ and nice indian bedspreads? with camels and elephants? i just bought a gorgeous rajasthani one for Cub and ally. now we just need to get a bed for them! :p


  14. I am not sure if there is any age appropriate thing you can get him that he’ll truly “get” now. I did get a lot of good cotton clothes from India because when my son had started moving, I had to change outfits almost 4 times a day.
    Eventually I think some musical rhymes with in whatever language they speak at home will help. I picked up a tamil rhymes CD a year ago and wish I’d known them when he was around 1.5. He has learnt a lot of new words this way than by just talking the language at home.

  15. On an aside, I overheard at my salon that most babies initially look like their fathers, by way of evolution. To keep him from leaving. Don’t know where the lady got it from but I’d say almost *every* baby I’ve ever seen initially looks more like his/her father than mother.

  16. Hope your SIL gets better soon. Baby Button is so cute.. yea, he resembles his dad a lot! The pic of him sleeping is so beautiful.
    I am thinking of getting my little one the steel tiffin dabbas to use for snacks. All the stuff you get here is fancy bpa free plastic. And those wooden slates we wrote on.. and slate pencils. I’ve seen slates here but not the pencils.

  17. what an idea sirjee! such gifts are the best. the ones with so much love and thought and effort put in. hope your SIL is up and running soon.
    baby button is much much cuter than a button.

  18. Baby button looks absolutely adorable. Don’t know why i feel like calling him TInTin, may be it;s the hair. No offence meant πŸ™‚
    Hope your SIL recovers soon. On a side note when i went to include my husband’s name in my passport the guy was pushing me to go for a tatkal scheme although i mentioned that i am in no hurry and can wait for 8-10 weeks. And here they say tatkal takes 2 months…WOW!!!

    • :-/ funny you should say that. My brother has been calling him TinTin and I am screaming at him in rage for calling my bachcha a cartoon πŸ˜€ clearly I am in the minority.

      • WTH! Anyone can see that he’s the muse for the Tin Tin maker….coming a bit late. Such a wise face!

        And what an idea Sir-ji! Nice quote you got there.

      • i was also called Tintin ( and am still called that at home) by my brother because my hair used to stand up straight- so people who are called Tintin grow up to be quite adorable and intelligent and nice and ….u know the schpeel πŸ™‚

  19. Baby Button sleeping looks just like Benji (my son). I had an awww moment.

    If you’re craft-inclined and have time… or know someone who is… how about a patchwork quilt. It’s something I want to do for my kids/niece…gather fabric from close family members (so like a swatch from Brat and Beans old clothes, their baby blanket etc.) and make a quilt.

  20. Can I please eat up those cheeks of his??? He is soooooo beautiful! He looks a lot like Brat and Bean, he has both their features. The same face cut and eyes!! You have the most beautiful nephew! Now off you come to US!! He needs some pampering from his Bua! Also, on another note, please do let me know if you plan on coming here, would love to invite your family over for lunche/dinner.


  21. Your nephew is biteable. Hope your sil gets better very soon.
    I last applied for a tatkal passport in 2001. NIGHTMARE. I cried with rage and misery. The Indian High Commission here is chaotic, but at least they don’t ask for bribes when issuing new passports.

  22. Hon, try thingsremembered.com. Not Indian stuff, but oh so gorgeous.
    Loved your gift, it’s perfect.
    Glad Nana’s over to soothe fevered brows and babies.
    It’s amazing how much like the Brat Baby B looks in the first picture-more specifically, the Brat in his papasan picture.
    Big hugs to all of you.

  23. I have been away for almost 10 days. Hope your SIL recovers very soon.
    Baby Button is so so so adorable…he has beautiful eyes. That was an awesome gift that you sent MM !

  24. He’s gorgeous! And so is your gift. Though my cheeky side said that he’ll move lots of stuff he shouldn’t before he gets to those mountains. He’s really a doll.

  25. I have a question where did your SIL buy that little pillow in that picture?Can you please find out…pleassssssse.

  26. I must say, he is a very cute looking baby.The little one already has a charming and loving family as a gift from the almighty above (which is rare in todays time) Lucky kid..nazar na lage:)
    If at all you want to send something for the little one then maybe you can create VCD with Rhymes and Stories sung and narrated by Brat n Bean…It shud be fun.

  27. Good to know your SIL is doing better.
    Some ideas on what to get the baby, your brother and SIL
    1. Mul kurta-pyjama for the baby. To wear at the beach (sun is hotter than it looks in the summer) and at night.
    2. Desi storybooks: You get such fabulous ones now, with lovely illustrations.
    3. A nice, smart quilted (or otherwise) jacket that you can wear with jeans and turtlenecks. You can even get it made. Or even a long, angarkha style coat to wear in the Fall. Or a Kashmiri style kurta that you can wear in Fall/Early winter with jeans.
    4. Bags! Honestly, bags here are cool, but they all look the same. Desi bags, jholas, even the Dastkar camel leather ones are cool.
    5. Any stuff for the home. It costs a small fortune here to get stuff. Cushion covers, little bowls, whatever.
    6. Paintings. (plug for my SIL – she runs a gallery in Delhi πŸ˜‰
    7. Fabulous jewelry. I’m not a jewelry person, but I always buy something (mostly Anokhi types, though I would die for a nice kundan set) that I dress up a pair of jeans.
    8. Scarves – not the light ones, but silk or wool/pashmina that you can wear like a typical woollen scarf. Dupattas are too long, scarves are too little.
    9. Suits: my husband still gets his suits stitched in India. Wonderful tailoring, amazing fabric and a tenth of the price, and custom tailored. His sister has his basic measurements, gets it tailored, then he goes to Delhi and they do final alterations and give it to him before he leaves.
    10. CDs of desi music- you can get a lot on itunes but not all of it, especially the more obscure ones.



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