Be back soon

It’s been a long break since the last post. My SIL is very very ill and we’re in a bit of a panicky situation here. She needs your prayers. Ma’s is the only valid passport and visa right now so she’s rushed off to help early this morning.

I’ve spent a frustrating week at the passport office trying to tatkal without taking the bribery route. Filth, apathy, chaos – in a nutshell it is everything that is wrong with our country, squeezed into one office. Right now the whole anti-corruption crusade feels like a farce when you realise how each step has you banging your head against a wall. If people would make the first move by not suggesting that I bribe a cop, it would give me hope.

Hopefully SIL will recover and I won’t need to go in the next shift to help out. Do respect their privacy by not asking what is wrong – it is not my place to divulge. Just pray please. No idea when I’ll blog again, but I will….


128 thoughts on “Be back soon

  1. Dear MM

    Sorry to know about your SIL. My prayers are very much with you and your family. I had been regularly checking your blog and wondering if all was well, as you had not posted for quite some time.

    Do take care. Yes, the passport office in Delhi is a very very challenging place. But as they say, the first step to fighting corruption comes from within.

    Till later
    take care


  2. MM, if you mention their location local readers might be able to help out too. It must be scary for them with a newborn at home too, wish her a speedy recovery.

    • Thanks babe. Funnily I do have a couple of bloggy pals in the area who will help out. Plus they have lots of very good friends. But my SIL is unable to do anything so they really need someone to literally take over the house and the baby which is what Ma has rushed there for.

  3. Hi MM,

    Long time reader here. I hope she recovers real soon! Will keep her in my prayers this evening.

    But on a more important note…I’m currently in India, but hubby is close by on East Coast although with the hurricane warning am unsure of mobility. He will arrange for anything if your SIL or family there needs it or can come over to help as soon as he can.
    Don’t hesitate to ask and write to me.

    PS: I was booked to leave today but cannot because of the warning. Is it safe for aunty to go?

    • Thanks Dee. That is the other prob. We’re worried about the hurricane and ma flying in at the same time πŸ™‚ Thank you for the offer. I’ve always known that if I need something I just need ask and you all will open your hearts and help. Right now they need nothing except for my mother to get there and help with the cooking and baby. And of course for the medication to begin to take effect on my SIL.

      • okay…hope she reaches safely. I reach coming Wednesday so again write if you need anything. Medications too.. coz both of us work in the pharma industry.

  4. Big hugs. And a prayer for the SIL. Hope aunty has a safe journey and all gets well in the Baby Button household soon.

  5. Keep faith. It is difficult, but will get you through. Your entire reader clan has your family in their prayers.

  6. Hey MM !
    Don’t worry baby Button’s Mom will soon be fine !!! All my prayers are with you n ur family ! Have Faith in God !

  7. I had a feeling that something was up, when you didn’t blog for so long. Prayers for SIL and your family. Hope you get you passport renewed soon, but don’t need to use it this time around. Take Care

  8. prayers and good health for ur SIL

    as for the passport. ….by bitter experience….i can tell…bribery is the only way to get it done in an emergency.

  9. Oh! How horrible! Will keep your SIL in my prayers! Hope she gets better real soon. The Visa situation can be a nighmare. Fingers crossed and sincere prayers sent your way πŸ™‚

  10. My sincere prayers for a fast recovery of your SIL. I live in Chicago… if they are anywhere near by I am always happy to help.

  11. Praying for your SIL, MM. Hope she feels better soon. If possible, try to contact a higher authority person in the passport office. Once I got caught in a similar situation and a senior officer (who was not known to me) was reasonable enough to listen to me and offered her advice.

  12. wishing her speedy recovery MM. Prayers can work miracles. I beg, demand and command in my prayers and God is left with no choice but to give in.
    Stay strong MM for you and for everyone in the family.Thambi needs your support even more now (as if you don’t know eh!)
    God bless

  13. MM,

    Praying for your SIL. My prayers also for all of you in the family especially your brother and baby button. As for the passport, I would try and meet the passport officer and explain the situation. When I had applied for the passport, it did not arrive as I expected before my GRE. I requested to talk to the passport officer and he just asked me to give a letter stating the reason for speeding it up. This you can try. Hope all is well soon with the family.

  14. Hi MM,

    I will pray for her. Let me know if she is in the northwest. I am glad to help.
    She will be fine soon, don’t worry.

  15. Dear MM,
    We will pray for your family.. hope your mom does not get caught in the bad weather..please keep us posted.

  16. Praying for your SIL, but as re passport office, the other thing that works apart from bribery is a royal snit. I know, I threw one when I went for passport renewal. The head guy literally shivered and imemdiately okayed my papers for processing. Come home, I’ll give you lessons on being a royal beeyatch πŸ™‚

  17. Hi MM,
    I’m so sorry to hear the news. Your family will be in my thoughts. Wishing your SIL a speedy recovery. I’m sure your mom’s arrival will be a huge help. While you are still trying to apply for a passport, see if you can secure an appointment for the visa. Sometimes this can take a long time and you can always cancel it later if you don’t need it. Include a letter from your brother regarding your sister’s health and they will likely approve your visa.
    Take care.

  18. Sad to know about SIL. My prayers are with her and the family. Travels people sort out these passport issues quickly na…my mom got her passport renewed and visa done through them. May be you have tried that too. But please do anything other than meeting the passport office waale directly at this moment.

  19. May lord protect SIL and give her speed recovery. May god lord be with mom for her safe journey. May lord be with all of you and give you strength.

  20. Oh My! I will definitely pray for your SIL’s speedy recovery and strength for all of your family to cope with these tough times. And yes, fingers crossed for you to get your passport soon.

    As hard as it , do try to stay calm and composes so thambi and the rest of your family can gain courage from your strength.

    I can see that a lot of your friends are already supporting you. But please don’t hesitate to send me a note if you feel like there is any small manner in which I could help you. I live in the east coast as well.

    Warm Hugs!

  21. Wishing your SIL a speedy recovery! Hope your mom flies in safely and your passport issues are resolved quickly. Its so frustrating when you can’t help because you are stuck in paperwork hell!

  22. Darn! Prayers on their way! I hope she gets better and your mom reaches safely despite all the hurricane warnings….not sure if there is any hope for you on the whole Passport deal though…prayers won’t be enough for that last one..

  23. Sorry to hear that, MM. Must be so tough esp with the little one. My prayers and best wishes to her and the family.

  24. Of course, she will recover soon. There is no ‘hopefully’ about it. She shall be perfectly fit in no time. If they are here anywhere near Houston, let me know if there is anything we can do.

  25. Praying for a speedy recovery. I never though I would get to read a post like this, after you being away for so long. I am feeling sad now. Hope everything gets well really soon. Hugs and more prayers.

  26. oho..I hope she is back on her feet soon. And that Tambi and Baby Button stay happy and healthy. And that Naani reaches safely. From you posts, I have a very sweet, caring, well grounded picture of your SIL, I really hope she has all the help.. Lots of love to you and your family MM. I miss you, but that can wait πŸ™‚ Hugs πŸ™‚

  27. When frequent bloggers don’t blog for a while, one always morbidly wonders if everything is ok… and sad when it turns out it’s not 😦

    Will pray for our sis-in-law and that you get a passport… but even then, US visa is a bitch too.

  28. We did try the tatkal option for our son in Chennai,was quite painless-though we did use our old residence address(moved 2 houses from the old house-both our own).You could try getting it done by an agent-no bribes here, he irons some difficulties when we are confused with the rules.

    Good luck..

  29. All the very best for your SIL. May she get well soon. Our prayers are with all of you. May your next post be a happy one.

  30. Praying for your SIL’s good health and peace for all.. may the situation get better quickly. ((hugs)).. Thinking of the system and staying strong against corruption at such times is the toughest part.. Hope you get the passport-visa sorted smoothly but may the urgency or need not come up for you to rush there..

  31. would be happy to channel healing but would need her full name and address. and if you want to reach Patrick to heal her… then please text me. love.

  32. Will keep your SIL & family in our prayers MM! Hope your mother reached safe, with the hurricane situation here. I live in South NJ. Please let me know if I can help in any way.

  33. Wish your SIL a speedy recovery. Btw, I think your mum is kinda awesome for jumping on a plane and heading there to help.

  34. Give Mum my number. I’m on the wrong coast but am more than happy to be a voice over the line for anything at all. Big hug and heartfelt prayers. Stay strong and positive, all of you.

  35. So sorry to hear about your SIL,MM.
    Please don’t worry,she’ll be fine..soon…
    sending lots of prayers her way…

  36. dad is a doctor, MM.
    need an opinion.second opinion… etc
    do let me know. mail me.

    our prayers are with your family

  37. Our prayers are with your SIL. Bhagwaan jald hi saare dukh door kare aur khushiyaan lautaaye. Good luck on the passport/visa issue. Will include that in my prayers as well.

  38. Praying for your SIL, I am sure she’ll get better very soon. Take care of yourselves, the emotional part of having a loved one sick is pretty draining too.

    And if you want to dump that ire on the right heads (the bribe takers, they can take THAT too, so there!), please check out this initiative of Janagraha – I paid a Bribe (, they cover Delhi and have people writing in with what happened, whether they bribed or not, whether they had to or not.

  39. I don’t see you update for while, then i get crazy busy – check today and it’s bad news :(. I was thinking you’d gone on anther vacation 😦

    Hope your SIL is getting better. Am sure she’s getting the best medical help – but if you need a 2nd opinion or any other help – BIL and co-SIL work on the east coast at Beth Israel (i think it’s in the Boston area – if that helps) and my sis and BIL are also doc’s. So don’t hesitate to call/mail if you need anthing.

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