Have a good weekend and Jai Hind

After the post on beggars, reproductive rights, what safety and a good childhood constitutes, comes this link via Mona. Called Where Children Sleep, it’s a project by a documentary maker who wanted to avoid the usual cliches. He breaks your heart nonetheless as he takes you from the home of a rich child in Kentucky to a little housemaid in Nepal.

Next up comes a piece on what is wrong with kids today with via MGM. Again, closely linked to the last post I wrote on things like manners, discipline, the sense of entitlement, where we’re going wrong as an entire generation of parents by not teaching our kids what is clearly wrong and what the meaning of authority is. Read on.

And finally, we’re off for the long weekend and I hope you are too. If you aren’t and would like to, but are out of ideas, do stop by Gypsyfeet. To quote them, they are travel enthusiasts who believe that travel should lead to deep impressions and experiences – they do this through home-stays, through local cuisine, and through participation in festivals, as well as interaction with the communities where we travel. The North-East region of India ( Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Meghalaya and Sikkim), and the adjoining country of Bhutan is where they currently operate. It is blessed with abundant natural beauty and an interesting culture that is vastly different from the rest of India. For a photo-journey through this land, click on their PhotoGallery. National parks, wild life sanctuaries, festivals, hiking – they’ll give you the experience you crave. Look through their  trip plan, and see what activity is to your liking.

Gypsyfeet believes in responsible tourism, read about their best practices here.

8 thoughts on “Have a good weekend and Jai Hind

  1. I have heard so much about Gypsy Feet and its on my list of things to be done 🙂 I would love to go to Bhutan with them. Did you go with them too?

  2. Went whitewater rafting & trekking in Coorg for the weekend..

    And we(the travel firm I’m part off, whose name I will not mention here :)) do very similar stuff to what Gypsy Feet does, the same tribe we are.. Travellers 🙂 May more people travel.. responsibly 🙂

      • He he, nothing to do with linkback.. And, which business wouldn’t want a linkback from the MM’s blog? 🙂 But still, don’t want to hijack the comment thread on a post about another travel firm and put in a link..

        Btw, your friend JD shared his story at a traveller meet we organised last year in Bangalore 🙂

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