The filmy post

So I have to ask. Zeenat Aman or Parveen Babi? My vote for Zeenat Aman – more refined features, better body.


Just saw DDLJ being advertised for the nth time on TV and realised I’d happily watch it again. It was our generation’s Sholay. Fans of Sholay, don’t lynch me, I think Sholay is the best too. But it reminded me of a really funny incident.

I had learned about this rather prim British game from my grandmother’s youth and happily shared it with the rest of my social circle. It was called Fish Pond. A bowl would be placed in the centre of the room and we all got paper and pens and could drop in anonymous notes. From the timid confessions of love to the most nasty stinkers (but mostly love notes), everything made it’s way in there – and everyone knew if a note was meant for them or not. Soon it became a staple at every party. We’d walk in, drop our notes in the bowl, party, sing, dance, eat and then one of us would read out the notes while the rest would try to guess who had written them. A fitting end to every party.

And then Raj and Simran took the Euro Rail into our lives and everything changed. That evening we played Fish Pond as usual and note after note was read out – all addressed to Raj from Simran and from Simran to Raj. After the first note, I looked up and grinned at the childhood sweetheart thinking it was from him to me. The blank look on his face alerted me to the fact that it wasn’t. A look around the room showed similar looks. Only the person who wrote it knew who it was for – the intendeds were all confused. And so on it went. Thirty notes from and to Raj and Simran. After the first few minutes the humour of the situation sunk in and we roared with laughter. By the end it didn’t matter if the right person got the message. All that mattered was that we’d all imagined ourselves the love struck lead pair of the hit film.

*wipes tears* What’s your funniest Bolly real life moment? Aneela and Dipta are barred from participating. Oh what the hell, jee lo bachchon. Tell us about it.


I watched Delhi Belly and loved it. I promoted it loud and long on my Facebook page too. The music was fantastic and so was the movie. I know a lot of people took exception to the cursing but I felt right at home! They were talking about a certain section of society and the language was as authentic as it gets. You can’t come from Uttar Pradesh, study in Delhi University and work in media and be a stranger to abuse. I’ve heard the most creative and finally when I realised I wasn’t going to smoke, touch alcohol or play cards in this lifetime, I decided the least I could be an expert on was cuss words. A woman’s got to have some vices!

Two minutes into the movie and that could have been my life 10 years ago. Although a lot of it looked like it had been shot in Bombay or any other part of the country, definitely not Delhi. The bachelors in a filthy flat – check. My brother objects but I have a very clear memory of once walking into his flat and washing a bowl of something indescribable, other than the maggots crawling out of it. After that he and I moved in together because getting his flatmates (lovable though they were) to keep the place clean was a challenge. And we kept the barsati as clean as possible we could with no water -yes, water shortages and Delhi are synonymous. I recall buying 20ltr jars of mineral water to bathe in. I’d go to the parlour down the road and get them to shampoo my hair for Rs 50 once every week or so because I was sure I had layers of shampoo settled in there. Yes, short of washing our arses with OJ we did everything else.

Even if you’re not from Delhi but have watched Dilli 6 you’ll remember the terraces all cheek by jowl. Well, here’s a confession. At night we’d come back from work and prowl the terraces, jumping from one roof to another, hunting for a water tank that was open. And then we’d pass buckets and rob water for our early morning ablutions. The more adventurous would just stand right there and have a quick bath, dressed in shorts and vests as we all used to be. Once I remember the guys getting into the tank to rob the last couple of buckets at the bottom of the syntex tank and eventually just having a nice old tub bath inside it. I am horrified at the thought of anyone doing it to us today, but in those days, we were young and wild and everything was fair. Everything unacceptable was a dare and anyone who didn’t fall in with the plan, fell off the charts.

At night there’d be no electricity and we’d sleep out on the open terrace. Rows of bare mattresses and a guitar strumming softly under the night sky. Yes, the party shifted to our place. People would float in and out and bike and car keys passed around with no fear. One day I recall two guys walk in and sit in a corner, roll a joint and then leave after a while. Later we wondered aloud whose friends of friends they were, only to have everyone shrug. Apparently we’d just been used! This is around the time the whole Kala bandar scare happened and terrified of getting carried off by a monkey man, prone to hallucinating after a couple of bottles of rum, we all shifted back into the barsati, preferring the stifling heat to terror inflicted insomnia.

A few nights ago Dipta and wife, the OA and I and some other friends were lazing around after a potluck dinner. And we began to swap stories of our youthful misdemeanors. I waited for the boys all to hit me with their worst. And I kept waiting.  Suddenly realised that I had the worst stories to tell, sweet innocent that I am, simply by virtue of the company I kept. Very few of the horror stories had me featuring in a starring role. Even so, it’s unnerving to realise that you have the most evil stories to relate compared to the others’ blameless, unblemished lives.

Which is why I watched Delhi Belly with something akin to relief. So we were not the worst. There were people who had obviously done some terrible things in their own time which is where the idea came from. Walk into any media house and the photographers will be rather like Kunaal Roy Kapur. Irreverent (except for the guy who almost dropped his camera when a celeb we were interviewing let her dress slip down to give us an eyeful of err.. you know), wicked sense of humour and always sleepy or hungry! Imran reminds me of my ex, again, a media guy who was freaked out by the thought of me actually being serious enough to want to get hitched! And Vir Das was well… Vir Das.

Some of the humour was slapstick, some of it was totally lost on the junta around us, like the one about the banana looking happy because it was about to be eaten and the earring being an accessory.

I am also amazed by the number of people who actually called/mailed me to ask me what the big deal with the Bhaag DK Bose song was. How many of you really didn’t get it? And no, I am not explaining on the great wide web. I have to draw the line somewhere!

The line is an old schoolboy joke in UP. The original line going Bhaag *beep* ke, aandhi aayi. I recall school friends saying it to this particular friend who was the butt of every joke. Funny, crass, brash, big built, pistol wielding, he was my favourite champion. Once I lost my temper with the boyfriend and this guy looks at me and goes – Want me to throw him in the fish pond?

Yes, I nod, spoilt brat that I am.

He promptly grabs him and throws him into the pool, headfirst. Thankfully Ma walked out right then or the poor boyfriend might not have lived to tell that tale. So our pal stops mid-throw in shock and hangs on to him by the legs. And there is the boyfriend, hanging upside down, head inside the pond, choking and spluttering. Me glaring balefully and believing that he is getting his due. Ma screaming in terror and scared of grabbing in case friend loses balance and lets go. And friend looking at me and saying – I threw him in because you said, I’ll yank him out only if you want, never mind if Aunty kills me after this.

Ma came at me with the fury of a 1000 snakes and I reluctantly told him to pull the boyfriend out. Boyfriend came out soaked from head to chest, spluttering and choking.  And this friend pats him on the back and says genially, in lieu of an apology, “Never mind yaar, you’re a Bengali; you should have just eaten some fish.” And all this while the rest of our gang sitting around watching and splitting their sides laughing. Happy days. And yes, the boyfriend continued to date me inspite of that episode. I’m lovable and forgivable like that.

Anyhow, some years ago that madcap friend of mine fell out of the second floor of a building and is in a wheelchair now. As the hall around me was exploding with laughter when the song started all I could think of, wiping tears away, is how time has passed and how he will never again bhaago, aandhi or no aandhi, wheelchair bound as he is. The song was not so funny anymore.

I also watched Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. Another three young men, except this time so out of my realm. Making big bucks, deep sea diving, buying their wives Hermes bags. The movie had everything it takes to be a hit – decent music, interesting locales, eye candy (I got my money’s worth the moment Hrithik took off his shirt) and emotion, drama and romance. But it didn’t hit home the way Delhi Belly did for me. Gross, scatalogical, crazy, avenging boyfriends, crazy media parties, makes ups and break ups, communication breakdowns, love, fights, misunderstandings, pranks, that was the story of my youth. Not this sanitised, privileged, landscaped, clean story. Our friends were more likely to wash their butts with your orange juice than screw your girlfriend.

Even so, I am currently listening to this song from the movie on repeat. How can you not? The words are beautiful and Mohit, the true love of my life is singing it while Farhan and Hrithik, the other true loves of my life gladden the eye. As for Abhay, he needs to rethink his roles. He came across as annoying, effeminate and witless. Even his hairy chest couldn’t redeem him. His voice was the most annoying aspect and that is saying something when you’re sharing screen time with Farhan.


Anyhow, paisa vasool on both counts. Delhi Belly for taking me down memory lane and ZNMD for letting me aankh seko as the UP term goes. I leave you with my current favourite item number. Ignore the tacky video and just get up, push your chair away from your desk and shake your booty! Goodnight folks.


89 thoughts on “The filmy post

  1. Coming from UP, i know what you mean….alld is still better- vns is the pitts man! I was once caught in a cross fire between 2 local mafia gangs and one of the gangsters took a pistol to my head and ordered me to drive him to the ER, he was badly injured, bleeding from the head and running on foot amidst heavy traffic to escape….knowing my luck, of all the people around he grabbed me! So, I did what I was told, speeding for our lives on my moped to BHU hospital- apaat kalin vibhag….and who happens to be on call in the head-trauma ER? My dad’s friend’s son…..oh Lorddddd, I nearly collapsed myself trying to explain what what I doing with a bleddy bleeding gangster hanging on to my salwar kameez and duppatta!! Once the whole drama was over, I bunked college for 2 weeks and went underground at our farmhouse because my dad feared that the rival gang might be looking for me for saving this guy!!! Major filmi drama I tell you. well, anyway, this goonda survived and till this day, he falls at my feet if he happens to see me anywhere in vns…literally and he is much older than me ! And insists on offering ‘madat’ for ‘anything’ at all. Earlier I used to be majorly embarassed/terrified because I didnt want to die in a gang war 😀 but now I am resigned to being ‘his girl’, i suppose. 😀 My young and impressionable male cousins were hugely impressed at that time that a well known gangster in eastern UP owes his life to me. Blimey! Years later I am chuckling about the whole thing reading your post…other than saving goondas I have led a pretty tame life my friend!

  2. Delhi Belly – loved it! Saw it in the theatre when I was in India. Was one of the two girls in a theatre full if men in a small town in orissa and felt right at home with the gaalis . Bhaag dk bose: got the meanibg and the implicit attempt at the gaali without anyone needing to explain to me( quite proud of myself). Gave the husband a 10 min lesson on the song 🙂
    Jalebi bai : loved the song and also her jalebi move 🙂

  3. I was one of those people who had no idea of the DK Bose song was about . I thought it was a guys name for a looooong time . The guys at work made me sing this song with repeat requests and that’s when I realized something was off. One of them finally took pity on me and gave some faint hints . Lots of prodding later I know the “offensive terms”, but I still have no idea what it means :-

    I guess like DDLJ in Hindi, Alaipayuthe(Saathiya in Hindi) became a rage that way , and we were just getting into college that year. A lot of Karthik- Shakthi stories , dialogues, guys looking for girls in railway stations ,dialogues , phone calls popped up everywhere all of a sudden. Most of us have countless stories to tell , inspired from the movie 🙂

  4. Oh, I LOVE the song. And the poetry. I think what was special about them was, how in simple words, he conveyed things we feel and go through everyday, but never bother to stop and think about. And what an aankh seko it was aaaah. Farhan Meri Jaan !!! 😀 Totally agree with the Deol fellow being effeminate bit. And to think he was actually made to sing with that voice. Blah! I dont like Hrithik for some reason. He is just too godly and perfect to be real you know, beyond reach..Farhan on the other hand you can go right ahead and hug 🙂

    Havent yet caught DB. Well, I went to college in Ranchi, no amount of crass can shock me ;)..what shocks me is people not getting what Bhag D K Bose meant. hiiihiiii 🙂 and waise, whats the need to even understand a banana joke? banana bolte hi hasi aa jati hai 😛

    And yes, Zeenat. Anyday.

  5. Sigh….it’s posts like this that make me wish that I had grown up in India. Funnily enough, they do sound quite familiar to the stories my parents tell me (we’re from Delhi/Meerut), but I also think they were heavily edited for my little ears 😛

    Have to see both now – maybe I’ll drag my parents to see Delhi Belly when I get home to Melbourne and get them relive their youth a little as well 😛

    PS – Zeenat all the way. She was a goddess 🙂

  6. My huband, I and even my Filipino helper loved Delhi Belly! I was laughing so loud I woke up my sleeping baby… and still didn’t stop laughing.

    I didn’t ever fend for myself in a new city (even when I went to uni in Hyderabad, lived with my cousin with my uncle as benevolent mutton-buying presence) but had many friends from out-of-town all in media, so I know the life and it rings true in the film.

    • I think that makes a lot of difference. You realise money doesn’t go very far, you live in filthy shacks because you can choose between food or rent and much more….

  7. My hindi filthy-words vocab is so poor. I didn’t get the song and half the cuss words 😦 Now, have to find some genius and give it a second time dekho.

    I don’t think many would miss the banana jokes. Loved the movie, only I had to miss the dinner that night. I did think that there was not much of delhi in delhi belly. I mean, at least there was a beautiful song dedicated to the city in Delhi 6, though I hated that one. And by the way MM, I totally didn’t get the kaala bandar thing in Delhi 6 at that time.

    Sholay and DDLJ?! You have some thick skin woman, how dare you mention them together! I mean, it’s like vodka and wine, Kishore Kumar and Himesh reshmiya, AB senior and AB junior, Manmohan singh and JP…..just kill me.

    By the way, Zeenat any day. Parveen looks like Meena kumari next to Zeenat.

    • oh you poor baby… You think everyone think Sholay was created by God.. you’re one of those :p there, there, its all going to be okay. You’ll get used to it.

      Lots of people missed the banana joke in our little village of Gurgaon. Silence reigned around us with only our bunch giggling. If that was any indication….

      You didn’t get the kala bandar? yes of course – it was a very local Delhi problem. I was quite sure half the world wouldn’t get it unless they googled.

  8. Havent seen delly belly but what I loved about ZNMD is the road trip part. Having seen most of India by road and still doing 14 -15 hr drives with kids, the whole idea of experiencing a place, life , people while on the move was great. We might not realize it but often after a road trip ( or for that matter any trip where you get a lot of time to urself) , you do come back lighter- a lot of baggage left in the same. often during these long trips, I sort out my own thoughts, perspectives, observe people around and come back more richer. That perhaps was really relatable in the movie

  9. “At night we’d come back from work and prowl the terraces, jumping from one roof to another”…I thought you were going to confess to being the kala bandar! Guess even your misspent youth wasn’t that out of control.
    About the gaalis and the UP tales, count me in the group that can’t identify with any of that…I’m interested and endlessly amused but can’t for the life of me imagine what living among gundas and pistols would be like.
    And while we are confessing to “bad” things from the past – I once single-handedly booed Vir Das off the stage at a party for making one too many sexist jokes. This was in 2004…when he was Vir who? I remember the look on his face as he was walking off the stage…”gulp”

  10. Zeenat Aman all the way.
    Loved Delhi belly – the 2 years at B- School taught me all the gaalis I ever need to know. Poor baby sis with her limited Hindi gaali knowledge took a while to get the DK Bose reference (I suspect she still hasn’t :P). More than the gaalis, I loved the scatalogical humor – hilarious.
    Waiting to watch ZNMD this weekend. I love Abhay Deol, but I only hear/ see bad reviews of his performance. As long as that hairy chest is on display though, we are good to go 😛

  11. haha!Loved Delhi Belly.. I actually thought the way of talking was pretty normal having friends who spoke that way. Me- I of course cut down on my cussing post kids- Esp after i thought i heard my two year old say F**K when he was actually saying fork.
    I didn’t get DK Bose either.(My kids love the song) I knew the actual word (thanks to the hubby extensive vocab and his conversations with his school friends that sound like a collection of THE words) but i just didn’t connect it. He had to tell me! ZMND has lovely songs. I didn’t like the movie tho I Love FARHAN! Huge Mohit Chauhan fan too! DDLJ was good. But its Dil chahata hain- that’s my classic. Alaipayuthe in Tamil and Dil Chahta hain in Hindi.

  12. And come on, you can’t complain about effeminate guys and confess to loving Farhan Akhtar in the same post! Hes yet another filmy conundrum like rahul roy or karisma kapoor before she discovered tweezers…who?why?what? when? and how did we ever let them happen?

      • I watched him in something called karthik calling karthik and it made my eyes, ears and brain bleed. So what makes you a fan? the mousy personality or that squeaky voice 😉 Ironically those attributes should’ve made him perfect for KCK, definitely more believable than the ones in which he is a rocker and filmy stud….

        • You’re being mean and I’m going to let it pass. It’s your annual free pass. Next time you will go to jail, you will not collect 200.

          And you didn’t watch Rock On? Typical intern behaviour.

          • Truce! I just listened to a couple of songs from VTV and Wow! Thanks for the recommendation…you are forgiven for loving Farhan non-Actor 🙂

  13. I liked ZNMD- found it thoroughly enjoyable, unreal type rich folks and all. I loved Farhaan calling Abhay ‘Kabeera’, and I was totally in love with his dealings with Ms.Bagwati. I think his character was also the most authentic.
    Loved the last shot- the joy on their faces as they survive running with the bulls.

    That said, I think DB was a far better movie. Despite my relatively blameless youth and highly sanitized existence, DB rang true. It never went off-key, and was harmonious (and hilarious) throughout. I really loved it- will go for a second viewing soon.

    • You think so? I thought I was biased because of my deep and true love for Farhan 😀 And yes I did enjoy it. But it was rather formulaic. Each challenge, each fear dealt with, spaced 30 minutes apart, fancy locations, rich people, sexy cars. It couldn’t fail even if it wanted to.

      DB on the other hand – as Aamir said – was hit and miss. The world could have hated it. And plenty did. ZNMD on the other hand, set out to charm, deliberately. Plus it had Katrina 😦

      • I think we expected more nuance from Zoya Akhtar.
        This time round she made a very stylish fillum with less substance than LBC, perhaps.
        I did enjoy it thoroughly- it didn’t strain the brain at all, and wasn’t a stupid film like BbuddahHTB, which the SRE insisted on us watching:(

        • *gasp* He didn’t! Even Dipta insisted on going for it and we all boycotted him and his silly Big B film. Yes, I guess you’re right – we did expect more nuance and less style. And she failed. But it’s okay. For Hrithik’s abs I’ll let go of all ill will. Don’t much care for the rest of him.

      • Your dad and bro sing Bass, na? I would imagine you’d like deep throated, whiskey- coated voices. And you like squeaky boy (no wait, make it air-y voice) Farhan? I find him uber cute but his voice puts me off so much! 😦

  14. You are right MM.
    I couldn’t believe it was the same Abhay Deol of Dev D! ”oh baby, please dont be angry na” What a waste of such a macho guy!

    • See? It’s just the role that made me cry. And then Aisha. I know he wants to break into the mainstream. But these are BAD choices. he’s not coming across as hero material.

      • me and hubby are of the opinion that he’ll drive himself crazy (literally) very soon, with his choices.

          • I have a friend who thinks that the effeminism was a layer in his character in the movie. Maybe its something he is and doesnt know yet…or along those lines.
            I would be impressed with that if I hadnt seen Aisha and know that unfortunately it IS his normal voice. I dont think Zoya had much of a choice there.

  15. I haven’t watched Delhi Belly yet, so I’ll refrain from commenting, but as a showcase for Spain, ZNMD works very well. Storywise, not so much.

    My favourite description of the film however, is comparing it to Dil Chatha Hai and saying it’s like Iphone and Iphone 4. 🙂

  16. Abt my DDLJ moment… in college, I was walking down the road and my friend was walking about 50m behind me, and he did the “palat” thing. And it worked!
    I still don’t know why I turned and looked back, but I did and he broke into the biggest smile, came running up to me and told me what happened. That was quite a wonderful moment! 🙂
    We weren’t dating then, but he was my first love. It was the forever kinda love for a long time, but it didn’t work out.

    No regrets though. It’s all good. 🙂

  17. I STILL haven’t watched Delhi Belly 😦 My stupid friends bailed at the last moment.
    My parents did want to watch it, and my reflexive comment was, “No ma, you can’t. It’s an adult movie.” She stared at me for a couple of seconds before we both started laughing.
    As for ZNMD- four words. FARHAN. Hrithik. Spain.
    And Bagwati 😀

  18. For a long time, I couldn’t differentiate between Zeenat Aman and Praveen babi, they looked the same to me 🙂
    Now I can and I like Zeenat more 🙂

    Watched DB, didn’t get the D K Bose thingy, asked hubby and still don’t find it funny 😦
    Friends are very surprised when I say that and I attribute it to very strict Army family upbringing with limited exposure to North India in my teens.
    I guess if you haven’t heard it while growing up, it doesn’t evoke any laughter.

    and DDLJ is very good, but Sholay is awesome 🙂
    Sholay! Sholay! Sholay! 🙂
    btw watched a French-canadian movie recently and its title also means Sholay. I would recommend it , again not for kids.
    Here’s the link –

  19. Zeenat it has to be!

    DDLJ got us all dreamy-eyed about what our future could be. I think I was in class x n SO distracted, thanks to that movie!!

    Hmmm… For a long long time after watching HAHK…I used to be on the hunt for good-looking bros, so my sis and I could get married into the same family n dance n sing for each other!

    I was in college after DCH..n man all the boys were heading to Goa that year and coming back with pics of trying to get a fish in their mouth 😀

    You know that really bad movie… AKS…mention it to anyone in our batch n we’ll have days worth of stories to tell u! n be in splits laughing! That’s how much any of us are allowed to talk abt it…it’s a secret pact !

    Hvn’t seen DB or ZNMD 😦 I see that ur recommending a tamil movie … will have to watch it.
    Hmm….growing up in Blr, my Eng Vocabulary was all too good….but it was not until I got into college and had a zillion “northie-s” for friends that I improved my Hindi Vocab ! Ahh..the way they would boys would tease me for not knowing any of it and the diligence with which they would teach me 😀 they were proud of me for cacthing up at the speed that i did 🙂

    Hrithink & Katrina – never cared much for them

    Farhaan : Attractive yea!

    Abhay : I fell in love with him in Dev D. Think I watched it based on your recommendation in a post. But since then, I’m yet to see a movie in which I’ve liked him!

    So, have I answered all your questions ma’am ?:)

  20. I am instructed to let you know that Zeenat had the best body but Parveen the better (sulky sexy) face!
    For myself, I just want Parveen’s hair 🙂

    Can’t comment on the movies as I haven’t seen them, but Farhan’s voice! Ugh! Very unfortunate, since he does seem to be an intelligent, decent looking guy, who might have something interesting to say but I can nt *stand* his voice!

    Hritik’s abs (and biceps and pecs and…..) usually make up for the rest of any movie he’s in so that’s ok 🙂

  21. ooye- VTV rocks or what! awe-f*ing – some music.. made simbu bearable .. that Gautham Menon is a genius!

    oo saw ZNMD- loved it!! my kinda movie..

    DDLJ- sigh.. wat can I say? that was one of the first romantic movies that i enjoyed- I was 16 then, in my defense 🙂

    oo Alaipayuthey- I was just entering college and it was a huge rage!

    finally- dint watch Delhi belly- but i dont understand hindi all that well to enjoy the cuss words :(… ahd to google the meaning of DK bose 😛

  22. Parveen Babi. That woman was gorgeous with a fabulous figure.

    I can’t wait to watch DB. The first time I heard Bhaag DK Bose I just couldn’t believe what I heard but later realized that it was only me who thought they meant what they meant. LOL For others it was just a song about a name. Good to know that there are more people like me. 😀

  23. Zeenat, any time for me.

    I didnt know that there is supposed to be ‘other’ meaning for DK Bose song and I still dont get it. I am yet to watch this movie. Even from college days my friends had to ‘enlighten’ me on all the non-veg jokes, I was a tubelight like that and I guess I havent changed much. My friends used to tease me …’tum to doodh se dhuli hui ho, tumhare samaj mein nahi aayega, kyo na tum apan record work mein concentrate karo?’
    I am amazed at the stories that you have to tell us from your youth…I think they are endless. Compared to yours, I should say I had a very dull and boring youth with no adventures as such. May be it is due to the reason that I never stayed away from home until I got married…hmm, dont know.

  24. In the end – was not DDLJ very regressive? After all the gains we made in the 70s through Big B going against the defined rules and norms – in the last scene we had Raj taking a chance with the to-be-FIL allowing Simran to “live life”! What if – Amrish Puri (being true to his track record) – did not see the point – and did not let her go :)?
    In the end, however Big B himself let us down by taking around his DIL to circle trees and temples to counter a curse!

    • I thought so too. If we waited around for parental approval the OA and I would still be single. A lot of people thought it was regressive. And once I got past the romance of Europe, I agreed. And I did write a post on the Big B and his bahu letting us down – that post got trashed.

  25. I hated ZNMD as much as I LOVED Delhi Belly. And I loved DB a lot, so thats saying something.
    I thought DB was awesomely written, I was in awe of every little noticeable and subtle joke and thought the characterization was awee-e-some.
    ZNMD on the other hand was flat, superbly badly written, boring with no highs and lows. And it didnt help that I find Katrina so annoying she melts my brain away. And for some reason Hrithik did it too this time!
    Abhay Deol and Farhan Akhtar I loved, but the rest of the disappointment swept over that. OH, and I thought they did NO justice to the beauty that is Spain. Overall, BAD movie.

  26. I finally know the meaning of DK Bose song!! I had to google and finally get to it :(. Major light bulb moment :).
    I was soo taken in by DDLJ that, after I married my husband, I gave him a wish list with places that I wanted to visit, the first one was disneyland, second on the list was Switzerland. He did fulfil them, we went on the very same train in which DDLJ was shot 🙂 and he also got me the cute cow bells.


  27. Of course got what DK Bose was..even though not from UP. 🙂 but more than that, yes with ZNMD, it was wishy-washy reaction while Delhi Belly was an acute reaction, hate or love it. ZNMD was actually pretty average with the pace of a documentary for me…

  28. I loved both Zeenat Aman and Parveen Babi. For the longest time, I thought they were one and the same. Later, I realised who was who but it is still very difficult for me to decide who I like more of the two.

    Waiting to see ZNMD and DB. Have heard the DK Bose song, but can’t figure out what you are talking about. I have had abosultely no connection with Delhi except for 5 days that I spent there on a holiday. Couldn’t get the connection. 😦
    And I always used to think it’s just the name of a guy..

    PS: On a totally unrelated note, I would love it if you could do a post on being a reporter. For newbies interested in the field. What it involves, what a typical day in the life of a reporter is like, and what you need and don’t need to be one. Pls treat this as a request.

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