The one where Deej and Nat visited

You know a friendship has gone far past its origin when you meet a “blogging” friend and talk about everything but the blog and your common bloggy acquaintances. So the host of my blog, Lavanya (look up at the url if you don’t know what I mean) moved back to India after a decade of living in the UK and it was rather fitting that mine was the first face she saw when she landed in India, her only flight option being Delhi with a connector to Madras the next day!

I had threatened her with marigold garlands and full band baaja reception which might explain the nervous look on her face as she turned the corner and pushed her trolley into the arrivals reception. And there, right next to her was her daughter, the tiny little Mint. Of course I hadn’t brought any garlands but I forgot my manners as I rushed for the Mint. And then 2 seconds away from her a bell went off in my head – poor firang returned kid lands in India and is accosted by absolute stranger aunty who wants to hug her, pinch her cheeks and basically make her rue the day her mother started blogging. So I stopped and hesitantly put my arms out to her, steeling myself for rejection. And then she blinked from under her hair falling over her face, trustingly put her arms out and I picked her up. All while her mother and brother watched in silence. After which I bothered to greet them.

They spent the day at our place and it was like a sister coming home. Mostly because I didn’t bother with who was where. The kids were all over the place. P found more books in the Brat’s room than he knew what to do with and was very busy. He is also my son in law to be but he doesn’t know it just yet. The Brat and the Bean fell in love with their new friends and are now eagerly awaiting our next Madras trip and I don’t have the heart to tell them that it’s going to be a crazy rush since it’s my first cousin’s wedding and we’re involved in every way possible.

Anyhow, this post had to be written because  of the last post I wrote on NRI kids and parents who drive me nuts. Well, this is the other side. Deej neither bothered with the kids, nor they with her. There was no – oh my God, that is a sharp table corner, oh my God, the stairs have no baby gate, oh my God the kids need special food and Holy Water business.

And then a few days later the other person I was dying to meet arrived with her babies in tow- Nat! She made the trip to Delhi specially to see me and the Taj (not necessarily in that order!). I have no idea how Nat and I connected, neither can I pinpoint when the friendship became one that was important to us. Beyond the whole lets-have-a-blog-meet. Again, the doorbell rang, I opened it, squealed when I saw her and then one minute there were kids, the next minute there were none. I’d held that carrot out for the kids all day – If you do this, you can play with Nosh and Reh, if you don’t do that you won’t get to play with Nosh and Reh. Within minutes they were best of friends and there was no fussing over what was offered to eat or drink or safety measures and I realised where we’d connected. Friendly, fuss free, fun kids whom I enjoyed meeting. Clearly we’ve all read the same bad mother’s handbook!

I am now more confident that my neglected, carelessly brought up nephew will enjoy his India trip and not bawl his way through a couple of  months!

The reason why these were such eagerly awaited meetings is because I couldn’t envision a situation when we’d all get to meet. Different countries, visiting different parts of India – no connection with Delhi. And then as luck would have it, both arrived.  And now, I want to meet Tharini and Altoid (although we don’t want her to know that and feel flattered) really badly after which my life will be complete.

So which blogger friend are you dying to meet? And which ones have you met and completed your circle of joy?


111 thoughts on “The one where Deej and Nat visited

  1. Its fun na, to gale milo friends after such a long time? I did read Lavanya’s blog. and just checked Nat’s. :(, when will I have kids and blog about them? 😦 Then my life will be complete 😛

      • I know we aren’t ‘friends- friends’ but would love to meet you, the pioneerwoman and Angie Cox (of I love your blogs and would love to meet the personalities behind those!

      • After single- handedly (mostly! And yes, I am tempted to come up with bad, bad puns on the single- handed bit) being responsible for making single women and even some men (where are Devkishor and Perakath?) fall in love with babies, you tell us this NOW?
        Not that I would believe you either way – meeting you in person made me want kids so much more than I previously did. And yes, you are the only blogger I wanted to meet in real life.

  2. LOL @ he is to be my future son-in-law. So sweet. 😀
    I’d love to meet you and the kids someday. Judging from your blog, I’d love to explore places in Delhi with you and the kids. 🙂

  3. If you didn’t keep avoiding me, maybe, I would love to meet you. 🙂 That carved tree is Pondicherry is proof

    • I know I WILL meet you. All it will take is a trip planned to Bangalore. But the US-UKwasis are the ones I thought would be penpals for life. Its an unexpected bonus to meet one of them and now with the last couple of meetings I have hope. Besides, you’re my samdhan. You really can’t go very far . *evil laughter*

      • Ahem – I am a USvaasi. Now I know you don’t want to meet me! (Am saying this just to put you in a spot!) It’s OK MM. I still love you and of course your kids – how can I not love them – when they are so much like mine – esp the Brat (KB minus the eating fuss = brat). Swallows away choking tears and walks off with the stoic Tabu look!

  4. Thanks to blogs…it’s like back to having pen-friends no? Do today’s kids make pen-friends anymore? I know I had them as a 8 yr old.

    Hmm…I haven’t met any blog-friend in person. I would like to meet this one blog-friend who I’m really really close to. It has been over 2 years since she stopped blogging and so ya, we hardly have talk blogs. We have conversations about everything under the earth, share our deepest secrets and worry over each other’s concerns and celebrate each other’s joys. So ya, We are dying to meet and then I wonder if meeting will change anything about the relationship we currently share.

  5. I am dying to meet you :))). I stay in US, please let me know if you visit your brother here, I would love to have you and your lovely family over :).

    • aiyyo. *blush* No idea when we will visit or if brother will allow me to meet anyone else considering this will be the first time I will be visiting him! But thank you anyway.

  6. I am not a blogwriter just a reader and once in a while “delurker”. I would like to go for a picnic in the park with your family (I can promise some goodies like Idlis!) and also have a tour of your house and if possible your parents’. The photos make it quite tempting.
    I would also like to meet Choxbox (look at all the books), Sheela (The joy of my life fame), Art (of Art-Navy fame) and Sangi (life and times in bangalore) and glean more gyaan about books and art and history in general. It would be great to meet few others like Gappa, Ageless bonding just to be able to have a chat with them. Also if possible have davara-tumbler of filter kaapi with MiM, PV…
    I should stop here as this itself shows what a jobless person I am..:)

    • I don’t know gappa – would you mind sharing a link? Usha is a lovely person, I want to meet her too. MiM is another person I’d love to meet. And I think I’m hopping on the next flight for your idlis.

  7. You, Parul, Kiran and Ro are the mommy bloggers I follow. I’d love to meet you and Parul Sharma. Kiran I met because we lived in the same building. Rohini I met thru Kiran. So if you are ever in Blore , let me know! Anuja Byotra is the other blogger I’d love to meet.

  8. hah?what about me? i know i spent only 5 minutes with you, OA and your sleepy babies but i did visit, didnt I? and i am an US waasi too:-(((
    * turns away with droopy shoulders, feeling rejected, unloved, ignored, discouraged…..*


  9. And I am still hoping to actually meet up with you someday after coming so close twice and not being able to pull it off in two different cities 😦

  10. Bloggers I want to meet are You, Dipta, Ditti (who doesnt blog anymore I guess), Rohini Mohan (again wonder if she blogs anymore), Atticus of Atticus Dairies whose blog has stopped being updated for couple of years :(, Rathish of Wilde Vogel (Same story 😦 ), Beks of Beks & Ro..

    Well meeting you alone would complete my circle of joy 🙂

    • I don’t know Rohini Mohan or Ditti or the others. I do know Dipta (sigh, and for that I am truly sorrowful 😉 – kidding. If I am rude to him, he won’t drop off my credit card cheques and lend me books). And I went to college with Ro of Beks & Ro so I would like to meet Bek too.

  11. I don’t blog but follow all of mommy bloggers dilligently!! I would love to meet You, Boo, Tharini( I have spoken with her) and wait for this I have met Altoid!!
    Art navy and definitely Kiran…
    at least I want to see a picture of you and Boo – don’t laugh now…

  12. Hear that noise? That is the sound of me cancelling my imaginary ticket to Delhi. And don’t start on how I’m not a blogger blah blah…weak sauce.

    • Err… the small matter of us knowing each other and having met before I ever started blogging? you did notice that I am talking of people I have never met, right?

      damn, I think I should delete this post. It’s caused more trouble than my most controversial posts in the last five years.

  13. It’s lovely how the net allows us to connect & form bonds with people we have never met & would never have come in contact with otherwise.I came to your blog via OJ & living in the same city I always thought I would love to meet her some day until she took off to the other end.You & I have holidayed in the same resorts at Thekkady & Goa within weeks of each other & I somehow have the feeling that one day we just might meet:).That would be a treat.Then there are other dear friends I met on Yahoo 360(now closed), one in Gurgaon , a dear intelligent soul trapped in a disobedient body(he has cerebral palsy) whom I correspond with thru letters(yes he did reintroduce me to the almost forgotten joys of writing & receiving real letters) & mails & the other other from Kochi, now settled in Bangalore who considers me her twin sis.Then there is Gul di a dear Parsi lady from Hyderabad through whom I first came across OJ.Yes the net & blogging has brought many friends but I am yet to meet any of them although I have spoken on the phone with some.

      • Here is a plan!
        We will host the Mad family at our homes, make sure you all are fed well and taken around. That takes care of lodging, food & local transportation.
        Assuming you still want to travel by train – let us fund it in parts! In exchange, all we want is one blog per city / house / journey – and if we can extend a bit further – a book to wrap it up :).
        Plan B for Travel: Can foresee that the book will in part a celebration of Indian Railways! May even have asked the single M to sponsor the train tickets … if she was still in charge! Maybe still can do … she has the remote control. She seems to be in good mood nowadays.
        All covered?
        All you now have to do is to find the time, convince OA (maybe appeal to the foodie in him … great home made food across India!) and make your wish (and ours) come true …

  14. I would love to meet you…dont know if I’ll ever visit Gurgaon though. Incase you come to the US….you are always welcome at my place 🙂 The one I’m dying to meet is Mandira. When I finally visited Bombay,she took off for Delhi! The others are Poppins mom,Abha,Monika and Swaram…guess I should visit Bangalore to meet them all at once!

  15. I WANT to meet YOU! My first ever Mommy blogger and someone who gave me advice when I was desperate and spur of the moment mailed you about my son’s colic! I was so overwhelmed that you even responded! 🙂 So count me in when you come to Blore…

    And plenty of Blore bloggers that I want to meet – Sangi (Lifeandtimesinbangalore), Starry, Artnavy,Abha and then recently now RM in bombay… I wish there could be a bloggy meet of all these lovely blogger Mammas who write not just stuff about their children but also give so many different views on multiple subjects! I should say Im getting a lot of education here…

  16. Unlike the others i shall not sulk and ‘do drama’. I am assuming the ONLY reason I’m not on the list (topping it perchance) is because i don’t blog :D. Else…

    There are a whole bunch of bloggers i’d love to meet. The list is so long – YOU, Dipali, Krish Ashok, Bengaluru Biker, Crystal of Boobs, Injuries and Dr. Pepper, Tanis of Attack of the Redneck Mommy…and…i could go on..And once i meet them – i shall stand and gawk, speechless, awed, feeling gauche…now you know why…

  17. I’m not a blogger, as you are aware. Two people from the blogosphere I’d l-o-v-e to meet are you (you know that already!) and Dipali (I adore her quiet and sensible presence). I doubt I’ll ever meet you though: the sole purpose of my visit to your place would be to kidnap the Beanie baby, and of course, I couldn’t do that in her mother’s presence!

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  19. Karen Cheng – May fav mom blogger.
    Kathy Sierra – My fav woman blogger. What a woman! Sadly, she doesn’t blog anymore 😦
    Derek Sivers – This amazing guy who seems to read my mind most of the times.

    If wishes were horses…

  20. I like the posts where you all post about meeting other bloggers. Seven months back when I was in Delhi/Gurgaon, I wondered if you would like to meet me cos I sooooo wanted to see Brat and Bean (offcourse you too!) and reluctantly came to the conclusion that you may not since I don’t really comment that much so you don’t know me enough to agree to meet me.
    I did meet a blogger in Banglore, and we got along so well as if we had always known each other and our families. Kids playing with kids, hubbies getting along great too. And just like you mentioned, we didn’t discuss the blog at all!!! I was planning to meet another blogger in Hyderabad but it didn’t work out due to time and we just talked on phone. I felt sad leaving without meeting EVERYONE I wanted to meet since that trip was all about showing India to my kids & meeting our friends (not just ‘family’ as it always has been).

  21. Oh forgot to write that I like these ‘blogger meet’ kind of posts so much because I always feel that I won’t be able to ever do that since I am so far away and I don’t visit India that frequently. That’s why I wanted to make the most of my last trip. There were a lot more bloggers I would have loved to meet but didn’t because I wasn’t sure if they will be interested as well or not.

  22. Reading all her blogs, I just figured ArtNavy lives verrry close to my house. maybe a couple of kms away. The restaurants / classes she mentions are all the same that we go to. I would like to meet her. Love her, love her blog, love her kids, love her home …

  23. This time I HAVE to meet you. Logistics is a huge problem with me-noida to gurgaon! But am determined because you are the ONLY blogger I want to meet. Then I shall rest in peace. Amen.

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