Because I am a besotted aunt

… and I have a captive audience. And because he is not my own child I can afford to drop all false modesty and say yes, yes, yes – this absolutely adorable munchkin is my nephew… And is the greatest thing since sliced bread, the wheel and Anne Geddes pictures. So here’s the milestone update. He’s 5 months and babbles non-stop all day. He chews his fingers, chokes on them and goes back to it with a vengeance. And he called my brother, Dada. My baby brother, being called Dada by this piece of cake. Of course, the brother says Open Quote – In his defence, I think he was trying to throw up and words came out accidentally. End quote.

Can I slap the brother because he’s always going to be my annoyingly modest kid brother? And because the SIL told us that the mad sibling sat there saying “Say dada, dada…” And the little doll repeated each time, Da-da.

Rude family members say he takes after his talkative aunt. Am still up for a title for self (and the OA). The Mallu Cheriamma (I whacked that off a friend) and Khala currently top my list. Anyone got any other options?

I sent the SIL a big hug. It’s a pity all our kids say Dada before Mama. Yes, yes I Β know it’s because it’s easier to pronounce but don’t try to reason with a young mother unless you want your nose punched in. We’re the primary caregivers and still not the first words out of their little ungrateful rosebud mouths! I leave you with pictures as usual.

*goes off sniffing and wiping nose…* My baby brother’s baby just learnt to say Dada…

In this one he is the spitting image of the Brat at this age. I even have a snap in a similar red tee

With two dimpled parents you can't go wrong

As his besotted grandmother never fails to tell me - he sleeps like an angel without a whimper, unlike my awful brats

And never cries unless he is hungry. My darling, good, blessed little baby

Which is why his father pretty much lets him sit on his head all the time

And his mother totally enjoyed her weekend at Lake Anna with him

And oh.. don’t worry about the scheduled breakdown. The kids are back and all is right with my world. As long as the reason I am throwing my career down the crapper is before my eyes, I am not worried about taking my eye off the career goal!


148 thoughts on “Because I am a besotted aunt

  1. aiyyyooo…he’s a real ‘olemolesonuraja’ (or if that reads like gibberish – ole mole sonu raja). Huggable, kissable, crushable, munchable…sweeeeet.

  2. This is ADORABLE πŸ™‚ you know, I love kids. and this muchly made up for a very boring Sunday πŸ™‚ Recently, one of my friends had a baby. That jelly like person is two months young, and my life just smiles whenever I set my eyes on him…the way I can bundle him up in his various clothes like thing, and rest him on my hands…never mind my arms are cramped after half an hour, I can never bring myself to put him down in his crib, where, probably he is much more in comfort πŸ˜›

    Aaaaah, i love kids. I love him, and the brat and bean, and the button. And oh my, what a resemblance to brat!! I can only wish the personalities resemble too. I have a feeling bratty needs more like him around πŸ™‚

      • btw, as for him naming you, why dont you try a shorter, cuter version of your own name, something that a baby mouth can produce.. i still call my pishi “sathi”, which was my version of “Saraswati”, and my kaka “pu”, which again came from “Dipu”. Not a big deal, but it kind of makes the bond special, i mean there are tonnes of buas and phuphas and pishis, but show me one more sathi πŸ˜€

        • Yeah see, this would be ideal if he lived here, heard people calling me and so picked it up. But as it stands he will be told about me as he grows so naturally people will refer to me saying something. Now that something is the thing I can’t decide on πŸ˜€

  3. Aw… he really is the cutest thing since sliced bread. Wahh he said Dada already? My son is seven months and only squawks. I say ‘say Mama’ to him every day and he just just “ahhhh’ or stares openmouthed.

    • Arre don’t feel too bad about it. His mother spends so much time talking to him and he still won’t say Mama. Same with my Brats. It’s the whole ghar ki murgi syndrome :-/

  4. You are the first pic baby Button looks so much like Brat at this age(I can recollect from the pics from bday post). He is got such a charming and killer smile…muah!

  5. exactly my thoughts when I saw Baby buttons first pic. Very cute pics… he has got such a sweet smile

    Okay here are some more titles for you, you can pick and choose
    1. Appachi
    2. Achema (che to be pronounced like Che guevera)
    3. Ammayi

    And Neev’s first word was Amma πŸ™‚ he just about learnt to say Dada. And once he learnt it, now does not bother to say amma 😦 Dada means the world to him. Even if he sees a pic of both of us, he will only say “dada”…

      • Arey all of them mean “Paternal aunt”. As you know there are different dialects of Malayalam in Kerala. So each region has its own version of calling an aunt.

        My all time favourite is “Mema”, pronounced me (I in hindi) – ma. But that is for a maternal aunt, you can cheat a bit, if you like it πŸ™‚

      • Oh ya, my husband is Malyalee and our son is supposed to call my husband’s sisters Ammayi. Think it means Aunty-who-is-older-sister-of-my-dad. However, I am also called Ammayi by my husband’s sister’s kids (nieces), in which case it means Aunty-who-is-wife-of-my-mother’s-younger-brother. My husband’s older sister is called Velliamma by my nieces as she is Aunty-who-is-older-sister-of-mum (think it also applies to dad). So confusing!

  6. awww. that sleeping pic is the cutest. it made me wish for my little horror to be 5 months old again. i can’t believe i said that.
    for the record anna said mama much before she said papa. her poor dad would keep going papapapapa and she would stubbornly reply with mamamama. she said papa maybe twice in the 3-4 months after she started saying mama (looks very very smug).

  7. He’s adorable… πŸ™‚ . Thinking of the moment you can hold him must be making you go crazy!
    I met my sister’s one year old son last month for the first time. I was soo deliriously happy and bitter….. Happy , since I finally got to see my nephew. Bitter, that it took so long! This is what happens when siblings live oceans apart . 😦

  8. Aw ! the nose – cute as a button !!! And the dada-name calling isn’t getting better with age. I come back home from work ( a lil early to beat my hubby !) and I picture my loving son rushing saying ” maaa, tum aaa gayeeee” but all I get is ” Oh! Amma. Where is Appa?”. Humpf !!!

    • Mine too! minx.. we’re so going to need each other’s shoulders to cry on in old age. They’ll bung us in old age homes and take their dads golfing. you watch.

  9. On a different note. Why dont we see any posts and pics from the Brat and Bean’s visit to Gpa and Nani’s house? I am sure it was not uneventful!

  10. Super like πŸ™‚
    There’s something about babies that makes one go weak in the knees !
    Feel like grabbing at him through the screen and planting one big smackarooney on his chubby cheeks πŸ˜€
    As for calling ‘da-da’ before Mummaa….well, my kids started saying “Abba” before they said “maa”. Now tell me, which one is tougher 😐 ?!

  11. Cute, and wow, he’s like really early to say da da….must be a genius!

    If you’re going the mallu way, how about chechi amma? (chechi means elder sis and amma ofourse means mother)….Ro and Beks calls me chechi and Aditi calls me chechi amma. It has a nice ring to it. And my husband is just Robi Appa.

    • Or just plain talkative? I wish I had blogged through the Brat’s first year. Can’t remember anything else of what he said.

      And chechi is just sister to either side of the family, right?

      • Right. Arey the way you call didi to any girl who is elder to you, chechi is the exact equivalent of it. Thankfully they dont distinguish on the sides in it. Else, we would have had tons of more versions of those too πŸ™‚

  12. so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee… he reminds me of my own brat at that age..dimpled smile and all πŸ™‚

    how abt “athai” for father’s sis..

    • Yeah so we considered Athai and then Lavanya (the friend who hosts my blog currently as you can see from the url) put me off with how most athais are hated. Which is also why I didn’t go with Bua and Pishi – most of them have totally evil connotations!

      • Hey! I am an athai and I not evil! But seriously, you should just say out aloud, the tags with your name and see what sounds the best. You have probably already made up your mind, you just need reinforcement, I am sure.

        Oh – and Eat Baby Button. Now. Delicious!

      • Lavanya is prejudiced πŸ™‚ I love my athai very dearly, and most athai’s in my family are deeply love πŸ™‚

      • You need to listen to this song – – to know what an athai is and am sure you will not understand a word of it πŸ™‚ The first couple of line goes like this:

        Athai’s lap is a bed, please play on it dear
        Once you are done playing, close your lily eyes

        I think alli in tamizh is lily, but basically some flower – you get the idea, right? So, yay for athai.

        -One besotted Athai πŸ™‚

      • Athai/Bua/Atya is as Athai/Bua/Atya does.

        I’ve often felt that people flinging mud at athais are hoisting their own issues with the the athai on the child/children in question. Where I come from, athais are adored β€” by adults and kids alike. So much so that I’m insisting my kids will refer to my bestie as atya, never mind that she is MY friend.

        • Very true. Most dad’s sisters are hated because of inlaw troubles. If the mother hates the SIL, the dislike will carry through to the kids. so almost all that i know are hated! *insert eye roll*

          So I just have too many bad memories associated with the titles. And am randomly picking my own. I know I’m nuts. You don’t need to send me a certificate πŸ˜€

          • hey also..there is a beleif that goes that if the child says “athai” first..he/she will be blessed with lot of riches :)..and yes usually kids do say thai thai athai first πŸ™‚

  13. Hey! What is it with these little ones? My son too said ‘Appa’ first and Amma came way way later after a lot of insignificant words like Auto and Thatha even! 😦

    I *loved* the picture of the sleeping baby button – what a pose πŸ˜€

  14. Since you are the elder one, it should be Vallyamma; not Cheriyamma. Or the more generic form – Ammayi. Or Achan-pengal.

      • Actaully in my part of Kerala Cheriamma/Veliyamaa is used for mom’s sisters or dad’s brother’s wives ( Maasi or Chachi)…

        Ammaayi is the dad’s sister – Bua. I have three – Kunjammayi, Veliyammayi and Naduvilathey Ammayi ( little ammayi, big ammayi and for lack of a better term the middle ammayi πŸ™‚ )

        My niece’s and nephews from my brothers all call me Ammayi.
        As an incentive to go the ammayi route, it is one of the first five words the babies usually seem to say.. Its a short strech from Amma to Ammayi πŸ™‚
        Cheriyamma/Eleyamma is tough πŸ™‚ go with Ammaayi πŸ™‚

      • If you stick with ammaayi, OA becomes ammaavan. And you guys will be called ‘ammaayeeeee’ and ‘ammaavaaaa’.

  15. No Bua and Pishi. Totally has an evil ring to it. My Pishi was a horror.
    Good things first…My sis’s son calls me – Baby ma. He just went on to add a ma to my nickname which he picked up from the family members. I find it very adorable and when at times he tries graduating to mausi, I get heart broken…

    • See! And in a country like ours where we have such a wide variety of names to choose from, why use the ones that have bad memories associated with them?!

      I love how mausis get all the love. I pray hard that my button loves me too.

      • I am going to be a pishi soon too, and tho’ I hardly have any pleasant memories about my pishis, I’d be really really happy to have him/her love me. I so wish that happens.

        • The husband called his pishi ‘pipia’, and I quite like the sound of it. I’ve been thinking hard on the subject too πŸ™‚

        • You are? That is awesome. Here’s one for the pishis. Am sure you will redeem their kind πŸ™‚ And be totally loved. Although as I said, it’s not the pishi herself who sucks. It’s usually a lot of family politics and pishis/buas/athais get the bad press 😦

  16. He does look so much like the brat at that age.
    The sleeping picture is real cute!
    Both my kids said Nana as their first word ,probably because they spent so much time with my Mom when they were little.

    • Tia & Manna/Man are names we use for aunt in Goa because of the portuguese influence .Tia would be used with the person’s name following LIke Tia Maria & Manna would hv the person’s name first followed by Mann or manna.I preferred mann for the aunts I loved & Tia for the ones with whom we were more formal.I’m sure you’ll pick the one that suits u best

  17. Oh, i love being called khala more than phuphi,,, but then khala is the one word that they take the looongest to learn to say. It’s just before czechoslovakia in the queue. So choose well i would advise, why don’t you claim a nickname including the sounds ‘da’ ‘di’ and the variants since the munchkin is already there :))

  18. another mallu suggests u this

    chitta — pronounced as Che guevera(as rightly mentioned above)
    I have modified the original “chitta” and now my niece calls me “Zitta”

  19. I LOVE that you are co-opting Cheriamma:-) but technically, darling, since you are the older sister, you will be VALLIAMMA ( Big Amma – can be shortened to Valli as we affectionate Mallus would say) And given that you’ll be a clucky momma hen, it’ll be perfect! (Ammayi is out, by the way. ONLY for uncle’s wives.)

    but really – since we give a toss about the rules anyway, you might as well go for Cheri. You should try and make him say your name.. he’d probaly come with something awesome. .

    • Wha… ? Why can’t I have ammayi? I *heart* it.
      Who gives a toss about rules anyway, huh? I mean I have no malluness in me – I just want to find some Aunt angle. So what does the OA get called in that case?

      • MM

        Valliamma/ Cheriamma are usually used when you refer to mother’s elder/younger sister.. Uncle’s Wives and Dad’s Sisters are referred to as Ammayi … πŸ™‚ this is true atleast in my family..both dad’s side and mum’s side! πŸ™‚ So you can keep *hearting* Ammayi !!!

        P.S: Baby Button is as cute as a button…his smile is absolutely adorable!

          • Actually i am not sure if its Ammavan or Ammaman πŸ™‚ i call mine Ammaman or make it shorter as Mamman

          • I guess the the part of Kerala you come from has a lot to do with what you call your family but I can guarantee you Cheriamma is wrong on so many levels because you are not cheriyada, my darling. I call my Dad’s elder sis and his brother’s wife Valiamma, Mom’s brother’s wife is Ammayi and her younger sis is Cheriamma (actually I just call her Molu). I know Appachi is accurate as well. And mother’s brother is Ammavan/Mamman. If you want to go the malayalee way, zimbly go with Andie/Antee (auntie, for the uninitiated), I say.

        • Ok, you are dealing with very many different kerala practices here, MM:-) But at least in my neck of Kerala, you only call an uncle’s wife Ammayi. I have never ever heard of a Dad’s sister being called Ammayi. Mema, Elaymma, Cheriamma/valliamma.. all good. But hey – it’s not like you are a Mallu and have to abide. Pick whatever rocks your boat.

          • Agree with MGM, all the Ammayis I know are wives of Ungles (Mum’s brothers). So you are not an Ammayi. And defintinely not a cheriamma. So on and so forth…so by process of elimination you are Valliamma/achema/Appachi/Andie(i insist). There you go…I’ve done my helping for the day.

  20. What an adorable smile!And all kids have their funny sleeping positions.
    How about Memma(mom’s younger sister in some other parts of mallu land ) for you and Valliya Achan for the OA?
    I call my dad’s sister Achamma/Achole. Not very nice sounding if you ask me.

  21. Maavi – Mallu for dad’s sister.
    He is just so cute and cuddly – loving the bald head and the baby bum. πŸ™‚
    And what a gorgeous, light-up-the-room smile he has!

      • I think so too. I have a gazillion Mallu Christian friends and each of them uses a different set of names for their various aunts and uncles. Multiply that by 3, if you include the Mallu Hindu and the Mallu Muslim (they are as diff as chalk and cheese, unlike in any other part of the country, as far as I know.)
        Mad Mema and Mad Maavi have a nice ring to it. πŸ™‚

  22. Awww so cute.

    I call my bua “Anima” prounounced “aneema”.

    It came about from the mallu “Achema” which adorable, babbling 1 year old me found too hard to pronounce and so I comfortably settled on something I found easier.

    25 yrs on, I know Anima loves the fact that I’ve concocted this name exclusively for her πŸ™‚

    Anyways, the point of my seemingly pointless post being, relax, while you go about thinking of what baby button should call you, you never know what the little one has decided to call you πŸ™‚

  23. But but cherriamma is younger mother. I have another mallu aunt name for you – Mema – which means aunt…i personally use that for all and sundry babies i want to be related to…The mater prefers velliamma which means elder mother!

  24. Am still going awwwwwwwww at the third pic. He is adorable. You can be meyma, that what i want my nephew to call me…ummm that is when he starts talking which could be another 6-7 months.

  25. both my kids said amma first! πŸ™‚ I love the pics..esp the sleeping pose! he’s adorable! its frustrating to have a much adored niece or nephew so far away…I felt i was missing out on so much with my niece so far away in the US!

  26. Awww! he is definitely adorable…

    and what about Athai like they call in Tamil or Foi as they call in Gujarati πŸ™‚

    so OA will be called Athimber and Fufa respectively πŸ™‚

    I tried putting in comments on your breakdown post but couldnt for some strange reason…hope things are perfectly normal with you now πŸ™‚

      • hey its fua no, not fufa in gujju.
        and my husband thought it was very funny that i was addressing my dad’s sister’s husband by something like ‘fua’, when he is this big hurly-burly man!

        and yeah its fai for dad’s sister – so another possibility there MM.

        • true is fua…sorry MM, thats a spelling mistake there πŸ™‚

          So did you decide or not?

          Great to hear you are back to normal and fun πŸ™‚

  27. memma is what all my nephews n nieces call me. chittappa is what they call my husband. but this is usually for younger aunts. for elder ones its peramma and perappa. Or go for ammayi( dad’s sister). i personally prefer memma…. sounds like amma , right…

  28. He is sooo cute!!! Looks edible almost! Chitta, ammayi sound nice though you’d be valliamma and the OA velichan by mallu lingo.

  29. Such an adorable little guy! Mine just turned 3 months old, and he is fast becoming the love of our life.
    He sleeps without a whimper? And cries only when hungry? Wow, can tambi and wife swap babies with us?

    • Yeah, I hate them too. What do people do to get good kids? And my mother – traitor she is. Gone over completely to the new grandson and all I hear is how he NEVER whimpers, lies on the carpet all day and talks to himself. And how my monsters didnt let anyone in the locality sleep for the first 2 years. And if I didnt love button as well as Tambi so much, I’d hate them!

  30. Baby Button is soooo edible! Too too cute. Gotta love the toothless smile! Can’t take my eyes off the 1st 3 pics! Pls take drishti for him. I recollect you mentioning that they will be visiting india soon. How soon is that? Sure u are dying of excitement!

    N Hmm… I love my title…’chitti’ or β€˜chitz’, which is what the 5 yr old calls me. during the initial days it was just β€œitti”, when they couldn’t pronounce the β€˜ch”. So adorable it used to sound. Do u like β€˜pema” , short form of peri-amma ? then the OA can be β€˜pepa” .

    N very happy that ur done with the scheduled breakdown for the year 

  31. Baby button looks so much like Brat!!! He looks very beautiful!!! those big eyes and gummy grins!!
    MM, stick with what you like, I think Ammayi is cute! There is also the “Amma” in it, which means, you will also be like a mom to him :).

  32. This one’s a cutie defintely! Athai (aunt) is one of the first words kids can say (I am told)……my prince said it too (before saying amma!). So if you want to be one of the first to be summoned, then athai and maama you guys should be. πŸ™‚

    • Yes, I could do that, I suppose. Thanks, babe. Am still dreaming of the khow suey. Should have packed and taken home some considering you guys were on a liquid diet :p Bet you didn’t eat anything after all that whiskey.

      • arre…i ate that at dinner and again the next day at lunch…and am feeling sick ever since…i wish i remembered to give you some…i ate all with a vengeance because i didnt want to waste 😦

  33. My kids call my sister ‘Preethi Mummy’. I like it so much because she is as much a mummy to them as I am.

  34. He is cute πŸ™‚ and so like the brat.. looks like in personality too..

    Picture them 5 yrs from now, I can see the Bean bossing around her brothers.. πŸ˜€

  35. oyiie maddie- cheriamma is mother’s sister.. not father’s sister in mallu land..that would be ammayi..
    athai is awesome too- ammayi somehow sounds oldish to me.. athai is hep and young me thinks.. ( my athai is atleast) πŸ™‚
    button baby is the cuteshtttttttttttt.. cant wait for him to land in Delhi , so we get to see many many more pics !

  36. While we’re being sticklers for propriety, it’d be valyamma (elder mother?) and that again is for mom’s elder sister. Technically, you’d be ammayi, and I think that’s a lovely title πŸ™‚

  37. The button lives up to his name … and is as cute as a button ! You must be really looking forward to seeing him. My sister met my son for the first time when he was more than 2 years old and it was the most heart-breaking thing for both her and me.

    An aside – my nephew used to call me Minni (a version of Pinni which is younger-maasi in telugu). I used to love that and it broke my heart when he learnt to say the correct word πŸ™‚

  38. You know wat, to hell with the meaning, who cares what it means. I am sure they were just invented by people like us who wanted to hear good sounding words πŸ˜‰

    You pick what you like to hear. And I totally agree with you, I love “Ammayi” and “Mema”. I was very particular my sister’s kids called me “Mema” as opposed to dozen other varities we have. I just love the way it sounds.

  39. lolz @ gajarkahalwa πŸ˜› I so share your emotions MM! Not a mom yet but a crazy abt ‘my’ kids aunt I am! Love the little bundle of giggles and dimples, don’t even mind the drool. So I am not the only crazy aunt in the world any more 😦

  40. Dude, you are such a phoney…how can you post these adorable pics of that scrumptious munchkin while claiming to run an ongoing “don’t procreate” campaign? Pick a side!
    I watched this awful (in every sense of the word) movie last night, Joshua which makes an excellent case for abstinence. Theres a baby in there that cries for FIVE whole days, NON-STOP. And a mother who goes nuts, understandably. And a nine year old who tries to kill the rest of his family.

    • Good Lord, what kind of films are you watching anyway?
      Yes I do feel like a bit of a fraud but I must confess that my smiley son never ever slept. He just woke up every two hours and bawled till the age of 18 months. I felt like killing him, rest of the family and then self.

  41. Your SIL and brother are lucky that their baby’s first word was ‘Dada’. I know one couple whose one-year old’s first word was ‘Ben10’! In the kid’s defense, though, his older 4-year old brother had started on his dose of Ben 10 around that time. Their father was amused, but their mother was most upset!

  42. Oh, and my husband’s sister is going to be delivering a girl in less than 3 weeks. I have to decide on a name too…it will probably be Atha (in Telugu) or Maami (in my husband’s language). Though I’d love it if she named me herself. As the first child in my generation, I some a lot of my aunts, uncles, grandmother, and even grandaunts – and now all my younger cousins also call them by the same name, and I feel like I have a special bond with them.

    By the way, my cousin’s first word was Akka; I started coaching him to say Akka pretty much from the day he was born, and when Akka was his first word, that was pretty much the highlight of my 3 year old life πŸ˜‰

  43. mmm delhi kochamma! πŸ™‚ ( just for fun) baby looks so lovely (touch wood) waiting to see pictures of the 3 together.

  44. Hello The Mad Momma,
    This might be off topic, however, I got back in contact with a bloke I went to school with. He was in the year above me and we use to text eachother in school but nothing ever happened. About 6 weeks ago he added me on facebook and told me I was gorgeous ect. ect. and wanted to meet up (He’s 21 and im 20) we both finished a 2 year relationship in may.

    I met him about a week ago and we were suppose to go to the cinema but got there too late and missed the last film…so just chatted for an hour. He texted me ALL the time and I mean an hour didnt go by without him texting me. Telling me he missed me, calling me bubba and how he would like to start a relationship with me. So we decided on friday to give it ago. He was texting me saying he had the biggest smile on his face and his clients at work could see how happy he was.

    We met up last night at the pub I work in. I went with my aunt for a few drinks and he came along. The night was going fine but I wore really high shoes and drank alot of wine because I was nervous….I fell over about 3 times and bruised all my knees, I had an argument with my aunt so had to stay at this blokes house and we ended up sleeping together last night….but I was so drunk i hardly knew what I was doing. We woke at 8am this morning and he got me a cab home before he started work. Texted me all day saying hes proud to have me as his gorgeous gf and took loads of pics of us last night kissing ect. He rang me at 5pm today laughing about last nights incidents and saying how tired he was from work. I then got my last text off him at 7pm tonight whilst I was at work then that was it….which was odd for him because I usually get loads.

    I then came home and signed on to facebook and let him know im back from work. He goes to spain at 3am (15 minutes time) to visit his mum and dad and he replied saying “He doesnt feel ready for a relationship….its not that he doesnt like me and its not that ive done anything wrong hes just been thinking about it all day and doesnt feel ready”

    I dont understand?! what went wrong….he has been “besotted” by me the last 6 weeks…..whats going on?! He rang me and said hes just gunna have a think whilst hes on holiday but just wants to be friends and stay in contact but doesnt want a relationship because hes scared….someone please tell me whats going on because im so gutted and confused right not you dont even understand. I do like him.


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